15 Cool Fridge Hacks That Will Change The Way You Live

Does your fridge always seem to be a cluttered mess? Well, the steaks are high on this one ?. Here’s some clever hacks to keep your fridge as cool and neat as it can be.

1. Organise your Fridge with Plastic Bins 

(Credit: Simply Organised)

It is often only a matter of time before fridges get messy and unorganised. When just searching for your favourite snack has become a chore, it is time to take action! Simply put in a few plastic storage bins and you can sort the various types of food out – from breakfast food to oven snacks and veggies, keeping them separate makes it efficient and convenient. You can sort the different types of food out based on cuisine, putting like items together or by putting the food that needs to be consumed first together. 

2. Label everything

Assigning a place for everything is the first step but go one step further by using labels. From condiments to snacks and fruits, label them all! This will ensure that whether it is you, your partner or visitors, everything remains just as neat and tidy as you left it. 

3. Use Binder Clips to Stack Bottles

(Credit: Home Hacks)

What business do binder clips have being in your fridge? Well, you’ll be surprised at the world of difference these clips can make. By attaching the binder clips to the slats of your refrigerator shelf, it can be used to stack your bottles, giving a pyramid of bottles a place to rest, saving space and keeping things need and tidy in your fridge. 

4. Use Binder Clips to Organise Packet Food 

(Credit: Organizing Fabulously)

But that’s not the only trick these binder clips can do! Binder clips can also be used to clip close bags of packet food (like cheese or frozen veggies) and hung on the slats of your shelf to make them easily accessible as well as visible.

5. Get Smart with a Lazy Susan 

(Credit: Amazon)

Never underestimate the power of a Lazy Susan, it can really turn the table on things. Use it to store all your different condiments from ketchup to syrup and salad dressings to make it both neater and easier to grab whatever you may need!

6. Double Up on Storage Space with Under-Shelf Drawers

(Credit: Amazon)

How to best maximise the space in your fridge? Think about all that unused space right under each shelf! Well, this handy little drawer provides a simple solution to this, these slide-on drawers allow you to store small items; from those chilli packets you got from McDonald’s to snacks like cherry tomatoes, this will be perfect!

7. Capitalise on Vertical Space with Magnets

(Credit: Strong Like Bull Magnets)

To fully utilise all that vertical space your fridge gives you, magnets are here to save the day! Besides that, your fridge will look really cool with levitating drinks and containers. Simply use some powerful magnets to loft bottles with metal caps; plain to see, easy to reach, plus they leave plenty of room for other things below. If you don’t mind a little DIY, you can even slap some magnets onto the bottom of plastic containers for the same effect with them sticking onto the walls of the fridge.

8. Utilise Mason Jars

(Credit: LunchBoxBranch.com)

Did you know that storing food in mason jars is one of the best ways to extend the shelf life of your fruits and veggies? This space-saving method is not limited to fruits and veggies; whether it is leftovers, smoothies, yoghurt or a deliciously healthy mason jar meal it would certainly work in keeping them fresh and ready for you. Not to mention that storing food items in mason jars would definitely add to the aesthetic of your fridge!

9. Create a Snack Stack

(Credit: stockpilingmums.com)

Guilty of being a big snacker? Keep those snacks (Think anything from yoghurt to cheese sticks and baby carrots) from taking over your fridge by placing them all in a specific zone. This way, it makes it easy for everyone, whether it is the kids or you to get their hands on their favourite snacks.

10. Use an Egg Carton to Store Condiments 

Egg cartons often go to waste but you can actually use these to make life a whole lot easier. Place an empty egg carton at one of the sections behind the door where you are storing condiments and let your ketchups, mayonnaise or dressing take a nosedive straight into the carton. Gone are the days of frustrated shaking, squeezing and hitting to get your condiments out of the containers. You can also easily decorate the egg carton to make it suit the aesthetic of your fridge!

11. Use Fridge Liners or Mats

(Credit: Pieced Pastimes)

The fridge and oftentimes, the drawers can become unpleasant places to clean. Line the bottom of your fridge with fridge liners or mats. No more tirelessly cleaning up messy refrigerator spills and sticky messes for you! Simply replace them every few weeks and cleaning up will be a breeze.

12. Keep Track of the Items In the Fridge  

(Credit: One Little Project)

How often have you found exactly what you needed in the fridge only to realise… It’s expired. Keep a list on your fridge of what is expiring soon, what needs to be bought, what leftovers are inside etc. There are many fun ways of doing this – hang a whiteboard on the fridge, use the front of the fridge as a whiteboard with dry-erase markers or even cover the fridge with chalkboard paint! Keep things fun even while organising! 

13. Use Baking Soda to Keep the Fridge from Getting Smelly 

(Credit: The Kitchn)

Baking soda is a natural deodoriser and it will absorb any odours so you won’t be hit with a wave of food smells each time you swing that fridge door open. By just placing baking soda in a small open bowl in the fridge, you can ensure your fridge will be kept crisp and fresh smelling. 

14. Use A Bacon Saver

(Credit: fancyqube.sg)

You will totally need this bacon storage box to prevent all the gross juice from leaking out all over your fridge and making it smelly. This also works perfectly for cold cut meats in plastic packaging that will take some effort to rewrap.

15. Double-Up Magazine Holders As Shelves

(Credit: The Stationery Shop)

Whoever who thought of this brilliant idea is a pure genius! If you have one of these magazine holders lying around the house unused, get creative and use them as a instant shelf to store loose items or cheese packets in the fridge! Simply place them down horizontally and you got yourself some extra storage space.

These clever hacks will help in keeping your fridge beautiful both inside and out. Now your face will definitely light up as you open your fridge ?. Which hack are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments section below! 

This article was updated on 17 September 2020. Additional research done by Jaslynn Yeo.

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