11 Super Smart Kitchen Inventions Singaporeans Need Right Now

11 inventions

Besides getting these smart home devices to achieve your dream futuristic home, you should also set up a kickass smart kitchen with these budget-friendly and life-changing inventions that’ll make your favourite hobby (ahem, eating) a whole lot easier!

  1. Gone are the days when your slices refuse to separate from each other. Cut and serve a full-size pizza with ease with a pair of Pizza Scissors! Get the perfect slice every single time without having any toppings fall off.

    Pizza Scissors

  2. Peeling prawns doesn’t have to be lecheh anymore and you get to avoid prawn juice all over your fingers. Eeek. Peel your prawns like a total pro with the help of a Prawn Peeler!

    Prawn Peeler

  3. This adorable medieval knight Egg Holder’s mission is to keep your boiled eggs safe until it’s cooled enough to dig in.

    Egg Holder

  4. Eat like a true carnivore and tear your meat with an efficient Meat Claw! These Wolverine-like claws are ideal for slicing through flesh without much effort.

    Meat Claw

  5. Enjoy a juicy slice of Watermelon in this heat without making a mess by cutting your fruit with an Instant Slicer! It comes with rubber handles to prevent slipping and sharp blades that swiftly cut your fruits into equal parts.

    Instant Fruit Slicer

  6. No macho man around to pop open that jar for you? Twist any jars open with minimal effort! This handy Jar Opener will firmly grip onto any lid so that you can conveniently open them with a simple twist of your hand.

    Jar Opener

  7. Cutting can be a piece of cake. Get the perfect slice every single time with this Cake Cutter that can be used to cut and serve at ease.

    Cake Slicer

  8.  Chop up garlic, onions and other garnishes easily by letting this Chopper do all the work for you!

    Garlic Chopper


  9. Ensure your drinks are mixed to perfection by drinking off this Self-Stirring Mug! Good for coffee, tea or *cough* alcohol mixes.

    Self-Stirring Mug

  10. This Multifunction Cutting Board allows you to cut your fruits, veggies and meat, and then wash and drain them without having to transfer them over to a strainer!

    Multifunction Cutting Board

  11. You can now avoid spills while cooking! Strain your pasta or vegetables without making a mess by placing this handy Strainer on the side of your pots, pans or bowls.


Let us know what your favourite smart kitchen invention is!

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