7 Toy Dupes That Are Cheaper & Just As Good As Cult Favourites


Gone are the days where children are content with a bunch of erasers and stapler bullets (at least we were). Toys are indeed getting more expensive each year, but they don’t necessarily have to be! We’ve compiled a list of toys raved by Singaporean parents which will work as well (or maybe even better) than their branded counterparts. Best of all, they’re all under $20.

  1. Teach your child the basics about numbers, shapes and colours using the Montessori Educational Digital Geometry Wooden Clock ($8.90) – the perfect alternative to the branded Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Counting Colours Clock ($49.90). Basically, get the same functions at a fraction of the price. With the different shaped blocks, kids can develop hand-eye-coordination and learn all about colours.



    Promising review- “Nice education for small kids, good price, material wood…” – Keco80


  2. The Balancing Clown Toy ($17.90) helps babies (6 months and above) recognise colours, and develop hand-eye coordination. This 2-in-1 toy doubles up as a rattle, pitting it up against the cult favourite Fisher-Price Stackin’ Sound Animals ($19.90).

    Clown Toy


    Promising review- “Cute little toys at a great price. They are nice and light so that baby can easily shake and hold to play. I’m still happy with this purchase and my 10-month-old loves playing with them.” – Amy


  3. This Shapes Intelligence Box ($8.10) serves exactly the same purpose as the more well-known Fisher-Price Butterfly Shape Sorter ($16.90). Suitable for children above 12 months, this toy helps your child learn how to distinguish between shapes and colours through coordinated eye and hand movements, which is essential to every child’s development.

    Shapes Sorter


    Promising review- “Daughter enjoys it. Blocks are small, so supervision is needed for smaller infants. Cute design, wood was smooth.” – Zurilee


  4. Teach your little one all he or she needs to know about spelling with this Matching Letter Game ($5.40), that is the perfect alternative to The Learning Journey Match It – Spelling game ($17.70). WIth 30 cards, there are sufficient cards to keep your child entertained!

    Alphabet Game


    Promising review-
    “My daughter LOVES this set! She’s already reading some words / books, but she’s still needing confidence, and this is just the tool for that. She’s excited to not only READ the words, but to be able to sound them out, and put them together on her own. We homeschool, and this will certainly become a staple in our daily reading rotation! ” -KCrain07


  5. You won’t need the authentic Transformers Radio Control Bumblebee remote controlled car ($49.90) if you have this Drift Speed Racing Car Toy ($3.73) that costs a fraction of the original price.

    Toy Car


    Promising review- “Value for money. Toy works. Requires 5 batteries though.” -Yuemeii


  6. Save money and get this Soft Clay 12-Colour Mud ($3.57) instead of the cult favourite Hasbro Play-Doh at a steal because we all know how Play-Doh gets mixed and ruined after three plays. Get a couple for your child and let his or her imagination run wild!

    Colourful Clay


    Promising review- “This was perfect! My children wanted to make characters from some of their favorite video games and so we tried out a few different options. This arrived exactly as advertised and better than we expected. The clay was firm but easily bendable and worked into shapes as they needed it to. It also did not dry quickly (we accidentally left one piece out for two days, and it was still soft and able to be molded). I highly recommend this for anyone needing a clay product.” – Ranae


  7. A Wooden Tangram Brain Teaser ($3.81) that helps to develop your child’s visual sense, logic thinking and hand-eye-coordination skills as well as this Wooden Geometry Tangram Puzzle, at a fraction of its price!



    Promising review- “This is part of my grandparents’ cache of toys to keep the young ones occupied when they come to visit. These puzzles have been a big hit. The adults get involved along with the kids and it makes for a fun time with Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa all laboring over the tiny coloured shapes along with the youngsters.” -Judy

Mummies and daddies, do you have any other recommendations? Let us know your thoughts below!

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