Dazzle Your Date With These 7 Glitter Eyeshadow Palettes

etude house eyeshadow 3ce unleashia glitter

Always reaching for your good ol’ matte brown eyeshadow palettes? Take the plunge and  switch up your makeup style by incorporating the latest glitter eyeshadow palettes. From Etude House eyeshadow palettes to those from Unleashia and 3CE, add some sparkle to your eye makeup and sweep your date off his feet this Valentine’s Day! Psst, we even included simple tutorials for each palette to help you get started.

Glitter eyeshadow palettes for makeup amateurs

When it comes to shopping for glitter eyeshadow palettes, it’s good to pick one with many shades, right? Wrong. A big eyeshadow palette may not be as beginner-friendly as a smaller duo or quad palette. This is simply because there are too many shade combinations to choose from. This can throw a makeup amateur off track and result in a muddy eye makeup look. If you’re not too confident in your makeup skills, we suggest starting with smaller palettes with two to four shades. The colours are usually pre-coordinated to ensure seamless application!

1. ETUDE Glittery Snow Air Mousse Eyes Palette

glitter eyeshadow etude house glittery snow air mousse eyes palette
(Credit: ETUDE Official Store [Cropped])

Many tend to steer away from glitter eyeshadow palettes in fear that they would cause a sparkly fallout mess on their lids. If this is one of your concerns, you’ll be blown away by the high adherence of the ETUDE Glittery Snow Air Mousse Eyes Palette (available on ETUDE Official Store). This Etude house eyeshadow palette boasts a creamy airism mousse texture that combines the benefits of both powder and liquid eyeshadows. The result? A pigmented eyeshadow with minimal fallouts. Its unique texture also means that this palette is unbelievably blendable — perfect for makeup amateurs! 

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

Step 1 – With your fingers, blend the lighter shade in this Etude House eyeshadow palette all over your lid to create a sheer glitter base

Step 2 – Using the MKUP Eyes Blending Master Eyeshadow Brush (available on MKUP 美咖 Official Store), blend the rusty brown glitter eyeshadow into your crease and on the outer corner to create the illusion of deep-set looking eyes and voila!

Pro Tip: In a rush? Mix both shades together to create a sparkly wash of colour all over your lid. 

2. Etude House Play Color Eyes Mini Jewelry

etude house eyeshadow play colour eyes mini jewelry
(Credit: PRISM)

Due to its reflective effect, glitter eyeshadows can sometimes cause our eyes to appear swollen and puffy. This may be more prominent on those with hooded lids or monolids. But don’t dismiss it just yet! The Etude House Play Color Eyes Mini Jewelry (available on PRISM) is perfect for such situations as it comes not only with two glitter eyeshadows but also two matte shades. Together, this Etude House eyeshadow palette can add dimension to enhance any eye shape beautifully! If you can’t decide on which of the two variations to get, we suggest going for the Rossy Pendant version. It features pink hues for a soft, romantic eye look.

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

Step 1 – Dust Misty Rose, the muted matte pink shade all over your lid as a base shadow

Step 2 – Apply Blossom Pink, a warm rosy colour with gold and silver fine glitters, on the second half of your upper lid with the Cosmetica Large Eyeshadow Brush (available on McPherson’s Official Store)

Step 3 – Pop Milky Way, the shiny opal chunky glitter shadow on the centre of your lid and in your inner corner to elevate your eye makeup look

Step 4 – Wet the Artiste Slanted Eyeliner Brush MC0584 (available on McPherson’s Official Store) and dip it into Deep Night, a matte dark red bean shade, to line your upper and lower lash line and define your eye shape

3. Judydoll Soft Cloud 4 Colours Eyeshadow Palette 34 Crystal Sugar

glitter eyeshadow judydoll soft cloud 4 colours eyeshadow palette 34 crystal sugar
(Credit: Judydoll Official Shop [Cropped])

The Judydoll Soft Cloud 4 Colours Eyeshadow Palette 34 Crystal Sugar (available on Judydoll Official Shop) is a great budget-friendly palette to kickstart your glitter eye makeup collection. It comes with four mesmerising glitter shades — a pink shadow with fine silver glitter, a chunky opal glitter shadow, a bronze shadow with fine golden glitter and a light beige golden glitter shade. As the shadows are packed with more glitter than pigments, this palette is suitable for those who want a light wash of colour on their lids. It’s work appropriate and great for everyday wear! 

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

Step 1 – Fingers are your best applicator for glitter shadows. Use your fingers to lightly dab the pink shadow with fine silver glitter all over your upper lid. 

Step 2 – Place some of the chunky opal glitter shade on the centre of your lid with your fingers

Step 3 – Using your pinky, gently apply the bronze fine golden glitter shadow under your lower lash line, focusing on the outer corner

Step 4 – With the Artiste Sponge Applicator MC0590 (available on McPherson’s Official Store), concentrate the light beige golden glitter shade on your inner corner to complete this gorgeous eye look

4. UNLEASHIA Get Jewel Palette

unleashia get jewel palette heart shape star glitter shadow
(Credit: VIRVICI Official Store)

If you’re into glitter eyeshadow palettes, you’ve got to check out UNLEASHIA. This Korean makeup brand is widely used by K-Pop idols and Korean beauty YouTubers. The UNLEASHIA Get Jewel Palettes (available on VIRVICI Official Store) are some of the brand’s best selling products and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they come in wearable shades, they also contain a little surprise — star and heart-shaped glitters to amp up your makeup game! These chunky glitters can be used on your eyes, cheeks and even collarbones to create a fun look that’s bound to capture your date’s attention. Choose the Gemmy Bean palette for a pinkish date night look.

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

Step 1 – From the Gemmy Bean palette, blend Be Gentle, the matte dusty pink, all over your lid 

Step 2 – Using the small ZEESEA Eyeshadow Brush (available on ZEESEA Cosmetics Store), concentrate the shade Flush (matte warm brick shade) on your inner and outer corners. Blend the shade into your crease while avoiding the centre of your upper lid. 

Step 3 – Apply Posy, a fine glitter beige pink shade, on the centre of your lid to complete this halo eye look. 

Step 4 – For a finishing touch, place Rosy Beam (pink heart-shaped glitter) under your brow bone with your fingers. Thereafter, use a cotton swab to shift the position of the heart-shaped glitter to your desired spot.

Glitter eyeshadow palettes for adventurous beauty junkies

Feel confident enough to venture beyond eyeshadow duos and quads? Then, these larger glitter eyeshadow palettes are yours to pick from! With up to 12 shades to choose from, these palettes offer a wide range of possibilities when you’re exploring different eye looks. Moreover, they feature various textures beyond just glitter shadows, making them some of the most versatile palettes you’ll ever own. 

5. ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes #Gemstone

etude house eyeshadow play colour eyes #gemstone palette rose gold
(Credit: beautyboxkorea.kr)

Love eyeshadow palettes like Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered and Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette? Then, the ETUDE HOUSE Play Color Eyes #Gemstone (available on beautyboxkorea.kr) will be right up your alley with its nine stunning rose gold gemstone-inspired shades! This limited edition Etude House eyeshadow palette comes with five glitter shades alongside three mattes and one shimmer shadow. The pigmentation is superb and the shadows are soft and blendable. This is the exact high-quality formula that Etude House eyeshadow palettes are famous for. We suggest skipping the brushes entirely for this palette and relying solely on your fingers. This method of application ensures you get the maximum payoff from the glitter shades and prevents any fallouts. 

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

Step 1 – Apply #02 Pink Quartz, a pale baby pink shade, all over your upper lid up to your brow bone

Step 2 – Blend #06 My Birth Stone, a peachy pink shade, on your upper lid and into your crease

Step 3 – Starting from the outer corner, blend #07 Rose Gold (shimmery rose gold shade) towards the centre of your lids

Step 4 – Accentuate the gradient eye look by concentrating #09 Garnet, a matte brick colour with fine glitter, on your outer corner. Blend it subtly with your fingers into the #07 Rose Gold shade which you’ve applied in step 3. 

Step 5 – Apply #06 My Birth Stone on the outer corner of your lower lash line

Step 6 – Layer #09 Garnet over the area covered in step 5 

Step 7 – Dab #03 Real Cubic, a brilliant champagne glitter shade, on your inner corners and you’re ready to head out with this Korean idol inspired eye look

6. 3CE Multi Eye Colour Palette

3ce multi eye colour palette glitter
(Credit: 3CE Official Store)

A roundup of the best glitter eyeshadow palettes would not be complete without mentioning the oh-so-popular 3CE Multi Eye Colour Palette (available on 3CE Official Store)! 3CE is a Korean makeup brand that’s sworn by beauty gurus all around the world. It won’t be entirely wrong to say that they were the ones who kickstarted the glitter eyeshadow craze in Korea! The 3CE Multi Eye Colour Palettes are designed to give a sheer, glass-like shine without being too over the top. Thus, while the shades may appear vibrant in the palettes, don’t be too intimidated by them as they produce an intentionally low colour payoff. The palette is perfect for an almost no makeup kind of look with a dream-like sparkle. 

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

3ce multi eye colour palette swatch
(Credit: 3CE Official Store [Modified])
Step 1 – The #Shot Again 3CE Multi Eye Colour Palette is perfect for a light orangey day time eye look. Dust #2, a matte light beige colour, all over your upper lid and up to your brow bone.

Step 2 – With an eyeshadow brush, lightly layer #6 (matte peachy orange) over shade #2

Step 3 – Load the short and firm bristles of the MKUP Eyes Shading Master Eyeshadow Brush (available on MKUP 美咖 Official Store) with #7 (a warm sunset red matte eyeshadow with fine gold glitter) and blend the shadow near your upper lash line in a side to side motion

Step 4 – Using the same brush and #7, line the outer corner of your lower lash line

Step 5 – Lightly dab shade #8, a orangey golden glitter shade, on the first half of your upper eyelid with your fingers

Step 6 – Place #1, a champagne glitter shade, in your inner corner

Step 7 – To tie in the whole look, line your eyes with the Lilybyred Starry Eyes AM9 to PM9 Gel Eyeliner (available on Lilybyred)

Pro Tip: Apply a small amount of #1 on your cupid’s bow to give the illusion of fuller lips!

7. Pony Effect Get Ready with Me Shadow Palette

pony effect get ready with me shadow palette
(Credit: ponyeffect_official.sg)

MEMEBOX has created several popular K-beauty brands, including I’m Meme and the famous Pony Effect. The latter was established in collaboration with the renowned K-beauty guru, Pony. Inspired by bold western-style chunky glitters in showstopping colours, the Pony Effect Get Ready With Me Shadow Palette (available on ponyeffect_official.sg) is ideal for ladies who love a good smokey eye. The eyeshadows in this palette are some of the most pigmented we’ve come across. This means it’s not very beginner friendly. However, just keep in mind to go in with a light hand and you’ll be fine!

How to use this eyeshadow palette:

Step 1 – To create a sultry glitter smokey eye, even out your upper lids with #Evershine (a caramel shimmer shade). Be sure to apply the colour on your lower lash line too. 

Step 2 – Blend #All Love, a matte red bean shade, from the outer corners to the middle of your upper lids with the ETUDE My Beauty Tool Brush 316 Eyeshadow Diagonal (available on ETUDE Official Store)

Step 3 – Line your lower lash line with #All Love

Step 4 – Deepen the smoky eye look with #Earth, a matte sand shade, by focusing the shadow in the outer corners of your upper lids. Then, blend it towards the middle of your upper lids.

Step 5 – Here comes the glittery fun! Load up your flat eyeshadow brush with #Dreams, a holographic glitter shadow. Press the shade down on your upper eyelids, starting from the inner corners and ending when you reach the centre of your lids. 

Do more with your eyeshadow palettes

Need more makeup inspiration to make full use of your Etude House and Pony Effect glitter eyeshadow palettes? Check out our list of graphic eyeliner ideas which you can recreate with glitter shadows. Put your best face forward this Valentine’s Day by prepping your skin with these best Korean face masks and bring out your inner radiance with the right blush application according to your face shape