13 Kitchen Tools You Need To Finish Cooking In 15 Minutes [Infographic]

kitchen appliances infographic

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13 Kitchen Tools You Need To Finish Cooking In 15 Minutes

So busy with work that once you’re home, you’re too exhausted to make a proper meal? Or perhaps too stressed out with studying that you can’t afford to waste precious time preparing food? Then make these kitchen tools your best friends and whip up delicious and nutritious meals in 15 minutes, tops!

Rice Cooker

Gone are the days you have to watch over your rice while cooking it over a stove. All you need to do is add rice and water. The best part? It’s not just limited to cooking rice!
Time Taken: 10-15 minutes

Pressure Cooker

Not only can it cook rice quickly, there are also many 15-minute recipes for pressure cookers online! Toss the ingredients into the pot, set the timer and you’re good to go!
Time Taken: 15 minutes

Food Processor

Sick and tired of manually chopping vegetables into tiny pieces? Food processors save you time by cutting them up for you as you press the button. No more tears while slicing onions!
Time Taken: 2 minutes

Countertop Blender

Countertop blenders are great for chopping up food that involves extra liquid, which may cause an overflow when using food processors.    
Time Taken: 2 minutes

Toaster Oven/ Microwave

Perfect for 3-minute meals and more, microwaves easily heat up pre-made food packets, and can even be used to whip up some simple recipes!
Time Taken: 3 minutes

Air Fryer

The air fryer has the ability to fry food without oil – goodbye to messes! Not only is it a healthier alternative, you can also look forward to crispy, crunchy goodness once it has worked its magic!
Time Taken: 10-12 minutes

Egg Cooker

Craved for soft boiled eggs but left them boiling too long and ended up with hard boiled ones instead? Egg cookers are fuss-free and allow you to cook the exact type of eggs you want!
Time Taken: 5-10 minutes

Pasta Cooker

Smart pasta cookers are everything you need for a bowl of perfectly cooked noodles! With the strainer lid, measuring handles and microwavable container, cook pasta in a matter of minutes!  
Time Taken: 10-15 minutes

Indoor Grill

Stop flipping patties under the hot sun. With this, you stay indoors and cook more meat than a regular pan! You could even host a Korean barbeque party in the comfort of your home!
Time Taken: 10-15 minutes

Electric Griddle

Prefer a good mix of steamboat and barbeque? The electric griddle will give you the best of both worlds! It could cook up an easy meal too — just throw in the ingredients and you’re done!
Time Taken: 15 minutes

Sushi Maker

All you’ll need are ingredients cut up in strips, seaweed and cooked rice. Place them all in the sushi maker for a perfectly rolled sushi ready for your next meal or snack time!
Time Taken: 1 minute

Immersion Blender

These are great for pureeing soups, getting your bolognese sauce to the right consistency and even beating eggs. You don’t have to stir for 30 mins just to get the texture you want anymore!
Time Taken: 10-15 minutes

Sandwich Maker

The sandwich maker also creates melty cheese and warm ingredients! If you need a quick meal to grab and go, it’ll toast bread in minutes and can even make egg sandwiches or pancakes!
Time Taken: 10-15 minutes