Instagram’s New Update Will Ruin Your Perfect Grid

Instagram is thinking about messing up your entire aesthetic! (and probably your life)



Just over a year ago, Instagram went through a massive makeover. From ditching its iconic logo to removing the chronological order of your feed, the past few updates left its users unhappy. Reallllly unhappy.

But, Instagram’s new update is the latest assault to users and their online aesthetic. This time, it’s not about being able to “like” or “reply” comments, or send stories to friends directly. To some user’s horror, their profile has suddenly changed from its 3-by-3 layout into a 4-across grid instead.


Cat covering mouth in awe

Though the change might seem minor (and you honestly dgaf), social media influencers, brands and people who painstakingly took a lot of time to set up their page a certain way, is now ruined. Posts that fit together in a 3-by-3 setting will now be thrown askew. You can say goodbye to masterpieces like this: instagram feed


Outraged Instagram users have taken to Twitter to report changes to their grid.


The 4-picture grid is currently being tested among selected users and hasn’t been officially rolled out yet. Aside from browsing through more pictures with less scrolling, it’s unclear why Instagram is considering this change. Though Instagram has yet to comment or confirm whether the 4×4 grid will replace the current layout, the internet is clearly not happy.


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What do you think about Instagram’s current test?


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