6 hard-to-beat treats for our gal pals this Women’s Month!

We ladies have it rough.

Besides the monthly turmoil that rages within our bodies, there’s also varying office workload, self-improvement reading marathons, household matron duties and emotional care-taking work. This doesn’t even include the widely-unacknowledged “second shift” at home that’s passively waiting for our attention.

So we’ll go ahead and give ourselves a pat on the back, thank you very much!

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While we’re definitely not here to bash our male counterparts, the truth is that most women rarely get a real break – even if just to breathe.

To help our ladies out a little, we brought in some fun activities and enticing treats. Not quite the special retreat at a secluded spa facility where data coverage doesn’t work, but hey, at least it was something! Thanks Shopee!

1. DIY Hershey’s rose

Juliet famously compared Romeo to a rose that smelled (deathly) sweet, but roses don’t get more sugary than this. Our ladies from the Internal Employee Engagement team certainly rose up to the occasion, playing the part of workshop instructors. With a swish and flick, they taught us how to spin dollops of Hershey’s chocolates, faux leaves and wires into actual flowers.

Those fresh posies that cost half a grand whenever February rolls around? Please!

2. Cookie-painting

Srsly, welfare doesn’t get more millennial than this. Our paint brush-wielding instructor swung by our office, bringing with her icing-covered cookies that would’ve easily been mistaken as white tiles for our newly-collected BTOs.

What looked like the kitchen backsplash for Scandi-themed homes quickly became edible canvases. Just look at what the freedom of creativity yields!

3. Gelato ice-cream

Every strong, independent woman needs ice-cream from time to time. A God-sent to break up the midday slump, a gelato live station was brought right to our high-heeled feet (note the jab at every reinforced stereotype). Frozen yogurt, pistachio, cookies & cream, mango, dark chocolate and latte – we’ll have one of every flavour please!

We certainly had a surprise receiving the frozen scoops too. Because lo and behold! From behind the counter emerged our leaders, who dug through buckets of ice-cream with their handy little metal scoops. They really made their “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” aesthetic werk 😉

4. Dessert table

I posted an Insta story of the above setup on my personal account, saying “someone’s getting married in the office right now”. Guess what? My followers bought it, hook, line and sinker. Truth though, this pastel-coloured dessert table isn’t unlike the ones you see at every wedding and baby shower these days!

The desserts were pieced together with excruciating detail, much like us women were. You’re a carefully-crafted gem, girl, you’d better believe it – it’s now or never!

5. Bubble tea (!!)

Step aside, KOI The, LiHo and Gong Cha, because free bubble tea is always the better bubble tea! We specifically brought in white-based roasted oolong milk tea, the colour white being an acute representation of our purity as a gendered race, and oolong… I’m totally making these references up.

We did have the tea and black konjac jelly to go with, though.

6. Japanese tea-blending

As if there just isn’t enough tea to spill, we even had a tea connoisseur come in and teach us the Way of tea. A.k.a. how to attain a state of nirvana vis-a-vis Japanese tea-blending and polite drinking. All I could think of was Marie Kondo and how she would thank her tea before downing it in a couple hundred sips.

It was ironic though. The moment the lesson concluded, my phone started exploding with incoming emails and messages. So much for calmness. Let me return to the secret forest of harmony, respect and tranquility!

Happy Women’s Month to all my fellow ladies out there! Looking for a place of adoption and wishing to work with a generation of boss ladies? Come find your fit with us! Catfights not included.