The Budget Singaporean Undergrad Guide: This Is How You Can Decorate Your Uni Hostel With Items Under $10

If you’re like many other undergrads out there who enter university #poor and #broke but still fortunate enough to land a room in one of the halls or residences, this is a how-to-decorate-your-dorm guide you should definitely bookmark (along with your class timetable). Here are 29 super useful and adorable things priced under $10 that will make your dorm a little more like home :’)

  1. Of course, Fairy Lights ($4.90), so that you can drape it over everything and anything.
Fairy Lights
  1. Add on these Cotton Ball Globe Lights ($3.39) that will make your room a hundred times prettier and cuter.
Cotton Ball Lights
  1. An adorable Mini Humidifier ($9.80) that’s not only a humidifier but also a mini fan that might come in useful when your room doesn’t hair air conditioner or when it breaks down.
Mini Humidifier and Fan
  1. Alternatively, you can get a larger Humidifier ($6.20) that can not only humidify the air in the room but also change colour, serving as an excellent room decoration piece.
  1. Live out your unicorn dreams with this Unicorn Lamp ($3.39) that comes in six different colours.
Unicorn Lamp
  1. Be pretentious AF and drink your Milo Peng out of this Mason Jar ($2.99) in the morning instead of the usual mug.
Mason Jar
  1. Artificial Green Plants ($7.51) that will never die even if you neglect it for days when you’re mugging for upcoming exams.
Artificial Plants
  1. Grab a few Yankee Candles ($4.90) to make your room smell like Crisp Morning Air on Mondays, Salted Caramel on Tuesdays and Sparkling Cinnamon on the rest of the days.
Yankee Candles
  1. After a long day at school, we’re just too tired to even hold up our phones, which is why you’ll need this Flexible Lazy Mobile Phone Stand ($2.63).
Phone Mobile Stand
  1. This Lazy Person Table ($7.21) will be your best companion when you’re mugging for your finals!
Lazy Table
  1. After mugging for an entire night, you might be looking for a power nap. Get this U-Shape Travel Pillow With Cap ($5.92) that can only provide you with the neck support but also help reduce the sun’s glare.
U-Shape Neck Pillow
  1. Calling out to all ARMYs, you will definitely want these adorable BT21 Character Plushies ($7.92) in your room!
BT21 Pillows
  1. You will also want these minimalistic Metal Bluetooth Speakers ($5.60) that can accompany you through the night.
Bluetooth Speakers
  1. Alternatively, these Wireless Bulldog Speakers ($9.99) will be the perfect watchdog-cum-wireless speakers while you mug (or party) through the night.
Wireless Bulldog Speakers
  1. Chuck away those long (and boring) mirrors and decorate your wall with these artsy-Scandinavian looking Hexagonal Shaped Mirrors ($1.20) instead!
Hexagonal Mirrors
  1. Craft your most encouraging message on this Message Board ($2.20) or perhaps just use it as the #wanderlust board every undergrad has. P.S. You can also use it to pin up all your memories in your dorm!
Felt Letter Board
  1. If a felt message board doesn’t stick well with you, consider this Metal Mesh Photo Frame Grid ($8.32) that will also serve as the perfect board for your post-its, timetables, and most importantly, photos of your loved ones.
Wire Mesh Photo Holder
  1. These Mini Succulents ($1.18) will guarantee to accompany and will never die because they do not require any attention or water.
Succulents Plants
  1. Be the star of your dorm or hall with this pretty Star Projector Light ($4.60) that will get you any date you want.
Star Projector Light
  1. Get this Scratchable World Map ($3) because, #travelgoals!
Scratchable World Map
  1. Party hard and smart with this Invertible Drink Dispenser ($1.70) so you wouldn’t even need to waste money on getting an extra dispenser or waste time on washing up after.
Drink Dispenser
  1. If you’re all about aesthetics, then get this Tissue Box Cover ($1.41) that comes in five designs.
Tissue Paper Cover
  1. Make your room a hundred times cosier with this Rug ($2).
  1. Or make it a hundred times cooler with this Moon Nightlight ($7.09).
  1. Get this LED Message Board Alarm Clock ($5.33) so that you will never be late or forget to attend any lectures or meetings again.
LED Message Clock
  1. Singapore might be safe, but you can always be a little more kiasu and install this Anti-Theft Sensor ($0.82) in your room!
Anti-Theft Lock
  1. Sorry to break it you but when your mum isn’t around, you will need to do the cleaning yourself. And what better way to do it than to get a pair of Mop Slippers ($3.93) that can serve two purposes of cleaning the floor and keeping your feet clean and comfy!
Mop Slippers
  1. Get this Sealing Clip ($1.90) so that you can keep your chips and snacks fresh for a longer period of time.
Packet Clips
  1. You will never lose your keys again with this Deer Hook ($1.87).
Deer Hook

What are your other must-haves? Share them with us in the comments below!

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