35 Products You Definitely Need For Your Next Holiday


Happy Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! While you’re making up your own holiday (or maybe dreaming about your next vacation with our cheat sheet on how you can turn 4 long weekends into 9 long weekends), here are 35 awesome and genius products every kiasu Singaporean must bring on their next trip! Mini Portable Hair Straightener? Travel Footrest? A Collapsible Water Bottle? *Squeezes everything into the luggage*

  1. Get this Electric Travel Sewing Machine, because who knows when your pants will tear?

    Portable Sewing Machine


  2. Keep your style with this Portable Travel Hair Straightener.

    Portable Iron


  3. Never worry about leg space ever again with this Travel Footrest.

    Travel Footrest


  4. Save on laundry services and remove your creases with this useful (and cute) Mini Iron.

    Portable Iron


  5. Meet the 10 ml liquid limit with this Portable Perfume Spray Case and you’ll always smell like your favourite scent even while on a holiday!

    Portable Perfume


  6. Of course, as Kiasu Singaporeans, we’ll always need to be connected to the Internet and the best way to do this is to get Travel SIM Cards (here or here).

    SIM Card


  7. Arrange your Day 1 to Day 7 OOTD with this Clothes Organiser.

    Luggage Organiser


  8. Bring along all your skincare and makeup in this Portable Toiletries Bag that you can really hang anywhere and everywhere!

    Makeup Organiser


  9. Chuck those makeup wipes or micellar water away! Get a MakeUp Eraser that promises to wipe off all makeup and help you save on luggage space!

    Make Up Eraser


  10. These Travel Mouthwash Capsules are simply god-sent – Their disposable container allows you to throw them away once you’re done!

    Mouth Wash


  11. Of course, save space with this Foldable Toothbrush.

    Foldable Toothbrush


  12. Or a handy Toothbrush Travel Kit with travel-sized toothpaste and mouthwash included!

    Travel Kit


  13. Save space with this Collapsible Water Bottle that promises to hold both hot and cold water!

    Que Bottle


  14. Or save even more space and get this Water Bottle With Pill Compartment. Heck, it might even help you remember to take your pills!

    Pill Compartment Bottle


  15. Get this adorable Pill Organiser Containers for the 101 pills your mum is forcing you to bring on your 3-day trip.

    Pill Compartment


  16. Ladies, you know you’ll need a Foldable Bag for all your additional purchases you can’t squeeze into your check-in luggage when you’re returning from your holiday!

    Foldable Bag


  17. Keep your clothes clean with a Travel Shoe bag.

    Shoe Bag


  18. We all know the pain of trying to fall asleep while someone snores away. These handy Earplugs can help to cancel out these unwanted noises and give you a peaceful rest!



  19. With this all-in-one Universal Adaptor, you’ll never have to worry about buying the wrong adaptor!

    Universal Adaptor


  20. Travel smart and stow your essentials away in this Travel Pouch that is so thin, hiding it inside your clothes wouldn’t be an issue.

    Travel Pouch


  21. Never worry about getting lost in a foreign country with this trusty Portable Charger that will power up your phone’s Google Map. Ppst, do remember to charge the device before going on your trip though!

    Portable Charger


  22. You will never need to worry about exceeding the baggage weight limit with this Luggage Weighing Scale.

    Weighing Scale


  23. If you’re backpacking and staying in hostels, it is always useful to have some Wet Tissues for back-up just in case the toilet is a little too dirty for your liking!

    Dettol Wet Wipes


  24. Whether rain or shine, this convenient as-small-as-an-iPhone-6s Nano Umbrella will protect you!
    Nano Umbrella
  25. Ever had the experience of not having enough hangers in a hostel or hotel? Well, with these handy Cloth Hangers we reckon you’ll never face this problem again!

    Portable Hanger


  26. Always afraid that someone will mug you while you’re snoozing? Get this Travel Door Alarm to keep those anxieties at bay!

    Door Alarm


  27. It is human to drool while sleeping. And this Ostrich Travel Pillow will help make things less awkward for you when you’re napping with your mouth wide open.

    Ostrich Pillow


  28. No need to worry if you’re not wearing your hoodie while travelling because this Travel Neck Pillow With Hood has everything you need for that snug feeling.

    Travel Hood


  29. If you’re staying in a hostel or shared room and you’re super susceptible to light when sleeping, we’ll definitely recommend getting this pair of Eye Mask to block out any unwanted light!



  30. With these Travel Flip Flops, you’ll be able to pack an additional pack of milo while travelling!

    Travel Slippers


  31. Well, if you can’t bring your actual humidifier on your trip, this convenient (and super light) Bottle Cap Humidifier will be your best substitute!

    Bottle Humidifier


  32. Well, all kiasu Singaporeans will agree – Better be safe than sorry! So get this Waterproof Pouch for your phone, because you’ll never know when you might need to go for an unexpected swim.

    Waterproof Pouch


  33. A Vacuum Storage Bag will definitely come in handy because sometimes (just sometimes), we’ll overbuy and we’ll need all the help we can get to pack smart and right!

    Vacuum Bag


  34. If you’re like us and you’re always complaining it’s sibeh warm, you’ll definitely need this Portable Fan, especially when you’re travelling to another tropical country *cough* Bangkok *cough*

    Portable Fan


  35. You never know when you’ll be bored. Simply pack this Portable Mahjong Set, find three other buddies and start playing!

    Portable Mahjong


Shopeeholics, what is the one thing you definitely must bring on a trip?



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