Everyone’s Talking About These 10 Hottest Products From Perfect Diary And Zeesea

There’s been plenty of spotlight on Korean beauty brands, but we’re noticing a rise in C-Beauty with up and coming Chinese brands Perfect Diary and Zeesea. Affordably priced and dressed in super pretty packaging, it’s no wonder these domestic labels are highly talked about among top beauty bloggers in China! We review Perfect Diary and Zeesa to find out what’s the hype behind their top-selling products like the Perfect Diary eyeshadows and Zeesea powder!

Perfect Diary review

perfect diary zeesea review futuristic eye makeup look creative
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Whether you’re looking for cosmetics that are unconventional or wanting to incorporate bold colours into your makeup looks, Perfect Diary will be right up your alley! Established in 2017, Perfect Diary is an award-winning makeup brand owned by Guangzhou Yatsen C-commerce Company Limited. The brand carries an extensive range of cosmetic products that feature creative colours and packaging, a hit among the younger generation!

Even China’s famed ‘Lipstick King’ Li Jia Qi sung praises for the brand’s products! Read on for our review of the top five must-buy products from Perfect Diary!

1. Perfect Diary ReadMe Liquid Lipstick 


Make a statement with this lightweight lipstick that comes in 18 different dreamy shades! The smooth velvety texture of the Perfect Diary ReadMe Liquid Lipstick naturally enhances your lips and keeps it looking voluminous all day long. On top of that, the lipstick is not sticky and provides a matte-finish, ensuring that there’s no transfer over onto your mask.

The lipstick also comes in a sleek and sophisticated card-like design that you can easily pop into your handbag and bring around on the go, so what’s there not to like really?Psstt…we’d recommend the Trust Me shade for a casual day out with your girl friends, and the Crush On You shade when you meet…your date or crush (pun intended)!

2. Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette


Another one of the brand’s best-seller is the Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette. The palette comes in 13 designs with shades inspired by the beauty of the eyes of animals like the Red Fox or the wolf in their natural habitat. And, if you are like us – a fan of shades with high pigmentation, you will be glad to know that this palette provides that definition that you need and instantly draws people to your eyes.

The popular expression that the eyes are the windows to the soul certainly holds much truth now – express your emotions freely and create various looks with the shades in the palette like Charm, Fox Tail, Wink and more. We are pretty sure you will never get bored of the beautiful colours and the endless creative looks you can explore with this eyeshadow palette!

3. Perfect Diary x Sanrio MagicStay Loose Powder


Can we all take a moment to fangirl over how cute the Perfect Diary x Sanrio MagicStay Loose Powder looks with the different Sanrio characters like Gudetama and My Melody? The set comes complete with a gold, glittery packaging plus a fluffy brush – we promise it will be love at first sight for you! The powder is known for its long-lasting stay power and ensures that your makeup is set with the 12-hour oil control.

On top of that, the powder provides a lightweight and non-cakey effect upon application, giving it a flawless and natural finish. Available in 5 different shades from Translucent to Golden Medium, there is definitely a shade out there for all the various skin tones! Grab one for yourself now and work the magic~

4. Perfect Diary Glossy Glamour Liquid Lipstick


Another one of our favourites to recommend, the Perfect Diary Glossy Glamour Liquid Lipstick is perfect for giving a chic, elegant look. The Monet-Inspired Series comes in 9 different rich colours and provides a full opaque coverage with just one layer of application. On top of that, the lipstick also provides a smooth velvety matte finish, and is wonderful in creating that gradient lips that is all the trend now in Asian style makeup.

The best part about the lipstick? The formula is strong enough to last the whole day even with food and water intake and is also transfer proof, which is an absolute dream now that wearing masks has become the norm.

5. Perfect Diary Moisturizing Sunscreen


You cannot, and should never leave out the most important part of makeup application – putting on sunscreen! The Perfect Diary Moisturizing Sunscreen is just perfect for this job, as it provides a SPF50+ superior UV protection which provides full coverage and protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Besides that, it has zero stickiness and lasts the whole day with just one application.

Zeesea review

zeesea review picasso collection limited edition makeup chinese beauty brand
(Credit: zeeseacosmetics / Instagram)

Prefer a more artistic flair to your makeup? Zeesea’s collaborations with The British Museum and The National Gallery is perfect for all artsy-fartsy beautyholics! The brand produced beautiful Van Gogh and Picasso makeup masterpieces that are definitely worth collecting. Zeesea is a Chinese makeup brand established in 2011. With almost 10 years of cosmetic manufacturing experience under its belt, you can trust this C-beauty brand to be ahead of the latest trends. Unlike regular cosmetic brands that go for girly or cutesy packaging to appeal to the younger crowd, Zeesea exudes a different class with its abstract art centric designs. Step into the world of art and discover Zeesea’s best offerings below!

1. ZEESEA ✕ British Museum Matte Pressed Powder

zeesea review british museum matte pressed powder Egyptian queen
(Credit: ZEESEA Official Store)

One of the greatest hit items that shot Zeesea to fame is its pressed powder. In collaboration with The British Museum, Zeesea has released a brand new limited edition packaging for its best-selling product — the ZEESEA ✕ British Museum Matte Pressed Powder (available on ZEESEA Official Store)! Featuring the silhouette of the Egyptian queen, this packaging looks both mysterious and majestic and is the proud winner of the Red Dot Award 2020. 

This holygrail Zeesea powder is perfect for girls who need a little more coverage on top of their foundation. The finely milled powder boasts light to medium coverage and have superb water-resistant properties. This allows your makeup to adhere and remain flawless even in sweaty or rainy situations, great for the tropical weather in Singapore! The Zeesea powder works well on combination to oily skin and can effectively absorb excess sebum to keep your skin looking smooth and matte throughout the day. Bid adieu to unsightly midday grease with this Zeesea powder today!

2. ZEESEA Colorful Mascara

zeesea review silver diamond colourful mascara glitter eye makeup
(Credit: ZEESEA Official Store)

The latest addition to lash cosmetics aside from coloured mascara is glitter mascaras! Now you can wear the sparkle on your lashes with Zeesea Silver Diamond Colourful Mascara (available on ZEESEA Official Store)! What you’ll find in this attractive holographic tube is a transparent mascara filled with silver micro glitters. The transparent mascara acts as an adhesive to lock the glitters in place while holding the curls in your lashes. Hence, there’s no need to worry about the glitters falling into your eyes — especially for contact lens wearers. 

To make your lashes stand out even more, we suggest using the Zeesea Colourful Mascara in darker shades like black or blue before coating on the silver diamond mascara. This will create a nice contrast so the glitters pop stand out! Moreover, the Zeesea Colourful Mascaras (with the exception of the silver diamond one) are designed with excellent lash lengthening capabilities. They are also water and smudge proof so you can enjoy beautiful fluttery lashes all day. For more mascara recommendations, check out our list of the best mascaras for Asian lashes

3. ZEESEA Picasso Velvet Matte Lipstick

zeesea review picasso velvet matte lipstick limited edition packaging
(Credit: ZEESEA Official Store)

Show off your million dollar pout with the limited edition ZEESEA Picasso Velvet Matte Lipsticks (available on ZEESEA Official Store)! The lipsticks are encased in an eyecatching golden packaging decked in funky abstract patterns inspired by Picasso’s famous works such as Nude And Still Life and Italian Woman. As a cherry on top, the lipstick bullet also comes embossed with Picasso’s signature. These make the lipsticks a work of art worthy of a spot on your vanity! 

But that’s not all! These ZEESEA lipsticks don’t just excel in terms of packaging, but also formula. They deliver a smooth, velvety matte finish that feels comfortable on the lips. They contain vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to keep your lips nourished and chaps at bay. Additionally, they have impressive colour payoff, giving a full opaque coverage with just one swipe! With over 10 shades to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your makeup style perfectly! 

4. ZEESEA x British Museum Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette

zeesea review british museum alice in wonderland eyeshadow palette limited edition
(Credit: ZEESEA Official Store)

Are you ready to join ZEESEA on a curious adventure down the rabbit hole? The ZEESEA x British Museum Alice In Wonderland #03 Eyeshadow Palette (available on ZEESEA Official Store) will take you on a fun ride with its mesmerising packaging and exciting colours! Psst, shake the palette gently and watch as the liquid glitter spring to life behind Alice’s silhouette! Additionally, many of the eyeshadows are embossed with designs from the Disney animated film. This includes Alice in her signature dress and the Queen of Hearts’ favourite flamingo mallet! Designed for the diehard fans of Alice in Wonderland, this palette feature 12 sweet eyeshadow colours ranging from peach to brown. It’s a wearable palette that can create many natural-looking feminine eye looks. 

If you’re a more adventurous beauty junkie, we suggest checking out the  ZEESEA x British Museum Alice In Wonderland #02 Eyeshadow Palette (available on ZEESEA Official Store) instead! Inspired by the mysterious Cheshire cat from Tim Burton’s 2010 film, Alice In Wonderland, this palette is jampacked with turquoise and bluish hues to create an extraordinary look. It will definitely come in handy when you’re recreating these creative Halloween makeup ideas!

5. ZEESEA Four Colour Powder

zeesea review four colour powder even skin tone
(Credit: ZEESEA Official Store)

Can’t get the highly raved Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder out of your head but not willing to fork out nearly $100 over a makeup product? We feel you! Fret not, you can now try for yourself a multi-colour powder without breaking the bank thanks to the ZEESEA Four Colour Powder (available on ZEESEA Official Store)! At less than $20, you get four specially selected powder shades that can help to even out your skin tone. This silky loose powder comes in a variety of colour combinations. The blue tinted powder helps to neutralise yellow hues while the green tinted powder hides redness. The result? An even complexion with a glow from within radiance!

Pro Tip: Pour the powder out into the lid and mix the colours together for a quick solution to even out your overall skin tone. For a more targeted application, we suggest removing the sieve. This allows you to dip your powder brush into specific shades according to your needs. 

Let C-beauty have a place on your vanity table

These quality C-beauty cosmetics are sure to surpass your expectations and bring you more inspiration in your beauty adventure! The Perfect Diary Super Brand Day is happening right now too, and you can grab the aforementioned products at great discounts so don’t miss out!

Still a diehard K-beauty fan? Our guide to the latest Korean makeup trends will be right up your alley! For other fun makeup ideas, check out our step-by-step tutorials to show-stopping graphic eyeliner looks

This article was updated on 20 September 2021 by Jaslynn Yeo.

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