35 Eerie-sistibly Cute Pets Costumes This Halloween (2022)

best halloween costumes for pets

Spook it up this October by dressing up your little furpals in the cutest outfits! Rope your furry friends into the joy of Halloween and get them all primped up for the most ghastly time of the year. Whether you have a furry feline or a cuddly canine, it’s time to dress them up with these best Halloween costumes for pets this 2022!

What to consider when choosing the best Halloween costumes for pets?

best halloween costume for pets what to consider
(Credit: Reba Spike / Unsplash)

It may not be easy to fit the best Halloween costumes for pets on your dogs and cats. Some may love it instantly while others need some time getting used to it. Nevertheless, here are some things to take note when you’re choosing the best Halloween costumes for your pets!

  • Get costumes made with breathable materials

The Halloween costume for your dogs and cats must be made with comfortable material that’s breathable, such as cotton and linen. Otherwise, this could cause your pets to overheat. 

  • Get the right fit

Your dogs and cats shouldn’t feel much of a difference when they wear their Halloween costumes. They should still be able to walk around properly, have clear vision and eat well. 

Pro Tip: Go for costumes that are stretchable so your little furballs can still have a whale of a time running around in the Halloween costumes!

  • Ensure costumes are made with non-toxic materials

Dogs and cats are prone to allergies, so it’s important to know what the costumes are made of before putting them in one. Nylon and polyester are some of the more common causes of allergic reactions, so it’s best to make sure that costumes aren’t made with these materials. You can also go for costumes that are made with natural materials like cotton or wool. These are usually softer and non-irritating, so they’re less likely to bring about allergic reactions. 

Best Halloween costumes for pet dogs (2022)

1. Hotdog

best halloween costume for pets Hotdog
(Credit: muitobom.sg)

Dress your little canine up as one of your favourite foods this thrilling season. The Hot Dog Costume (available on muitobom.sg) is one of the best Halloween costumes in Singapore for your pet dogs that’ll make them look more adorable than ever! This hot dog costume is easy to put on, and made of comfortable material as well!

2. Police K-9 Unit

Police K-9 Unit
(Credit: Pet Supplies & Toys)

Always dreamed of owning a police dog? You can now have one when with this Police K-9 Unit Outfit (available on Pet Supplies & Toys). Your pupper is going to look all ready to guard you from all the spookiness this season!

3. Princess

best halloween costume for pets Princess
(Credit: Pandada Pets Shop)

Show everyone how precious your doggo is with this Princess Costume (available on Pandada Pets Shop). It’s made of soft material, which makes it more likely for your dog to stay in it longer. Dress them up in this Halloween dog costume this 2022 so they’ll be treated like royalty!

4. Cowboy

best halloween costume for pets Cowboy
(Credit: Happy Baby)

Ride into the Wild West with this Cowboy Costume (available on Happy Baby). This is the best Halloween costume for your pet dogs this 2022 thanks to the cute cowboy plushie that’ll sit comfortably on your dog’s back. It’s as if they’ve transformed into magnificent horses and it’ll look so cute when the cowboy bobs up and down as your canine takes each step!

5. Minions

best halloween costume for pets Minions
(Credit: Muses)

Got a cheeky little pupper? Your dog will suit this Minions Outfit (available on Muses) perfectly! These mischievous Minions always seem like they’re up to no good but at the end of the day, you know they love you! Fit them in this best Halloween Minions costume for dogs and watch how it’s as if a little Minion is marching towards you!

6. Wizard


Dogs are a magical addition to your life. And what could be more enchanting than this Wizard Costume (available on YUANZHS PET)? This is the best Halloween costume for pet dogs that comes with a matching cape and hat. Your canine is going to look divine in this Halloween outfit!

7. Chinese Empress Dog

Chinese Empress Dog
(Credit: walmarsp.sg)

If you love binging on the best Chinese dramas like Yanxi Palace, then this is the best Halloween costume for your pet dogs this 2022! The Chinese Empress Dog Costume (available on walmarsp.sg) comes with an intricately designed headdress that looks just like those worn by princesses in Chinese historical dramas. So it’s time to make way for royalty with this Halloween costume for your dog!

8. Shark Dog

best halloween costume for pets Shark Dog
(Credit: walmarsp.sg)

Dress your little chomper up in this cute Shark Costume (available on walmarsp.sg) during this eerie season! It’s as if they’re finally getting a taste of their own medicine with a cute little shark “biting” them! 

9. Bat Dog

best halloween costume for pets Bat Dog
(Credit: uiran.sg)

The best things come in pairs, so it’s no wonder this is one of the best Halloween costumes for pets this 2022! The Bat Costume (available on uiran.sg) comes with a pair of wings and a hat that’ll transform your pooch into an adorable creature of the night this October. 

10. Pikachu

best halloween costume for pets Pikachu
(Credit: cathome.sg)

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, you’ve gotta catch ‘em all with this Pikachu Outfit (available on cathome.sg). As one of the best Halloween costumes for pets, it is made with fleece which  your dog will find extremely cosy. So gear up in this Pikachu Halloween costume with your best friend in this world we must defend! 

11. Dog Nun

best halloween costume for pets Dog Nun
(Credit: lansel.sg)

You don’t have to fear when you have this best Halloween costume for your pet dogs this 2022! The Nun Outfit (available on lansel.sg) looks extremely realistic, so you’ll definitely be protected during this haunting season.

12. King Dog

King Dog
(Credit: simpleshop.sg)

We get why your dog is the king of your household. So dress him for the part with this King Costume (available on simpleshop.sg)! The vibrant red and blue hues pop, so it won’t be difficult to spot your pooch among the crowd of pets this Halloween! We especially love the crown on this costume that really makes your pooch deserve the title “Your Highness”. 

13. Cobra Dog

best halloween costume for petsCobra Dog
(Credit: lansel.sg)

Don’t worry, the Cobra Outfit (available on lansel.sg) is safe and will not choke your pooch. It’s one of the best Halloween costumes for your pet dog as they’ll look so adorable, it could rattle anyone!  

14. Chucky

best halloween costume for pets Chucky

Add a menacing vibe to your pooch with this Chucky Halloween costume for pet dogs this 2022. The Chucky Costume (available on YUANZHS PET) looks somewhat terrifying. It’s almost like Chucky is storming towards you with a bloodied dagger, but you can be rest assured that your pooch is only going to attack you with slobbery kisses!

15. Pumpkin Dog

Pumpkin Dog
(Credit: WANT-U Pet Theme Park)

Haven’t got your Jack-O-Lanterns ready? This Pumpkin Outfit (available on WANT-U Pet Theme Park) is all you’ll need! You’re going to have an adorable pup-kin strutting around as you walk him to Halloween parties this year. A bonus is how your pooch is going to love the costume since it’s not restrictive at all! 

16. Lion Dog

best halloween costume for pets Lion Dog
(Credit: cathome.sg)

Crown your dog the King of the jungle with this Lion Costume (available on cathome.sg). This is one of the best Halloween costumes for pets this 2022 as it’ll keep your dogs warm and cosy during rainy nights. It also helps that they’ll look like the mane event, so they’ll be ready to receive more treats this Halloween in this lion costume!

17. Squid Game Doll

Squid game doll
(Credit: dogshirt1a.sg)

Dressing up as a Squid Game character this Halloween? Match with your furkid with the best Halloween costume you must get for your pet dogs in 2022! This Squid Game Doll Costume (available on dogshirt1a.sg) is going to amp up the fear factor, so you’d better spoil your pooches before they demand for more cuddles!

Best Halloween costumes for pet cats (2022)

18. Spider Cat

Spider Cat
(Credit: uiran.sg)

Give your feline some extra limbs this Spook-tober with this Spider Outfit (available on uiran.sg). This Halloween cat costume may be simple, but it adds a chilling element to the entire look. Who knows what your feline can get up to with these additional eight limbs?

19. Grim Reaper

best halloween costume for pets Grim Reaper
(Credit: WANT-U Pet Theme Park)

A Grim Reaper Outfit (available on WANT-U Pet Theme Park) is the best Halloween outfit for your pet cat this 2022 – especially if they’re always looking grumpy! The black hooded outfit and the scythe look so realistic, your feline is bound to win that Halloween costume contest with this grim reaper costume for sure!

20. Luau

best halloween costume for pets Luau
(Credit: Life Grocery Store.SG)

Dreaming of your next vacation in aloha paradise? Fulfil that dream with this Luau Outfit (available on Life Grocery Store.SG) that’s the best Halloween costume for your pet cat in 2022! Your kitty is going to wow the masses with the grass-like skirt and cute coconut-coloured bikini in this luau outfit. 

21. Astronaut Cat

Astronaut Cat
(Credit: Luckybabys)

Outer space isn’t that unreachable when you’ve got an Astronaut Outfit (available on Luckybabys) on your kitty! If your feline is always fascinated with the starry night sky, then this is the best Halloween outfit that you should get for your pet cat. Perhaps they can finally take one giant leap for all kitty kind!

22. Devil Cat

best halloween costume for pets Devil Cat
(Credit: xinqite)

Got a mischievous kitty? This Devil Outfit (available on xinqite) is the perfect Halloween costume for your cat! The cape comes with two horns that mimic those of the devil. So this is the best time to let your feline dress the part with this Halloween outfit!

23. Pirates Of The Cattobbean

Pirates Of The Cattobbean
(Credit: Fancys.sg)

Fans of Pirates Of The Caribbean can rejoice with this best Halloween costume for pet cats in 2022! The Pirate Outfit (available on Fancys.sg) comes with a Jolly Roger hat, so your feline can look just like Jack Sparrow himself. What better way to cosplay this Halloween with this pirate costume for cats!  

24. Catto Maid

Catto Maid
(Credit: PET HOUSE.sg)

Since you’ve always served your cat the best, now it’s time for them to return the favour! The Maid Outfit (available on PET HOUSE.sg) is the best Halloween costume for pet cats in 2022 thanks to its pastel hues. Your feline is going to look so elegant and adorable in this outfit!

25. Tuxedo Meow

Tuxedo Meow
(Credit: Cutepets.sg)

Your feline is going to look dapper in this Tuxedo Outfit (available on Cutepets.sg). Take things up a notch and elevate your feline’s class with this best Halloween outfit for pet cats. Pair this outfit with some pet glasses (available on Petlovely) and your kitty is all ready for that atas Halloween dinner!

26. A-cat-suki

(Credit: javier.sg)

Naruto fans, it’s time to get this A-cat-suki Outfit (available on javier.sg) for your kitty! There’s no better way to relive those villainous anime moments when you’ve got this best Halloween costume for your cat in 2022. Who knows what your feline has been plotting? Perhaps rummaging through their treats drawer when you’re not around? 

27. Sailor Cat

Sailor Cat
(Credit: PerfectMeet.sg)

All aboard the kitty ship! The Sailor Outfit (available on PerfectMeet.sg) is the best Halloween costume for your pet feline that’s sure to invite more to join the kitty community. With such a cute ensemble and that adorable face, who can resist? 

28. Chinese Emperor Cat

Chinese Emperor Cat
(Credit: Ginger Paw)

All hail the Chinese Emperor Cat (available on Ginger Paw)! Clothe your feline with golden robes of nobility with this best Halloween costume for pet cats in 2022. Your kitty will definitely be one cut above the rest as all else bows before their meow-jesty! 

29. Police Officer

Police Officer
(Credit: Pet Planet/toy/clothes/supplies)

Does your cat boss you around at home? Well, time to make the authority official by dressing them in this Police Officer Outfit (available on Pet Planet/toy/clothes/supplies)! It even comes with handcuffs, a gun holster and a ‘fine’ slip. You can’t run away from your cat’s claws of justice now!

30. Nurse Meow

best halloween costume for pets Nurse Meow
(Credit: pplittle.sg)

Our furry felines are always a source of comfort to us. And what better way to show how they nurse us back to health than with this Nurse Meow Outfit (available on pplittle.sg)! This best Halloween outfit for your pet cat even has a syringe printed on it. How cute! 

31. Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald

Fast food lovers, you’re going to love this Ronald McDonald Outfit (available on YUANZHS PET). While your kitty may not be able to sponsor your next fast food adventure, this outfit comes with toy french fries – so that’s close. With such cute props, it’s a no brainer that this is one of the best Halloween costumes for pet cats in 2022! 

Other best Halloween costumes for pets (2022)

32. Beer

best halloween costume for pets Beer
(Credit: lansel.sg)

Booze that Halloween fashion and up the ante with this Beer Outfit (available on lansel.sg)! Since this is just a hat, it’s easy to fit this best Halloween costume on your pets. They’re also less likely to make a fuss with this beer costume on their heads!

33. Food Delivery Pet

Food Delivery Pet
(Credit: dogshirt1a.sg)

Who needs food delivery riders when you can have a food delivery pet! This Foodpanda Shirt (available on dogshirt1a.sg) even comes with a matching bag. So it’s time to send your pets packing and make them earn their keep with this best Halloween costume of 2022! 

34. Huat-lloween

best halloween costume for pets Huat-lloween
(Credit: cute pet)

Playing some mahjong with your kakis at an upcoming Halloween party? You’ll need lady luck on your side. So dress your furballs in this Huat-lloween Costume (available on cute pet) and roll in huat! Don’t forget to get matching mahjong accessories to usher in more good luck for your gathering! 

35. Lay(s) Around

Lay(s) Around
(Credit: TAMMY.sg)

Got a loafing furpal? This Lay(s) Around Outfit (available on TAMMY.sg) can’t be more apt  for your pets who snooze all day! This best Halloween costume even comes with a little sling bag of toy potato chips to complete the ensemble. 

Dress your cats and dogs in the best Halloween costumes for pets 

Halloween won’t be complete without our favourite furballs, so get going and dress them up in the best Halloween costumes for pets this 2022! Remember to match their outfits as a family with these Netflix-inspired Halloween costumes and kid’s Halloween costume ideas. And if you’re still thinking about where to go this Spooktober, check out these Halloween events in Singapore for an eerie-sistibly good time!

This article was updated on 5 October 2022. Additional research done by Caryn Tan.

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