45 Earrings You’ll Never Believe Cost Less Than S$3

Earrings are the perfect accessories to glam up your outfit of the day, and these accessories need not be expensive. Here are 45 earrings under S$3 that look way more expensive than they are. Psst, these earrings are even cheaper than your cup of Koi!

  1. A pair of unique Flower Bud Earrings ($2.43) to give you the kawaii vibes.
Flower Drop Earrings
  1. These Big Petal Earrings ($1.80) that comes in four vibrant colours to brighten up your mundane day.
Flower Petal Earrings
  1. A quirky pair of Yakult Earrings ($1.69) that can be a talking point amongst your friends
  1. Get a couple of these Irregular Geometric Earrings ($1.24) to get the artsy-fartsy feel.
Irregular Earrings
  1. Simplicity is really at its best with this pair of Triangular Geometric Earrings ($1.80).
Triangle Earrings
  1. Glam up your look with these Triangle Pearl Earrings ($1.60).
Pearl Triangle Earrings
  1. Or go abstract with this Picasso-inspired Twisted Drop Earrings ($1.53).
Twisted Face Earrings
  1. These Glass Shard Earrings ($1.98) that will make you make you look fancy AF.
Glass Shard Earring
  1. Look out of this world with these Galaxy Earrings ($2.33).
Galaxy Earrings
  1. Or simply grab a pair of these adorable Cosmic Element Earrings ($2.55).
Galaxy Earrings
  1. This pair of cute Fish Earrings ($1.26) that will make everyone around you, human or extraterrestrial, green with envy.
Fish Earrings
  1. These Globe Spiral Earrings ($2.24) that can make your outfit stand out.

  1. A pair of Olive Leaves Earrings ($1.70) to add that Japanese-kawaii vibes to your outfit.
Olive Earring
  1. Channel your inner Shin Min-A with these elegant Drop Dangle Earrings ($1.50).
Leave Drop Earrings
  1. Bring out the retro-vibes with these simple pair of Wavy Hoop Earrings ($2.07).
Wavy Hoop Earrings
  1. If you’re not a fan of big earrings, you can also opt for this pair of simple Ferris Wheel Ear Studs ($1.60).
Ferris Wheel Earrings
  1. Or even this pair of Geometric Square Ear Studs ($1.60) that comes in three variations~
Geometric Square Earstuds
  1. Go all out with this pair of Woven Ball Earrings ($2.73) because you’re not the kind of girl that will drop the ball on looking more fabulous.
Woven Ball Earring
  1. These Fabric Flower Hoop Earrings ($1.17) that are so gorgeous you will spend the entire day admiring it.
Flower Hoop Earring
  1. Tassel Sequin Earrings ($1.31) that will possibly glam up any look.
Tassel Earrings
  1. Or get a bunch of tassels and wear them in a hoop like this pair of Tassel Pendant Earrings ($1.49) that comes in 10 different variations!
Tassel Pendant Earrings
  1. Keep your fans in the loop by getting a pair of this Tassel Hoop Earrings that comes in six different variations ($1.90).
  1. Celebrate the festive season all year round with Christmas Tassel Earrings ($2.56).
  1. Get retro with this pair of pastel-coloured Beaded Hoop Earrings ($2.90).
  1. Elegant and feminine, this Shell Geometric Long Earring ($2.55) will enhance your look in an instant.
    Shell Circle Geometric Long Earrings


  2. These Tortoise Shell Earrings ($2.64) that can add a nice touch to any outfit.
  1. Or these Geometric Round Hoop Earrings ($0.99) that are so lightweight you will even forget you’re wearing them!
Round Marble
  1. If you’re a fan of these small little furry balls, you might want to consider getting a pair of this Geometric Furry Ball Earrings ($1.81) to add little cutesy vibes to your entire look.
Geometric Furball Earrings
  1. These dainty-looking Geometric Dangling Earrings ($1.66) that are almost too delicate and pretty to wear.
  1. These cute Round Earrings ($1.89) will be the best conversation starter you can ever have!
Round Earrings
  1. You can tri~, but these Geometric Earrings ($2.05) will be the best accessories you’d ever have.
Geometric Earring
  1. Pair these Diamond Pearl Earrings ($1.75) with any plain dress to charm anyone.
Pearl Drop Earrings
  1. Never been to Mount Fuji? That’s okay. You can still rock these Mount Fuji Earrings ($2.89) on your ears.
  1. People will be losing their marbles over these classic Marble Studs ($1.91).
Marble Earstuds
  1. Sweeten your outfit up with a pair of Bubble Tea Earrings ($2.22).
  1. These lovely Acetate Pattern Earrings ($2.18) can glamorise or make any outfit a thousand times better.
  1. Be an all-rounder and get a pair of retro-looking Round Earrings ($1.60) to link your outfit together.
Round Earrings
  1. Wear your love for food on your ears with these adorable Food Cartoon Earrings ($1.13). Fries, cola, burger, anyone?
Food Earrings
  1. Party time! Adorn your ears with these funky Soju Bottles Earrings ($1.98).
    Soju Bottles


  2. Do you feel like hanging people because of the things they do and say sometimes? You could hang them on your ears with these Human Capsule Earrings ($1.49) hahaha!
    Human Pill Earrings


  3. Hoops are back in trend! Hook your ears up with both these Big & Small Hoops Earrings ($2.60).
    Hoops Earring


  4. A pair of Acrylic Earrings ($1.66) that exudes elegance and poise.
  5. Who loves Dinosaurs? I do and wouldn’t it just be so cute to be wearing these Lil’ Dino Earrings ($1.90) on your ear?
Lil' Dino Earrings

44. If you’re more of a giraffe lover, check out these Giraffe Studs ($2.58)!


45. If you’re a fan of elephants, you should adorn your ears with these adorable Elephant Earrings ($0.98)!


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