Find The Perfect Pout With These 15 Best Lip Plumpers

Best lip plumpers in Singapore

First developed in the mid-2000s, lip plumpers were the perfect item for those who want the Betty Boop pout without needing injectable lip fillers. With innovative formulas featuring natural ingredients, lip plumpers are still a hit in recent times – they’re after all an au naturale way to enhance your lips. So read on to discover the best lip plumpers in Singapore that’ll help you achieve that natural pout!

Overview of the best lip plumpers in Singapore (2024)

Product Description Price


THA Hya Plumper Lip Mask
  • Hydrating lip plumper with hyaluronic filling spheres and vitamin E to smooth fine lines
  • Perfect for busy OLs and anyone in air-conditioned rooms all-day
Visee Essence Lip Plumper
  • COSME’s number one lip plumper for full, hydrated lips
  • Can be used as a lip gloss, under lipstick as a hydrating base, or over lipstick to add shine and volume.
TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil  
  • The Mint flavour has a great plumping effect and glossy finish. 
  • Infused with watermint oil and spearmint oil for increased moisture. 
  • Forms an oil barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  • Lightweight and perfect for summer.
Nooni Apple Lip Oil 
  • Applemint and Applecherry options are best for lip plumping. 
  • Natural-looking flush that resembles a juicy red apple. 
  • Formulated with botanical oil blend rich in vitamins A, C and E for smooth and supple lips.
DR. TWL Lip Plumper
  • Five-in-one lip plumper boasts a hydrating formula that gives your lips a much-needed collagen boost and rejuvenation. 
  • No stinging sensation
  • Perfect for those with chapped lips
Madame Gie Lipill Plumper
  • Made with vitamin E and hibiscus extract for smooth and youthful lips. 
  • Spicy tingle due to chilli infusion. 
  • Layer on top of lipstick or use alone for natural results.
Keep In Touch The Black Lip Plumper
  • Vanillyl butyl ether plumps your lips and creates a tingling sensation. 
  • Made with shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, pomegranate extract and strawberry extract for extra nourishment and hydration. 
  • Subtle peppermint scent. 
  • Royal Midnight colour has a translucent, jelly-like finish.


COSRX Lip Plump
  • Infused with AHA, BHA and Vitamin C for supple lips with increased vitality.
  • Tingling sensation upon application.
Banila Co Volume Lip Plumper
  • Formulated with Jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed oil for greater hydration.
  • Maxi and light options to cater to different needs.
Fwee 4D Voluming Plumper
  • Apply as a primer or as a top coat.
  • There will be a slight tingling sensation followed by a cooling effect.
Holika Holika Devil’s Plumper
  • Two variations to choose from, a matte primer or a glowy topper.
  • Perfect as a lip primer 
Etude House Glaze Plump Gloss
  • Three options with differing plumping effects and colours.
  • Contains iridescent sparkles that resemble the Milky Way.
  • Perfect for a donut-glazed pout.
La Mer – The Lip Volumniser
  • Infused with La Mer’s Miracle Broth
  • Soothes sensitivity and delays signs of aging
  • Intense hydrating, leading to smooth and supple lips
Mawarose Hyaluronic Lip Plumper
  • Contains cera alba and hyaluronic acid for plumpness and hydration. 
  • Suitable for sensitive lips.
Ginger Mint Lip Plumper
  • Infused with mineral oil, collagen and vitamin E for hydration. 
  • Not sticky despite its thick and glossy appearance.
  • Easy to carry around and reapply whenever needed

Best lip plumpers in Singapore (2024): Tinted

1. THA Hya Plumper Lip Mask

THA Hya Plumper Lip Mask
(Credit: KONVY_Official Shop)

If you’re familiar with Thai makeup brands, you would have heard of THA, a brand developed by Nongchat Peangapichart, better known as Nongchat. She is a highly sought-after makeup artist with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The brand focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of young women by developing products suitable for everyday use, like the THA Hya Plumper Lip Mask (available on KONVY_Official Shop). This lip plumper is so hydrating that it doubles as a lip mask, two for the price of one! It contains hyaluronic filling spheres which make your lips luscious and plump, and vitamin E to smoothen fine lines. The chamomile flower infusion helps soothe your lips while ensuring they are well-nourished. The epitome of feel and look good, it is a must-have for busy OLs as it is super hydrating, it can keep your lips looking fresh and vibrant the entire day!

2. Visee Essence Lip Plumper

Visee Essence Lip Plumper
(Credit: Visée Official Store)

Visee is a makeup line by a Japanese Brand called Kose, which you would probably be more familiar with. Well-known Kose products like the Make Keep Mist and the Sekkisei skincare line should help jog your memory. As an arm of Kose, Visee has many innovative products as well, like the Essence Lip Plumper (available on Visée Official Store). Crowned as COSME’s number one lip plumper, you can always expect full, hydrated lips. Infused with spicy ingredients, the formula leaves a warm sensation that volumises your lips, and then a cooling feel to soothe the irritation. On top of that, it also has a blend of moisturising oils that lock in hydration and form a barrier to ensure your lips stay hydrated all day!

3. TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil 

TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil
(Credit: TIRTIR Official Store)

You’ve heard of the famous TirTir cushion foundation but have you heard of the TitTir My Glow Lip Oil (available on TIRTIR Official Store)? You’re missing out if you haven’t! There are four variations to choose from, but our fav is the Mint flavour. It has a great plumping effect and it also gives your lips a beautiful glossy finish. Like other TirTir products, this lip-plumping oil uses quality and natural ingredients like watermint oil and spearmint oil. So if you have dry or chapped lips, this is the lip oil for you! And that’s because it doesn’t just hydrate; it forms an oil barrier that prevents moisture loss. In the long run, this ensures more long-lasting hydration that will last you all day!

4. Nooni Apple Lip Oil

Nooni Apple Lip Oil

Proudly crafted in Korea, nooni’s brand philosophy is “less is more”, thus they use mostly natural ingredients in their formulas. Their products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, so you can use them with peace of mind. Specifically, the Nooni Apple Lip Oil (available on stuns with a whopping 11 flavour options to choose from. Particularly, Applemint and Applecherry are the best for lip plumping. For those who are looking for some natural colouration, consider going for the tinted options, which will make your lips look almost like a juicy red apple! Of course, as one of the best lip plumbers in Singapore, not only does it look good, but it feels amazing on the lips as well! With a botanical oil blend that is rich in vitamins A, C and E, it effectively locks in moisture, giving you smooth and supple lips!

5. DR.TWL Lip Plumper

DR.TWL Lip Plumper
(Credit: DrTWL Dermaceuticals Official Store)

An it girl must-have, check out the DR.TWL Lip Plumper (available on DrTWL Dermaceuticals Official Store), a life-changing lip plumper that not only puffs up your lips, but also moisturises, exfoliates, and reduces wrinkles and pigmentations. This five-in-one lip plumper boasts a hydrating formula that’s loaded with moisturising ingredients like salmon roe DNA and grape seed oil which gives your lips a much-needed collagen boost and rejuvenation. The best part is that there is no stinging sensation – you can use it throughout the day. So if you struggle with chapped lips, look no further – your ultimate saviour is here.

6. Madame Gie LiPill Plumper

Madame Gie LiPill Plumper
(Credit: Madame Official Store)

Madame Gie is a cosmetic brand founded in 2018 by Gisella Anastasia, a popular Indonesian artist with a whopping 39 million followers on Instagram. The brand focuses on providing all Indonesian women with quality cosmetic products at economical prices. So you can rest assured that their Lipil Plumper (available on Madame Official Store) proves to deliver as well. Enriched with Vitamin E and hibiscus extract, this lip plumper’s formula speeds up cell generation, giving you smooth and youthful-looking lips. Upon application, you will feel a spicy tingle due to the chilli infusion, which is what gives you the instant voluminous effect. You can layer it on top of your usual lipstick for a glossy finish or use it as it is for a more natural look. 

7. Keep In Touch The Black Lip Plumper

Keep In Touch The Black Lip Plumper
(Credit: Keep in Touch Makeup Official SG)

Keep In Touch is a Korean beauty brand committed to offering innovative, quality products to the ever-changing market. All their products are 100% made in Korea using only safe ingredients and aesthetic packaging, including the Black Lip Plumper (available on Keep in Touch Makeup Official SG). With an upgraded formula, this is one lip product that will keep your lips plump and pout-licious for at least five minutes. Other ingredients, such as shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, pomegranate extract and strawberry extract will help nourish and hydrate your lips to give you that perfect pout And while the Royal Midnight colour might be daunting at first but just trust the process and you’ll end up with a gorgeous, translucent, jelly-like finish. It adds a moody e-girl vibe to your makeup look without being too over-the-top.

Best lip plumpers in Singapore (2024): Non-tinted

8. COSRX Lip Plump 

COSRX Lip Plump
(Credit: COSRX Official Store)

The list of best lip plumpers in Singapore would not be complete without the COSRX Lip Plump (available on COSRX Official Store). Other than the famous COSRX snail mucin products, they have a variety of other product lines targeting different skin types and problems. Their lip plumper contains AHA, BHA and Vitamin C that effectively nourish and gently exfoliate your lips, making them supple and soft with increased vitality. You might feel a little tingle upon application due to the plumping effect, but rest assured it will only last several minutes. 

9. Banila Co Volume Lip Plumper

Banila Co Volume Lip Plumper
(Credit: Banila Co Official Store)

Another popular K-beauty brand, Banila Co is most popular for its innovative cleansing balm Clean It Zero. With innovative ingredients that have healing properties, Banila Co focuses on the before and after makeup, ensuring your skin is well-prepped for any makeup look. The Volume Lip Plumper (available on Banila Co Official Store) is no exception. With ingredients like jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed oil to keep your lips hydrated, the plump and shine effect can last for hours after application! Plus, there are two options – maxi and light. For beginners, it’s recommended to opt for the light option for a milder tingle and pout. Once you’re comfortable with that, try the maxi for three times the plumping!

10. Fwee 4D Voluming Plumper

Fwee 4D Voluming Plumper
(Credit: fwee Official Store)

Fwee took the internet by storm with its lip and cheek pudding pot that started trending for its adorable packaging and innovative formulation. But other than that, the Fwee 4D Voluming Plumper (available on fwee Official Store) is also a popular must-have and is one of the best lip plumper glosses in Singapore. Not only does it plump your lips to double their original volume, but it also contains Volufiline – an ingredient that fills in fine lines to give you smooth and supple lips. Apply some as a primer before putting on your lip tints for smoother application or after for a glossy finish!

11. Holika Holika Devil’s Plumper

Holika Holika Devil's Plumper

Holika Holika is one of the most popular K-beauty brands, with best-selling items like the Lash Correcting Mascara (available on and the Aloe Vera 99% Soothing Gel, which many Singaporeans cop whenever in Korea. Thus the list of best lip plumpers in Singapore would not be complete without the Holika Holika Devil’s Plumper (available on With two variations, matte primer and glowy topper, to choose from, you can now achieve the perfect pout no matter the finish. The matte primer enhances your velvet lips with a provocative pout while the glowy topper completes your look with a hot voluminous alternative. Unleash the hellfire in you and achieve the hottest lips in the room!

12. Etude House Glaze Plump Gloss

Etude House Glaze Plump Gloss
(Credit: Younfamily)

Back to K-beauty brands, the classic Etude House has been a staple in many Singaporean girls’ purses since 2009. Known for their adorable packaging and affordable price points, we all had a craze for Etude House products at some point. Other than the viral Etude House Fixing Tint, the Etude House Glaze Plump Gloss (available on Younfamily) is also a brilliant lip plumper gloss that can give your lips a plump and shiny look. There are three colours to choose from, with sparkling blue having the best plumping effect, followed by violet quarts, then aurora pink. Each tube contains iridescent sparkles that resemble the Milky Way, giving you the perfect donut-glazed lips. Let your lips sparkle like the stars in the sky!

13. La Mer – The Lip Volumiser

La Mer - The Lip Volumiser

For the bougie girlies out there who are a fan of luxury cosmetic brands, you must have heard of La Mer, but do you know about their Lip Volumizer (available on GODWELL COSMETICS)? It is infused with Miracle Broth, which is La Mer’s patented formula derived from sustainably harvested Giant Sea Kelp, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It can soothe sensitivity and delay signs of ageing. As one of the best lip plumpers in Singapore, it will improve the appearance of your lips by reducing the lines and hydrating them, making them plump and supple. Expect nothing less than a fuller, healthier pout with La Mer!

14. Mawarose Hyaluronic Lip Plumper

Mawarose Hyaluronic Lip Plumper
(Credit: KidzParadize Cengkih Clove Inhaler)

Mawarose is a Malaysian beauty brand popular amongst Malaysians for its affordable and quality products. Initially going viral for its glow mist setting spray, the brand gradually gained widespread popularity to became known all over Malaysia due to its top-of-the-line beauty products.  And their Hyaluronic Lip Plumper (available on KidzParadize Cengkih Clove Inhaler) is no different. It’s infused with cera alba and hyaluronic acid, a combination of ingredients that delivers a perfect balance of plumpness and hydration. On top of that, our sensitive skin/lips girlies will be pleased to know that this lip plumper has a relatively gentle formula, making it suitable for all skin types!

15. Ginger Mint Lip Plumper

Ginger Mint Lip Plumper
(Credit: Shopee Choice Global)

Meet the best lip plumpers for those on a budget – the Ginger Mint Lip Plumper (available on Shopee Choice Global) costs less than a dollar and it comes in a cute lip-shaped tube. Not only is it super affordable, but it is highly effective too. You can see and feel the plumping effect almost immediately upon applying the oil. Enriched with mineral oil, collagen and vitamin E, the formula is super hydrating, which helps you achieve the ideal smooth and supple lips. Rest assured it is not sticky even though it looks thick and glossy. 

Other kinds of lip-plumping products

  • Lip Plumping Suction Cups
Lip Plumping Suction Cups
(Credit: SUPERMommy)

Other than lip plumpers, check out this lip-plumping suction cup (available on SUPERMommy) that gives you the effect of lip fillers without all the needles and pain. This beauty tool helps enhance your lips for about two hours, with just a few suction. It is easy to use and non-evasive so if you’re afraid of lip-plumping glosses, this is the product for you. There are suction cups in other shapes and sizes for different effects too!

What are the different types of lip plumpers?

Best lip plumpers in Singapore
(Credits: KONVY_Official Shop, fwee Official Store)

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard about lip plumpers in the form of lip gloss, lip tints, lip oils and lip balms, but do you know the differences between them? People often use them interchangeably and they are handy lip products due to the ease of use. They can give your lips a natural shine and are convenient to touch up. If you prefer more vibrant colours, there are tinted options for that as well. With the same purpose of adding shine and colour to your lips, their main difference is the formulation, consistency and pigmentation. 

  • Lip Gloss

The classic and the start of it all, the lip gloss. Lip glosses are usually thick, and very shiny with light pigmentation, They can be applied as a gloss coat on top of lipstick or as it is for a more natural look. 

  • Lip Oil

Lip oils are for those who have dryer lips that chaps easily. They usually contain nourishing ingredients that provide more hydration to the lips. Similar to lip gloss, they have light pigmentation and provide the lips with a sheer coating. They are slightly lighter than lip gloss but last slightly longer due to their hydrating properties. 

  • Lip Tint

If you want more colour payoff, lip tints are for you. With stronger pigmentation, they are made to stain your lips, providing a long-lasting colour. They can be applied sheer or layered for a bolder colour. Usually used to create a natural “girl next door” vibe, they can enhance your look effortlessly. The downside though, they do not have the shine that lip glosses and oils do and are less hydrating. 

  • Lip Balm

Lip balms are more versatile and have different finishes, like matte for shiny. But ultimately their main purpose is to hydrate, nurture and protect your lips. Thus you will often find lip balms with SPF or soothing ingredients like calendula. They are thicker in consistency due to the hydrating ingredients like shea butter or beeswax, thus they provide less shine as compared to lip gloss and oil. 

How do lip plumpers work and are they safe to use?

Best lip plumpers in Singapore
(Credit: Ashley Piszek / Unsplash)

Lip plumpers are effective for those looking to achieve the Kylie Jenner lips without having to get lip fillers. They are temporary and last two to three hours and those with more hydration can last even longer. You can also reapply throughout the day like you would any other lip product for a longer-lasting effect. 

At the start, the plump lips are often accompanied by a tingling sensation that usually subsides after five to ten minutes. It is similar to how you feel after eating a spicy bowl of mala tang, which if you notice, also gives you plump lips! On that note, most lip plumpers contain similar ingredients, like capsicum and cinnamon, which results in the slight swelling of the lips. Newer lip plumpers might use hyaluronic acid instead of traditional mild irritants due to its hydrating properties, which allow it to hold more moisture and give your lips a plump effect without feeling the tingles. 

While lip plumpers are generally safe to use, if you have sensitive skin or any allergies, you will need to be extra careful and read the ingredients carefully. Especially if you are allergic to ingredients like capsicum, menthol or artificial fragrances, which are some of the most common components of lip plumpers. 

Achieve that purrfect pout with the best lip plumpers in Singapore (2024)

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