31 Super Adorable Costumes For Your Pets This Halloween For Under $10


Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re still looking for the perfect Halloween costume for you and your family, we’re here for you. And by family, we mean even your furry loyal companions too! Here are 27 Halloween costumes for your pet dogs and cats for under $10 as modelled by some of our favourite pet influencers.

P.S. Feel free to share some of your best Halloween costumes buys in the comments below~

1. An Octopus Headgear ($8.10) that will make anyone the king of the ocean.


2. A pair of adorable Bat Wings ($3.72) that might make your furry friend a little scarier.


3. If you wanted a unicorn when you were a little girl, this Unicorn Headgear ($5.26) will make your dream come true.

Cat Unicorn

4. Why not just get your furry companion a Christmas Wreath Costume ($4.19) while you’re at it because it’s just less than 2 months to Christmas.

Christmas Wreath Costume

5. Why not get a pair of Bunny Ears ($2.90) that will come in useful when Easter comes along too?

Bunny Ears

6. This adorable Animal Headgear ($2.80 – $3.53) will make Old McDonald go “Yee Ah Yee Ah Oh”.

Animal Headgear

7. Count Dracula has to beat this Vampire Costume ($5.17).

Vampire Costume

8. Hands up if you wish you owned a dragon! Now, your wish can come true with this cute Dragon Costume ($8.43).

Dragon Costume

9. Make your pet literally the hottest dog on Orchard Road with this adorable Hot Dog Costume ($7.85 – $9.25).

Hotdog Costume

10. Your royal purr-cess, will be with you shortly after getting her Royal Costume ($2.46 – $2.54) fitted.

Princess Costume

11. Own your very own Bambi with these Deer Ears ($4.70).

Deer Headgear

12. What’s that?! Is it a bird? A plane? Nope! It’s your cat in a Peacock Costume ($4.57)!

Peacock Costume

13. Let your pet be the BO$$ with these Shades ($3.08).


14. This isn’t really a costume but since it’s Halloween, why not give your cat its very own Bat-Shaped Scratch Pad ($9.60).

Bat Scratch Pad

15. Or even Halloween-themed toys ($2.53 – $2.57).

Halloween Toys

16. You want a pi-zza me? Get a Pizza Cape ($7.30) for your pet just because you can.

Pizza Cape

17. Chinese New Year might not be here yet, but there’s no harm in dressing your furry friend in this super auspicious God of Fortune Costume ($7.42).

God of Fortune Costume

18. Be the fun guy at the party and dress your pet up in an adorable Jester Costume ($8.35 – $9.95).

Jester Costume

19. This Convict Costume ($6.69)  will put your pet behind bars for being too cute!


20. Let your pet be one in a minion with this super cute (and realistic) Minion Costume ($5.10).

Minion Costume

21. Colonel Harland David Sanders will be proud of these funny Drumstick Ears ($2.16).

Drumstick Ears

22. Lucifer will also adore these Devil Horns ($4.00).

Devil Horns

23. Go matchy-matchy with your pet when you dress him up in this Doctor or Nurse Costume ($4.21). There’s even a Graduation Gown variation that will make him or her your perfect graduation gift!


24. Because… Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo~ Get your furry companion the best Shark Bed ($5.83 – $25.24) this Halloween!


25. Don’t have a pumpkin for the traditional Jack-o’-lantern? That’s fine because you can dress your little furry friend up in this adorable Pumpkin Costume ($7.46 – $7.96).

Pumpkin Costume

26. This super scary-looking Spider Costume ($7.44 – $7.88) will also give everyone the heebie jeebies.

Spider Costume

27. Fries anyone? Get this McDonald Costume ($6.10 – $6.40) that will give Ronald McDonald a run for his money.

McDonald's Costume

28. Hold up! Dress your pet up in this Police Costume ($8.84) that comes with handcuffs, and have him arrest his other playmates for being too cute!

Police Costume

29. If a Unicorn Headgear ain’t good enough for your pet, get this full-on Unicorn Costume ($8.64 – $9.39) instead!

Unicorn Costume

30. Remake your very own Story of Yanxi Palace story with these realistic Chinese Emperor and Princess Costumes ($8.42).

Emperor and Empress Costume

31. Ahoy! A cute Pirate Costume ($5.83 – $6.81) might be all you need to get the treats on board.

Pirate Costume

Besides these, you can also get these 45 adorable costumes for your pets under $15 for any other occasion and use these makeup tips to slay your Halloween look!

Which is your favourite costume? Let us know in the comments below!

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