10 Singaporean Celebrity Fitness Influencers To Follow For Fitness Motivation

Singapore Celebrity Fitness Influencers

There are days where we’re all pumped to hit the gym and days where we just want to be a couch potato. This is when we need some celebrity fitness inspirations to keep going! Discover the best workouts for women and men, channel your fitness motivation through these Singaporean celebrity fitness influencers! Their defined and toned bodies will definitely have you springing off your couch during lazy and sluggish days!

1. Jaime Teo (@jmeteo)

It will be hard for you to skip a workout session after seeing Jaime’s Instagram account. As a mother, actress and entrepreneur, Jaime has a lot to juggle in life but never fails to stay diligent and focused on her workouts. Her workouts often comprise of conditioning exercises and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). As a celebrity fitness influencer, Jaime gives us no excuses to slack off amid our busy schedule. She demonstrates the best workouts for women (and men) using innovative methods at the comfort of our homes. She makes good use of the space at home, laying yoga mats in front of the television and also attaching suspension training straps to the walls in her room. 

2. Jason Chee (@jasonch33)

Boasting nearly 42,000 followers on Instagram, Jason was former Manhunt Singapore 2012 winner and came in fifth for Manhunt International 2012. Displaying his guns (huge biceps) on many of his photos, this celebrity fitness influencer makes weightlifting look effortless. Do not be fooled though, Jason’s strong physique and enviable body did not come easy, they were results from many years of hard work and discipline.

On his Instagram, Jason shares several accounts of obstacles he had to overcome throughout his fitness journey and encourages us to push on with determination. Looking at his many achievements, Jason’s Instagram account is surely a fitness motivation for aspiring models or anyone looking to build a better body with good posture.

3. Jade Seah (@jadeseah)

A bundle of joy, Jade’s slender and toned body is a fitness motivation on its own. Many Singaporeans are familiar with her bright personality which shines through on both television screen and radio waves. Scrolling through her photos will definitely light up your day as they are filled with positive vibes.

If you are bored of the typical gym workouts, gain some fitness inspiration from Jade! This celebrity fitness influencer explores different types of fun fitness activities such as bungee workouts and trampoline fitness classes. These can be the best workouts for women (and men) who are uncomfortable exercising in the gym and would prefer a group activity that is engaging and effective!

4. Vincent Ng (@vincentwqh)

You have to believe.

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Most known for his acting career in Singapore, Vincent is a martial arts champion and the founder of Wufang Singapore, a school for martial arts. It’s hard to peel our eyes away from his defined abs and muscular silhouette. His beach-ready body will urge you to hit the gym and break a sweat! Vincent also picked up yoga as a form of self-improvement. Aside from being a fitness motivation, Vincent encourages individuals from all walks of life to seek self-development opportunities and persevere during trying times.

5. Tyen Rasif (@tyenstagram)

Young Tyen is the role model for many girls who aspire to achieve a fitter and healthier body. As a YouTuber and youngest world ranked bodybuilder in Singapore, Tyen challenged the status quo when she participated in Miss Singapore Universe 2018 as one of the rare candidates with a muscular silhouette. The multi-hyphenate used to struggle with eating disorders and low self-esteem, but have since regained confidence after embarking on her bodybuilding journey.

Sparing a thought for those who are unable to fork out money for gym memberships or a personal trainer, Tyen uploads fitness related videos to help guide teenagers and young women through their fitness journey. Follow this celebrity fitness influencer for the best workouts for women!

6. Zheng Ge Ping (@zhenggeping)

This 54 year-old is no stranger to viewers of Mediacorp’s Channel 8 shows, spotting an impressive physique of what would be expected of a younger man. Fitness knows no boundaries, Ge Ping proved to us that regardless of age, we can all achieve a chiseled body if we set our hearts to it. The founder of Star Fitness and Star Fitness Asia, Ge Ping trains fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, including an 84 year-old uncle! Find endless fitness motivation when you scroll through his photos to lead an active lifestyle!

7. Kirstie Gannaway (@kirstiegannaway)

This shot ? by @zackdilaroca ?????? In #adidasSG

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Born to an Australian father and a Singaporean mother, Kirstie is the fourth Singaporean to become a professional female mixed martial art (MMA) fighter. This young 27 year-old fighter exudes burning passion and a fearless fighting spirit through her eyes. Her Instagram photos are lined with inspirational words to help others gain fitness motivation. She also has some of the best workouts for women who are aspiring to become mix martial artists.

If boxing is your thing, Kirstie is the celebrity fitness influencer to follow! Her posts are sure to keep your adrenaline rushing and ignite your passion for martial arts.

8. Noriff Danial Ashriq (@danialashh)

Best known for his role in Mediacorp’s Channel 5 show Police and Thief, Danial’s Instagram account is a showcase of his active lifestyle. As an Adidas Creator Brand Ambassador, Danial wears his trendy fitness gear to activities such as the Adidas Runners (AR) runs, football games and training at the gym. His stylish photos make us feel like throwing on our fitness gear and going for a long run through the urban jungle!

9. Sandra Riley Tang (@sandrarileytang)

Member of the popular band, The Sam Willows, Sandra is a yoga enthusiast who co-founded The Yoga Co. This multi-talented lady inspires all aspiring yogis out there to be comfortable in their own skin and connect with their inner self through the sport. Her vibrant and stylish photos will definitely provide fitness motivation for women of all ages. There was even a photo where she did a yoga pose in a bathtub filled with baby pink water! She’s definitely a celebrity fitness influencer to follow if you want to liven up your Instagram feed!

10. Joshua Tan (@joshuatwe13)


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If you do not know who this dashing and buff gentleman is, you must be living under a rock. The actor shot to fame when he was cast for a role in the Ah Boys To Men movie series. Spotting huge biceps that possibly made many teenage girls swoon, Joshua plays as hard as he trains. His Instagram account shows him enjoying delicacies from all around the world and having a great time with his friends. Despite his busy schedule, this celebrity fitness influencer never forgets to maintain his muscular body with frequent workouts. He also uploads short fitness videos on Instagram which are effective and simple to follow. Joshua is definitely a celebrity fitness influencer we look up to!  

Exercising takes a lot of resilience and perseverance. It may be hard to juggle between work and trainings at times, but once you experience the positive benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, it will all be worth it!

Kickstart an active lifestyle with fitness equipment that will fit into your homes and get yourself ready to hit the gym with a spacious gym bag. Find out where you can exercise after work and explore interesting alternatives to building a stronger body!

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