Easy Halloween Makeup: 9 Spooky Glam Tutorials To Recreate

easy halloween makeup clown it scary look
(Credit: Amin Rokhide / Unsplash)

You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to create intriguing Halloween makeup! This spooky season, you can be any character you want with these easy Halloween makeup ideas!

1. Unicorn Halloween makeup

Gory makeup isn’t your thing? Why not transform yourself into a sparkly, whimsical unicorn for Halloween with this easy Halloween makeup? Put on your Unicorn Headband (available on wonderful.sg) and embark on this magical journey with us!

How to:

Step 1 – Apply your base makeup as usual and conceal your eyebrows. Using a hot pink liquid lipstick such as the Australis Velourlips Matte BaeJing Lip Cream (available on LAYCY), draw your brows with a defined arch and apply the same shade to your pout.

Step 2 – Dust a peachy eyeshadow all over your lid and blend a hot pink eyeshadow into the outer corner of your crease to create a pink smokey eye! Apply purple eyeshadow along the lower lash line and line your eyes with black eyeliner and flick it out to create a wing at the end.

Step 3 – Next, add some Thick False Lashes (available on Warm Station) and apply a peachy blush to enhance the apples of your cheeks. Top your cheeks with some pink Glitter Jelly Gel Highlighter (available on AI Rona) and spread it over your nose to your forehead.

Step 4 – To create a halo effect, pop some highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes, cupid’s bow, nose, cheekbones and forehead! All that’s left is to load your face in sparkles! Re-use your 3D Nail Art Rhinestones (available on gotofar.sg), 3D Nail Art Stars (available on jhelum.sg) and other sequins. Stick them on your face with the DUO Eyelash Adhesive (available on forego1988.sg). Top everything off with bigger specks of glitter and voila, you’re now a dazzling unicorn!

2. Vampire Halloween makeup

As the sun descends, emerge into an eerie night with this vampire Halloween makeup! This classic yet easy makeup look is a staple at every Halloween party! Don’t forget your Vampire Fangs (available on weka.sg)!

How to:

Step 1 – Apply your base makeup with the palest foundation shade you can find. Set your makeup with the BANXEER White Loose Powder (available on O.TWO.O Singapore Official Store) for a ghastly effect.

Pro tip: Remember to extend the foundation down your neck so you don’t look like you’re wearing a foundation mask!

Step 2 – Fill in your brows as usual and apply red eyeshadow all over your upper and lower lids, extending to your brow bones. Layer a black eyeshadow on top of the red shadow and blend everything in with a deep plum eyeshadow.

Step 3 – Line your eyes with a black eyeliner before adding thick and dense false lashes. Finish up the eye makeup by applying a layer of clear lip gloss all over the upper lid for a wet eyeshadow look.

Step 4 – Juicy, dark red lips are defining features of a vampire Halloween makeup! Line your pout in deep reddish 3CE Velvet Taupe Lip Tint (available on cosko) and complete the look by applying a Matte Black Lipstick (available on eden.sg) all over the inner lips. For the perfect re-creation of this easy Halloween makeup, wear a pair of grey contact lenses and you’re all ready for a bloodthirsty hunt!

3. Deer Halloween makeup

If gentle Bambi is your spirit animal, this Halloween makeup is for you! Don’t worry my deer, this Halloween makeup is so easy you’ll be frolicking in the meadow in no time!

How to:

Step 1 – Apply your base makeup routine and fill in your brows. Using a small flat top brush, stipple white Face And Body Paint (available on APINK BEAUTY) below your eyes to form an elongated triangle. Bring the white face paint onto your upper eyelids, the tip of your nose, down your cupid’s bow and chin. The face paint should create a large inverted triangle that covers your entire face. Use a sponge to blend out any harsh edges. 

Step 2 – Thereafter, layer the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (available on Makeupholics Anonymous) on the hollows of your cheeks, near your hairline, down your nose bridge and cupid’s bow. Using the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (available on NANA MALL), define the inner corners of your eyes and extend the line downwards to create a doe-eyed effect. Apply wispy false lashes and coat the bottom lashes with a lengthening mascara.

Step 3 – With a brown FOCALLURE Pro Waterproof Lip Liner (available on focallureofficialstore.sg), draw an M-shape on the tip of your nose and fill in the defined area. Repeat this using a black pencil eyeliner, creating a smaller M-shape. Thereafter, blend the black eyeliner into the brown lip liner with a brown eyebrow powder.

Step 4 – Draw small dots on the hollows of your cheeks and all the way up to your temples and forehead with a small detail brush. The dots should get bigger as you reach the outer corners of your face.

Step 5 – Finally, apply the Wet N Wild Colour Icon Rainbow Highlighter (available on LAYCY) on the highest points of your cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes.

Pro tip: If you’re baring your shoulders for Halloween, dust bronzer on them and add a few white dots for a more realistic effect!

4. Cat Halloween makeup

Whether you’re going to a Halloween party as Catwoman or a member of The Pussycat Dolls, this easy Halloween makeup is great for you! Put on your Cat Ears Lace Hairband (available on Yew.sg) and have a paw-some Halloween night!

How to:

Step 1 – After completing your base makeup and brows, define your crease with a dark brown shadow. Next, position a name card on the outer corners of your eyes, tilting it slightly towards your temples and blend black eyeshadow into your crease for extra definition. Once you’re done, remove the card and you instantly have a winged crease effect

Step 2 – With a wet brush, apply gold eyeshadow from the Maybelline 24K Gold Nude Eyeshadow Palette (available on Maybelline Official Store) onto your upper lids. Then, line your upper and lower lash line with black liquid eyeliner. Gradually tilt your bottom eyeliner downwards as you get closer to the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 3 – Fill the gap between the bottom eyeliner and inner corners of your eyes with a highlighter. Apply false eyelashes and top the inner corner of your eyes with golden glitter eyeliner.

Step 4 – Using a liquid eyeliner, outline the tip of your nose and extend the line down to your cupid’s bow, creating a cat’s nose. Add dots below your nose for a more realistic effect. Then, using the same eyeliner, draw whiskers on both sides of your cheeks.

Step 5 – Line and fill in your upper lips with a black lip liner. As for your lower lip, apply a nude liquid lipstick and you’re purr-fect!

5. Pop art Halloween makeup

Want to be unique this Halloween? Why not turn yourself into 2D pop art this spooky season! Just a few quick strokes and you’ll look like a character straight out of a comic book!

How to:

Step 1 – Begin by applying your base makeup. Then, trace the parameters of your face using a black gel eyeliner, such as the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (available on Maybelline Official Store). Do the same in your eye crease.

Step 2 – Using the black gel eyeliner, fill in your brows boldly and create a defined arch.

Step 3 – Line one side of your nose bridge with the black gel liner and outline the contours of your nose as well as the hollows of your cheeks. Repeat this on your chin and cupid’s bow.

Step 4 – Wrap things up by applying a bright red lipstick and make it pop with a black gel outline.

Pro tip: For an added cartoony effect, continue by tracing the contours of your neck!

6. Dual gender Halloween makeup

What’s a better occasion than Halloween to doll up as both genders, at once?! This easy Halloween makeup is bound to catch your friends by surprise! Grab a Fake Mustache (available on forevergo) and let’s get cracking!

How to:

Apply a primer all over your face, then use a concealer to draw a line down your face. 

  • Right profile (female)

Step 1 – Apply a foundation that’s two shades lighter than your skin. Using the Etude House Play 101 Contour Duo (available on Etude House Official Store), highlight your nose bridge, chin, cupid’s bow and eyebrows. Then, contour your nose and blend everything out. 

Step 2 – Using an eyebrow pencil, draw a curved and feathered out brow to soften your facial features. 

Step 3 – Apply an eyeshadow primer followed by a light brown shade in the Wet N Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow Palette (available on LAYCY) all over the eyelid. Buff the deeper brown shade in the palette into your crease and outer corner to deepen up the eye look. Layer on the Missha Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (available on Simple Sample From korea) over the right lid for a sparkly effect. Complete the female eye makeup with a thick cat eyeliner. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara or false lashes!

Step 4 – Doll your pout with a deep pinkish lipstick on the right profile, emphasising on the cupid’s bow.

  • Left profile (male)

Step 1 – Mix your foundation with Essence Darkening Makeup Drop (available on Maimee’s Corner) until it’s at least two shades darker than your skin tone. Apply this all over the left side of your face and down your neck. 

Step 2 – Then, highlight under your eye, on the forehead and brows. With the same product, contour the hollows of your cheeks to create chiselled cheekbones. Don’t forget to also contour under the tip of your brows, eyes and the side of your forehead to make your features more masculine. Darken these areas with an even darker bronzing powder. 

Step 3 – Moving on to the brows, create a bold and manly brow on the left profile.

Step 4 – With the same Wet N Wild palette, line your left eye with a medium brown shade — place more emphasis on the outer corner to lengthen the eye shape. Using the Maybelline Everlasting XXS Brown Gel Liner (available on Maybelline Official Store), line the inner corner of the left eye. If you have double eyelids, apply the DUP Orishiki Invisible Double Eyelid Glue (available on Taiwan Collection) all over your left eyelid to create the illusion of a single eyelid. 

Step 5 – Apply concealer on the lips on the left profile and stick on a fake moustache. Extend your sideburn and create a widow’s peak with an eyebrow pencil and this easy Halloween makeup is complete!

7. Cleopatra Halloween makeup

Channel your inner femme fatale with this easy Halloween makeup, fashioned after Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt!

How to:

Step 1 – Start with your regular base makeup routine — foundation, concealer and setting powder. Using a black brow pencil, draw thick, dark and highly arched eyebrows. Clean up the brow shape with a concealer.

Step 2 – Using a bronzer, contour your nose to make your features more pronounced. Darken the contouring at the top of your nose bridge for extra definition. 

Step 3 – Apply the avocado green shade from Beauty Glaze Nine Colours Uranus Eyeshadow Palette (available on APINK BEAUTY) all over your lids, up to your brow bone. Layer on the golden shimmer shade above your double eyelid. Apply the purple shade from the Etude House Play Colour Eyes Lavender Land Palette (available on Etude House Official Store) below your double eyelid and line your lower lids with a bright orange eyeshadow. 

Step 4 – Then, line your eyes with black eyeliner and draw a long triangle that extends beyond your brows. Apply double eyelid glue inside the triangle you’ve drawn and add some orange glitter. Finally, top up your eyes with a pair of thick false lashes.

Step 5 – Apply a peachy blush and a MLBB lipstick shade to complete this Halloween makeup look! And don’t forget to clip on this Thick Fringe (available on Patozon) too!

8. Joker Halloween makeup

What’s the most anticipated film this year? Without a doubt, it’s Joker! Haunt the streets as the infamous spine-chilling villain with this easy Joker-inspired Halloween makeup look. We suggest using the Japan Temporary Hair Dye Wax (available on 1st Avenue) to transform your locks into Joker’s signature neon green sleek back hair for the best effect.

How to:

Step 1 – Before applying your usual base makeup, use the LA Girl HD Pro Conceal Green Corrector (available on SWatched.) all over your skin to neutralise any redness. Then, go in with a foundation that’s lighter than your skin tone. 

Step 2 – Using a black eyeshadow, fill in your brows neatly. Apply the same eyeshadow all over your upper and lower lids, creating a sharp wing on the outer corners. Next, darken the eye makeup by layering the black eyeshadow a few more times. Then, apply a reddish-brown eyeshadow to your lower eyelids and on the outer corners. 

Pro tip: Use a concealer to neaten your eye area so that the wing is more defined. 

Step 3 – Apply false lashes and pile mascara on the lower lashes. Apply the UCANBE Glitter Loose Eyeshadow Starlight Pigment (available on ucanbe official store.sg) on the inner corners and above your crease line for a dazzling finish.

Step 4 – Contour your nose bridge, cheekbones and forehead with a grey matte eyeshadow. Apply PERIPERA Ink Matte Blur Tint (available on Smileouppa.SG) all over your lips, spreading it messily beyond your lip line. As a finishing touch to this easy Halloween makeup, use an eyeliner to draw some tattoos for a rugged effect! 

9. Cutblush Halloween makeup

This easy Halloween makeup look takes just 15 minutes to complete and is ideal for those strapped for time! 

How to:

Step 1 – Begin with a foundation that’s lighter than your usual skin colour and conceal any blemishes if necessary. Then, fill in your brows and contour your nose as you normally would. 

Step 2 – Apply an eye primer before going in with the lightest shade in the Holika Holika Nudrop Piece Matching Shadow (available on HOHO_BEAUTY.kr) all over the lid. Repeat this step with the darkest shade in the palette, focusing on the outer corners and extending the shade down the lower lid to your eyebags. Keep layering on the shadows until you’ve achieved the desired pigmentation before blending out any harsh lines. Then, intensify the lower lids with a black shadow.

Step 3 – Line your eyes thickly and wing it out for a more dramatic effect. Next, curl your lashes and apply false eyelashes. 

Step 4 – Draw the cuts with a dark red liquid lipstick, such as the Jeffrey Star Velour Unicorn Blood Liquid Lipstick (available on klmqco). Using an angled brush (available on minai.sg), draw zig-zag lines across your cheeks. Then, smudge the lines out slightly with a red eyeshadow to give more depth to the ‘wounds’. With a brighter pink eyeshadow, shade around the lines to create the illusion of a swollen wound. Wrap things up by dusting some red eyeshadow across the tip of your nose, cupid’s bow and chin — they will make you look more sickly. Lastly, apply a deep red lipstick and smudge it out of your lip line.


We hope you had loads of fun re-creating these easy Halloween makeup looks! Next up, you’ll need some fun Halloween costumes this spooky season! Hosting a Halloween party but can’t figure out how to entertain your guests? Why not watch some of these horror movies for a hair-raising night!

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