A Day In The Life Of A Payment & Checkout Software Engineer


Shopee has no lack of exciting roles. To help you get a better idea of what it’s like working in Shopee, we’re introducing this Day In The Life Of series. Your career with us is yours to create!

To get this fun segment started, we tailed Lim Xian You, our Software Engineer based in Shopee SingaporeHe is a dancer, developer, team lead and NUS (Eusoff Hall) alumnus. He’s also part of the team that made Nicepay and iPay88 possible on our Shopee Indonesia and Shopee Malaysia platforms. Here we go!

9.00am     Xian You bolts up from his sleep. Putting his glasses on, he remembers vague details about weaponry and an impending discussion with a feudal lord. Was it the Edo period in Japan? What were they speaking about? Something about rice and mice… 

9.10am     Attire, check. Shoes for the dance class tonight, check. Out the door he goes!

9.15am     Settling into a seat on the train, Xian You pulls out the Duolingo app on his phone and practices his Japanese. He has been learning the new language daily in preparation for a vacation to the land of sushi and techno-colors. Do shite? Do shite ka? Japan’s going to be so much fun!

9.30am     Arriving at the office, Xian You greets his team and begins sifting through his email inbox. He separates urgent tasks from non-urgent ones. The project of the day seems to be a Nicepay integration for the Shopee Indonesia mobile app. He Skypes the Product Management team to find out more.

9.45am     Turns out, the Indonesian buyer community has been requesting for credit card installment payment options. Nicepay has consistently proven itself reliable in handling Shopee’s high transaction volumes; having it join Shopee’s platform would mean peace of mind for shoppers, which will translate to higher customer satisfaction and hence, more orders for the business. Xian You evaluates the technical feasibility of this request, and gathers his junior developers for a briefing. The team gets to work.

11.00am     Time to review the written code from a previous project. Another credit card integration but for Shopee Malaysia, this iPay88 project had been slightly more complex due to issues such as payment flow restrictions. Xian You leaves comments on his juniors’ work, noting abstraction improvements in one of them. He enters a discussion on unifying similar elements versus writing a new module. Someone brings up the existing Kredivo installment payment code. The team comes to a quick consensus.

12.45pm     Yawning for the first time today, Xian You peeks into the Napping Room. Pity, it seems like all sleeping pods are already occupied. He resigns to the bean bag area near his desk and pulls a sleep mask over his eyes. 4 seconds, 7 seconds, 8 seconds. Breathe in, hold my breath, breathe out. He counts the seconds till he falls asleep.

1.45pm     Lunch today is a tuna mayo croissant from a cafe nearby. Xian You bumps into an HR colleague, who asks for recommendations on how to better engage developers. Do I help her do her job and put the sanity of my developers at risk? Or do I crush her spirit and let her in on the fact that some people prefer bonding only with those whom they’re more familiar with? He considers his options and cautiously gives some suggestions whilst hoping that she doesn’t scare the living daylights out of his team.

2.15pm     Time to code! Xian You arranges himself in front of his computer screen and evaluates his task list. Different banking options, different payment channels. Tappity-tap. He gets his seniors’ buy-in on his approaches. Tappity-tap. Done! Based on his plan, his Front-End and Back-End Developers agree on a common message format. And all was well with the world.

4.05pm     A quick trip to the pantry. He contemplates between a seaweed snack and peanut butter biscuits. He picks the biscuits.

4.10pm     The coding life continues.

5.00pm     Xian You begins setting up his laptop in a meeting room. The Software Engineering team’s weekly peer-to-peer technical knowledge sharing has come full circle and it’s his turn to speak again. Building on his professional strength, he teaches the team how to deploy Django to maximize the throughput of servers. He receives many questions, and learns new application methods in the process.

6.30pm     Xian You gathers his Payment & Checkout and Admin Portal teams. Everyone takes turns giving updates; they bring up bugs that they’ve encountered and fixed, and propose new projects they’d like to work on. The meeting ends with them agreeing on a date for their monthly team lunch (Xian You’s treat!) and another for their bonding activity. Seems like it’s video games and board games this month at a team member’s home!

7.30pm     No better way to end a work day than with free dinner. Xian You picks up his pesto chicken wrap and apple juice from the cafeteria, and settles down beside the pool table. Finally some breathing space after a fruitful day behind him.

8.15pm     Time to make his way to the dance studio! He has been waiting for this all day. During his commute, he opens a flash card app on his phone. He revises the Japanese words that he had learnt in the morning.

8.55pm     Xian You arrives at his dance studio, early for his hiphop dance class. He puts down his bag, says hello to his friends and gets started with warm-ups.

And this is where we say goodbye to our amazing Xian You. Thank you for letting us into your life, and for working tirelessly on the improvements to our mobile apps!

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