A Broke Student’s Guide to Smarter Online Shopping In Singapore

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Online shopping is easy and convenient, but it can get rather costly, especially when you’re a broke student. Not to fret though! With this handy guide by your side, you’ll learn all the tricks to smarter online shopping in Singapore!

Compare prices

When you’ve got your eye on something, don’t just check out blindly. Always do some research. As the cost will vary on different sites, doing some research will not only allow you to compare prices but ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

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Don’t buy on impulse

This is an important point – never buy things on impulse! All too often, we see something we like online and purchase it but moment we click “confirm order”, regret fills us up to no end. You’re lucky if the site offers free returns. Otherwise, never buy on impulse as you’re more likely to regret such purchases.

Use cashback sites

No discount? No problem. With the emergence of cashback sites, you can now enjoy great rebates when you purchase from certain partnered sites. Instead of going directly to the website, simply click on the link at the cashback site before making a purchase.

For example, when you want to purchase a product from Shopee, you can enjoy up to 10% rebate when you use ShopBack. Although the rebates may seem little, these savings will accumulate and snowball when you’re shopping frequently!

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Time your purchases

Keep your funds for special days dedicated to online shopping. Some of these special days include Shopee’s 11.11 sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday where massive sales and markdowns are expected. If you’ve been putting your purchase on hold as you’re unsure, you should definitely wait and confirm your purchases on these days.

Promo codes

Another way to save is by using promo codes. Adding a promo code when you check out allows you to save on the final cost of your purchased product. These promo codes can be found everywhere. When you do a quick search online, a list of relevant promo codes will come up. If you’re lucky, you can find a great list. Another way to get promo codes is by signing up for email offers, which brings me to my next tip.


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Sign up for email blasts

Yes, subscribing to receive emails from websites can sometimes result in an inbox flooded with spam. However, you can choose the type of emails that you would like to be subscribed to. You should also only be subscribed to your favourite e-commerce sites. Many sites release exclusive deals through this medium. Therefore, you should definitely sign up for such emails as you get the first dibs to the best deals online.

Follow social media groups

Being in the loop on discounts can help you to save the most in the long term! There are plenty of social media groups which allow users to share any offers or deals they come across. The community is usually like-minded as they only have one purpose — to save costs when shopping online (or offline). Following Facebook groups or subreddits is certainly useful as you’re constantly informed of the latest deals the Internet has to offer.

Enjoy discounts specially for students

Did you know that there are several sites which offer discounts just for students? For example, if you would like to purchase the latest Macbook, Apple has an online student store where you can purchase the latest gadgets at a discounted price. There are many other websites which offer such exclusive deals for students!

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Use credit card with rewards

Another way to save when you shop online is by using debit or credit cards which offer the best rewards. Having cards from different banks allow you to enjoy a variety of rebates and discounts. Always be on the lookout for promotions so that you are always on the ball. When you use the same card to check out your purchase, you can accumulate your expenditure and collect points — these can eventually be converted into rewards.

Look for free shipping

One tip is to look out for sites which offer free shipping. As some sites charge an exorbitant amount for shipping, you should look out for these plus points when online shopping. Some sites offer free shipping when you hit a minimum spending. So, rope in your friends and purchase together. You’ll be amazed when you find out just how much you can save!

That’s it! Keep this guide handy, plan your purchases in advance and always be on the lookout for promo codes and discounts. With this strategy in mind, you’ll be well on your way to saving some extra dollars!

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