How To Create Your First Beauty Collection On A Budget?


How To Create Your First Beauty Collection On A Budget?

Have you been watching a countless amount of beauty tutorials on YouTube and are now eager to create your first beauty collection? Instead of all the luxurious products YouTube beauty gurus rave about in their collections, we tell you how to get a much more affordable set of products that’s just as good in delivering makeup results you desire!

So to get started on building your first beauty collection, here’s our easy peasy, step-by-step process you can follow. Don’t worry you won’t be broke after this. 

Step 1: Get the basics right

As with any new system, it’s always important to start with the basics and get those sorted first. With a beauty collection, if you do your research well, you’ll realise the essentials are:

Foundation: one that matches your skin tone
Blusher: to add a little colour
Eyeshadow palette: one filled with everyday neutral colours
Mascara/ eye liner: to define your eyes
Lip stain/ lip stick/ tinted lip balm: to add colour to your overall look

beauty collection eyeshadow

Step 2: Plan & set a budget you intend to spend

At any beauty store or while shopping online, it’s easy to get distracted and pick up everything you see. Before you know it, at the end of the day, you’re checking out hundreds of dollars worth of products.

So as a wise person once said, before shopping, always plan & set a budget that you intend to spend. While selecting products to go into your beauty collection, always be sure you’re sticking to this budget and you’ll do just fine! We promise!

Step 3: Look for affordable versions of high-end brands

Besides researching online for tried and tested alternatives of high-end products, one easy hack to know which is a good dupe is to simply get samples at beauty counters and test them for a few days. If you like it and the price is right, note it down as a suitable choice to consider adding to your beauty collection. After a while, you’ll have a ready list of items that are bang for your buck. 

Step 4: Search for discounts online — like on Shopee!

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and have a clear plan on what you need to get, always go online to e-commerce sites like Shopee. Search for all the products on your list and you’re bound to find listings with prices that are much lower than physical retailers. Also take advantage of special discounts offered during campaign periods. This will help you to save a couple more dollars. After all, every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

shopee beauty collection
Shop online for greater discounts!

Step 5: Don’t forget the essential after-care

Once you’ve got the makeup products sorted, it’s also important to ensure you’ve got the right essentials to clean off all that makeup and keep your skin hydrated. For that, source for a good water-based or oil-based makeup remover, a toner and moisturiser. Then to store all of it for easy on-the-go touch ups or for when you’re going on a short staycation or getaway, get a handy dandy makeup case. These are essentials you do not want to skip when preparing your first beauty collection. 

Step 6: Enjoy your new beauty collection and get ready to create some fun looks!

There you go! You’ve got your very first beauty collection all perfect and waiting for you to experiment with! A quick tip that you should stick with: remember to always remove makeup before bed and throw away expired items. While makeup is great to have, having good skin for a long time is even better. So always take care of that precious skin of yours.

Now grab your products, have fun and enjoy creating! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@Shopeesg) with your makeup looks!