Masterchef Singapore: 13 Food Instagrammers To Follow For Delicious Inspiration

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ooh and ahh at dishes the contestants whip up every week but do you know that several of our local food instagrammers are masterchefs in their own right? From stay at home mums to trained bakers and busy executives by day, there is no stopping these intrepid culinarians from taking the world on, one dish (and drink) at a time!

1. @sepoygoodboy

Joesph Taguinod’s IG feed is what every glutton’s dream is made of. Serving a mix of International and Asian flavours, this food instagrammer shares his homecooked creations through a well styled gastronomical IG feed that will leave you salivating — we kid you not! Check out his rendition of a staple Filipino breakfast meal, Silog (short for sinangag — garlic fried rice and itlog — egg) which takes only 20 mins to whip up but that looks oh so wholesome! His feed is also peppered with Japanese cuisine — delicious looking soba and yakitori — all immaculately presented. Did we mention he is also a mixologist? His homemade sangria is a simple mix of rum, ginger ale and dark cherry that will leave you itching to create the same for your house parties. Food instagrammers everywhere behold because this cool dad knows how to take his grub and drinks to the next level! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

2. @carramellatte

If there was an award for the best food instagrammer then we think Amanda, a Tokyo based Singaporean baker, stands a good chance at winning just based on how visually appealing her feed is (we bet her food tastes just as good too!). Her shots epitomise the Japanese minimalism she has so quickly taken to, with bright hues of sweet treats against a white backdrop being the obvious theme of her feed. From Vanilla Kiwi Tarts and Strawberry Ombre Nutella Cheesecake to homemade Pistachio Ice-Cream, Amanda’s feed will tickle your sweet tooth, even the non-existent one. Study her recipes on her beautifully curated blog and be on your way to whipping up this Mocha Cheese Ombre Cake — a visual showstopper in Amanda’s words and we can’t help but agree! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

3. @limjenjen

Jen Jen’s mantra is “everyday food for everyday cook” and that is exactly what you get on her IG feed. This food instagrammer incorporates twists on local and western food with such flair and ease in dishes like Messy Fried Rice Vermicelli, Chicken Noodle Soup and Stuffed Chicken Pocket with Cheesy Veggies. Jen Jen also loves her mala! Her Spicy Mala Noodles is a big hit with her children and we are not at all surprised! This two-step meal prep is perfect to feed the little monsters, making them love you more for sure! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

4. @dreamersloft17

Meg Tan is a Singaporean residing in Thailand. In between bursts of homesickness and cooking up a storm of local fare, she has also tried her hands at her adopted country’s — crème de la crème — Thai Steamed Flower & Bird Dumplings, a traditional dessert served to Thai Royalty. This food instagrammer sure is doing us proud in the land of smiles. Check out her Thai-themed Thursdays for dishes like Khao Pad Bpu & Kor Moo Yang — Crab Fried Rice & Grilled Pork Neck and hop over to her blog for the recipes! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

5. @lirongs

Find wholesome everyday meals from this new mummy! Her feed is as real as you can get with shots of her newborn nestled between pictures of gastronomical creations. From warm noodles and stews to delectable looking cakes and Insta-worthy brunches — this one is an all rounder and an enviable food instgrammer! With food reviews included from her walks around town, she is also a true foodie at heart! If you’re a parent yourself, follow her account for meal inspiration for the young ones and check out her blog while you’re at it. [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

6. @bakersbrewstudio

This baking studio is dedicated to serving handcrafted cakes and artisanal desserts. They’re also hell-bent on sharing them with us making them food instagrammers we want to be friends with forever! Join their SkillsFuture classes and learn how to bake, frost and decorate this decadent looking Inverted Chocolate Sail Drip cake! Want to learn to bake the classic carrot cake? Fork out a bit of money, grab your partner and make this the next date activity! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

MasterChef Singapore Food Instagrammers

How can we leave MasterChef Singapore contestants out of this list? Follow these contestants on IG and find out what tickles their tastebuds offscreen! All contestants below are represented by The Food Producer.

7. @zanderng

Zander Ng counts both local and Italian food as his favourite cuisines, paying tribute to his mixed heritage. Check out his signature dish — an eclectic bowl of Laksa Risotto with tiger prawns, scallops and salted coconut foam. A recent Insta poll also saw him whipping up a serving of juicy Nashville Hot Chicken, yummm! Don’t we just love food instagrammers! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

8. @sharmeee

She cooks, shoots and posts. Shamsydar Aini does this quite literally for both her work and hobby. She runs her own wedding photography business by day and is a MasterChef Singapore contestant in the remaining hours! She is also an advocate and food instagrammer of the new, #modmalaykitchen (modern malay kitchen). Her feed gives us a glimpse into her busy life and culinary adventures but what stands out in her dishes are her simple local flavours and excellent presentation skills. Check out her website for recipes of the sumptuous dishes below! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

9. @gen_lxn

This 20 year-old masterchef’s novel cooking style is something to look out for. Just imagine feasting on a pasta dish made with houjicha and paired with a match-infused pesto sauce. Wow, isn’t that something? And like any other millennial, Genevieve’s obsession with grain bowls is real and her version is beautiful and we bet delicious too! We just wish links to her recipes stayed up longer on her bio! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

10. @diana.ladypanache

Diana is indeed no ordinary makcik. This oldest masterchef contestant has much to be proud of! She counts Bhai Chicken as her signature dish and has executed popular local dishes like Nasi Goreng with much panache! Follow her feed for updates on personal cooking classes — we hear there are plans for it start soon! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]


Who says vegetarians can’t become masterchefs? Sowmiya, a vegetarian by birth proves that you don’t have to to be a meat-eater to cook meat, all you need is intuition which comes with tons of cooking experience! She also dreams of opening a vegetarian restaurant serving innovative and delicious dishes! For now, she is enthralling the judges on MasterChef Singapore with original meals like South Indian Kurma, Mozzarella, Balsamic reduction served with Charcoal Prata and Zucchini Flower Pakoda and Vegetarian Pot-Stickers — both pictured below! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

12. @sharongonzago

Sharon is an enthusiast of heritage cuisine and aspires to channel this love into a private dining venture in the future. Her IG feed is evolving into a food instagrammer account to watch, with a mix of quick and easy recipes for families including bold creations befitting a masterchef in the making. Follow her and check out her stuffed Buah Keluak, a chilled Tofu dish and Traditional Cantonese cured meat rice, Lap Mei Fan — all which harken back to her regional upbringing! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]


A commercial photographer, diver and now a contestant in one of the world’s most renowned cooking shows, Aaron proves that passion, grit and greasing elbows is what you need most when it comes to doing things you love. His unique twist on Asian and International cuisine, aesthetically presented and beautifully captured will give any food instagrammer a run for their money! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] Are you inspired by these food instagrammers yet? Kickstart your home cooking routine with essential kitchen appliances including baking appliances and accessories. Want to start with simple meals? Check out our easy air-fryer recipes and meal prep ideas for the busy Singaporean! Get cooking!
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