The Next Loh Kean Yew? Check Out These 8 Best Badminton Rackets

best badminton rackets

National shuttler Loh Kean Yew made headlines earlier this year (22 Feb 2022) for ranking ninth in the badminton world rankings published by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). He was also crowned the world champion for the Men’s Singles title at the BWF World Championships in December 2021, and recently represented Singapore at the Badminton Asia Team Championships in Malaysia. With such a long list of outstanding accolades, it’s only natural to aspire (or hope for your kid) to be just like Loh Kean Yew! We’ll give you a headstart with this list of best badminton rackets that will help you ace your game. 

How to choose the best badminton racket? 

best badminton rackets
(Credit: Aboodi Vesakaran / Unsplash)

For starters, it is important to know your skill level and style of play and choose a badminton racket that enhances those attributes. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing the best badminton rackets: 

  • Weight

The weight of your badminton racket can affect how you play. Some feel that they serve better when using a heavier racket while others prefer a lighter option. The weight of a badminton racket is denoted by a “U”, where the smaller the number, the heavier the racket. 

Unit Weight
1U 95g – 100g
2U 90g – 94g
3U 85g – 89g
4U 80g – 84g
5U 75g – 79g
  • Balance Point

A badminton racket is divided into three main sections: head, shaft, and handle. When choosing the best badminton rackets, it is crucial to check its balance point, which refers to the area where the weight of the racket is largely located. To determine the type of balance your racket has, place a finger just slightly below the head of the racket to see which way the racket tilts.

Type of balance Features & benefits 
Head-heavy balance 
  • More mass towards the head of the racket
  • Can increase power in the strokes 
  • Suitable for players who like to play a powerful game from the back of the court
  • Useful for players who likelong exchanges on court
Head-light balance 
  • Less weight towards the head of the racket
  • Easier to control and swing, reducing reaction time
  • Offers a lot more speed at the net and allows you to kill a game in the front court
  • Popular among doubles players
Even balance 
  • Middle ground between a head-heavy and head-light balance racket
  • Most suitable for beginners and those who are not sure of their playing style 
  • String Tension

The string tension of a racket can also affect your play, depending on how much force you channel into your strokes. In a tropical country like Singapore, higher racket tensions are usually used as the strings tend to expand more. To test the string tension, press your palm against the strings and see how far it sinks. A 1mm sunken depth of the strings is the ideal tension for most players. 

  • Hand Grip

It is also essential to consider the hand grip when choosing the best badminton rackets. For example, towel grips are softer and good for absorbing sweat, while synthetic grips are slick and less messy. 

Best badminton rackets for beginners

1. Mizuno Sky Warrior

Mizuno Sky Warrior
(Credit: Enso Lifestyle Official Store)

When it comes to the best badminton racket brands for beginners, Mizuno is a popular option. In particular, we recommend the Mizuno Sky Warrior (available on Enso Lifestyle Official Store) series which features five different models of varying colours such as teal, royal blue and frost grey. Made of aluminium and graphite, these Mizuno rackets provide a greater elasticity and have the ability to exert more power on the shuttlecock. Moreover, with a racket weight between 2U and 3U, you won’t end up with a sore arm the next day! 

2. Yonex Nanoray

 Yonex Nanoray badminton racket

Having been around since 1946, it is without a doubt that Yonex is one of the best badminton racket brands around. We strongly suggest getting the Yonex Nanoray (available on for beginners given its lightweight (4U) frame. This allows you to deliver quick serves and switch to different strokes easily, which helps build your momentum if you’re just starting out. Did we mention that this Yonex racket purchase comes with a free badminton bag? What a steal! 

3. ALP GJ Racket 

ALP GJ Racket
(Credit: ALP-SPORT)

At only 52g (10U), the ALP GJ Racket (available on ALP-SPORT) is definitely one of the best lightweight badminton rackets on the market for beginners! Lightweight rackets are good because they are easier on the wrist and shoulders, reducing the chances of injuries for inexperienced players. Features-wise, this ALP racket is designed with stacked cup carbon nanotubes that have higher toughness as compared to other rackets, and even has a swing speed of up to 200km/h!

Best badminton rackets for intermediate and advanced players 

4. Kawasaki King K9 46T

Kawasaki King K9 46T

As a well-loved racket sports equipment brand, we can count on Kawasaki to produce some of the best badminton rackets in Singapore. Specifically, we adore the Kawasaki King K9 46T (available on because of its hexagon frame structure. This ensures more accurate hits and creates a good damping effect. Made of high modulus graphite, it also allows you to swing at a higher tension with less risk of causing damage to the frame. Additionally, this Kawasaki racket comes in striking shades of blue and red – a win if you are big on aesthetics! 

5. Upgree Badminton Racket 

Upgree Badminton Racket
(Credit: Upgree Official Store)

The Upgree Badminton Racket (available on Upgree Official Store) is another frontrunner on our list of best badminton rackets owing to its oval head design. This increases the effective area of the racket net and expands the spot where the shuttlecock can hit. On top of that, this Upgree racket is made of good elasticity and installed with high-strength wire holes that can better protect the strings. This extends the racket’s longevity – great for those serious in training to be as good a badminton player as Loh Kean Yew!

6. Protech Zephyr Virtuous 

Protech Zephyr Virtuous
(Credit: Protech Official Store)

Another best badminton racket brand that is a fan favourite has got to be Protech, which produces rackets that have all the necessary qualities. Case in point: the Protech Zephyr Virtuous (available on L&T Shop) comes with an extra slim shaft which reduces air pressure and an all-rounded frame for solid hitting. What’s more, this Protech racket also has a new gourmet pattern on the strings. Its grommet holes give the racket a higher density which in turn brings about more stable hits – great for experienced players who like to smash to win! 

7. Apacs Fighter Plus

Apacs Fighter Plus
(Credit: Sports-Zone SG Official Store)

Whether you’re going on the offensive or hunkering down in defence, the Apacs Fighter Plus (available on Sports-Zone SG Official Store) has got your back! As one of the best badminton rackets in Singapore, it is adaptable to a variety of playing styles. This is because this Apacs racket is designed with an isometric shape which gives you a larger sweet spot, hence making it easier for you to hit a shot efficiently. Available in stunning hues of red, blue and yellow, you’ll be impressed by its aesthetics too! 

Best badminton rackets: Loh Kean Yew’s recommendation

8. Li Ning Turbocharging Series


As an avid badminton player since the young age of eight, Loh Kean Yew has used a fair number of rackets. But his ultimate recommendation? The Li Ning Turbocharging 70C or any racket from the Li Ning Turbocharging series for that matter. While it is relatively heavier at 89g (3U), this Li Ning racket is built for speed. It comes with a string type that has high repulsion and durability, which makes doing strokes more comfortable and suited to LKY’s playing style. Additionally, LKY suggests getting a good badminton grip especially if you often get sweaty palms!

Overview of the best badminton rackets 

Badminton Racket  Weight Maximum Tension Price
Mizuno Sky Warrior Racket 2U or 3U 20lbs $26 – $29
Yonex Nanoray Racket 4U 26lbs $28
ALP GJ Racket 10U 35lbs $49.90
Kawasaki King K9 46T Racket 3U or 4U 32lbs $183.99
Upgree Badminton Racket ~3U ~30lbs $23.49 – $44
Protech Zephyr Virtuous Racket 5U 35lbs $92.50
Apacs Fighter Plus Racket  1U ~30lbs $19.90
Li Ning Turbocharging 70C Racket 3U 32lbs $251.90

Badminton accessories and apparel needed for your game

1. Shuttlecocks

feather shuttle cocks

Now that you’ve got one of the best badminton rackets, all that’s missing are shuttlecocks! After all, you can’t play a game of badminton without them! We highly recommend these Goose Feather Shuttlecocks (available on which you can get in packs of six or 12. Designed with straight goose feathers and a lightweight durable cock, these feather shuttlecocks offer a better bounce than its competitors – making it ideal for casual and experienced players alike! Alternatively, nylon shuttlecocks are worth a shot too!  

2. Racket Grips

Non-Slip Racket Grips
(Credit: ALP-SPORT)

Worried that your sweaty palms will get in the way of a good badminton game? Fret not, these Non-Slip Racket Grips (available on ALP-SPORT) are here to save the day! All you have to do is wrap the grips round the handle, secure it with some super glue, and viola, you’re ready to go! Available in nine different colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing one from the wide array available. Psst, these racket grips can also be used for other sports equipment like golf clubs, hockey sticks and fishing rods!

3. Badminton Bag

Mizuno Badminton Bag
(Credit: Enso Lifestyle Official Store)

Armed with one of the best badminton brackets, you’ll definitely also need a badminton bag to store them when not in use and also to bring around from place to place. Unsure of what to get? Try this Mizuno Badminton Bag (available on Enso Lifestyle Official Store) that comes with a single padded strap which will go easy on your shoulders after an already tiring game. Storage-wise, it has a streamlined zipper and even a ventilated compartment where you can keep your shoes – talk about practicality!

4. Badminton Headbands

kawasaki headband

Ever wanted to look as cool as Loh Kean Yew when playing badminton? Then perhaps what’s missing is a badminton headband! But beyond aesthetic purposes, athletes actually wear headbands when playing sports to prevent sweat from getting into their eyes and to keep stray hairs at bay. That’s why you should get a good headband like this Kawasaki Headband (available on which is made of 90% cotton that is comfortably breathable. Don’t forget to give it a good wash after use! 

5. Badminton T-Shirts

badminton tshirts

Who says that you can’t be fashionable while playing sports? Don on these badminton t-shirts that are stylish and comfortable at the same time! In particular, we are in love with the Kawasaki Male Badminton T-shirt and Kawasaki Female Badminton T-shirt (both available on which are wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking. Made of a comfortable 100% polyester material, it is also breathable and lightweight so your sweat evaporates through the fabric and you’ll stay relatively dry! 

6. Badminton Shoes

Kawasaki Shoes K-063

When playing badminton, it is important to be dressed for the game from head to toe, literally! Sneak on a pair of badminton shoes like these unisex Kawasaki Shoes K-063 (available on which are available in over 10 sizes. Made with a wear-resistance rubber, we can assure you that these shoes are anti-slip and breathable too. Can we also just say that these have got to be one of the nicest pairs of sports shoes we’ve seen! 

Power up with these best badminton rackets 

Make your dreams of being a national shuttler like Loh Kean Yew a reality by getting these best badminton rackets in Singapore! Of course, that’s not to downplay the training and hard work you have to put in. Start exercising today by following these trainer-recommended full body workouts or skipping rope workouts for weight loss. Alternatively, head down anytime of the day to these 24-hour gyms in Singapore and engage the best personal trainers who will push you beyond your limits!