Maternity Wear Singapore: 7 Looks To Recreate For The Stylish Mama

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Feeling and looking your best does not have to come to a halt in those precious nine months of pregnancy. With a wide range of stylish maternity wear in Singapore, strut down the streets like a proud mama-to-be and feel good in your own skin with these maternity looks you can easily recreate!

1. Go Boho for the wanderlust mama

[caption id="attachment_27946" align="alignnone" width="800"]wanderlust maternity wear singapore (Credit:, hotwind)[/caption] Unleash your inner wanderlust with a maternity floral maxi sundress (available on! Featuring an elastic waistband just below the bust, your baby bump can grow with ease! The lightweight broadcloth cotton material will also keep you cool under Singapore’s harsh heat. Don’t forget to throw on a long grey cardigan (available on hotwind) to keep yourself protected from the chilly air-conditioning indoors. [caption id="attachment_27947" align="alignnone" width="3264"]wanderlust maternity wear singapore 2 (Credit: Latopee, Star 360 Official Store)[/caption] To complete the quintessential boho look, pop on a floppy beach sunhat (available on Latopee) and some Birkenstock gladiator sandals (available on Star 360 Official Store). Whether you’re sojourning across the world or simply staying in sunny Singapore, this stylish yet comfortable bohemian-inspired maternity wear is sure to keep the wanderlust mama young at heart.

2. Rock the edgy look for the rock-n-roll lovin’ mama

[caption id="attachment_27948" align="alignnone" width="800"]edgy maternity wear singapore (Credit:, Newnew’shop)[/caption] Metallica, ACDC, Queen — calling all rock band enthusiasts, here’s your chance to show off your edgy side; inspired by the grunge fashion of the 80s. This striped dress (available on is specially tailored for the bump to accentuate those lovely curves — who said being pregnant isn’t sexy when you have maternity wear like this available in Singapore? Heels might not always be a pregnant mama’s best friend, however, this pair of low-heeled easy slip-on Chelsea ankle boots (available on Newnew’shop) is a safe alternative to complement your edgy rock-n-roll look! [caption id="attachment_27949" align="alignnone" width="800"]hoops maternity wear singapore (Credit: Warm Station)[/caption] Hook on some thick gold hoop earrings (available on Warm Station) to add a slight ‘bad girl’ vibe to your overall style. The pop of gold not only beautifully contrasts the monochrome aesthetic but it’ll also be the statement piece of your outfit.

3. A chic look for the professional girl boss mama

[caption id="attachment_27950" align="alignnone" width="800"]chic maternity wear singapore (Credit: Baby Garden Shop)[/caption] Keep maternity office wear in Singapore simple and elegant with a black bodycon maxi dress (available on Baby Garden Shop). You need not restrict yourself to baggy and loose clothes to achieve comfort. This stretchable and fitted maxi dress hugs your curves at the right places like a second skin. Such a dress is a simple alternative to achieving a chic girl boss look too. Not the kind of dress you’re looking for? Head over to our collection of maternity dresses for inspirations on how to style up maternity wear in Singapore! [caption id="attachment_27951" align="alignnone" width="800"]emelyn shoes maternity wear singapore (Credit: Emelyn Shoes)[/caption] Of course, no office look is complete without the perfect pair of classy shoes. Complete your simple but sexy look with the Emelyn Camille heels in black (available on Emelyn Shoes) — with no additional strap at the back of the heel, slip easily into your heels without going through the hassle of bending to get to those straps! At 2-2.5 inches, these are also the perfect pair of maternity-friendly heels to wear without straining your ankles!

4. Prep-up a preppy look for the quirky mama

[caption id="attachment_27952" align="alignnone" width="800"]preppy maternity wear singapore (Credit:, ikon(bra lingerie panties skirt))[/caption] Love a good cosy look to get some work done in your local cafe? Or do you have an old white collared shirt lying around? Easily switch from formal to preppy by throwing on a v-neck sweater (available on ikon(bra lingerie panties skirt)) on top of a classic white collared long sleeve top (available on! This semi-formal combination is also suitable for the office. Pull on your favourite pair of neutral-coloured pants to complement the preppy look. [caption id="attachment_27953" align="alignnone" width="800"]preppy maternity wear singapore (Credit: Comeandbuy)[/caption] Accessorise your preppy look with a beret — the popular military headwear of the past is a trendy headwear style today. Turn more heads on the street with this stylish beret hat (available on Comeandbuy) to complete your preppy look while keeping your head protected from Singapore’s heat.

5. Bringing it back to basics for the casual mama

[caption id="attachment_27955" align="alignnone" width="800"]basic maternity wear singapore (Credit:, briefs)[/caption] Nothing screams basic more than white tops and denim jeans. Maternity wear in Singapore can be a little boring at times, but you know what they say — less is more so embrace that. Keep things simple with a white blouse (available on and an elastic waist loose denim jeans (available on briefs). The elastic addition of the denim jeans is designed to be your best friend, growing and accommodating your bump over the nine months. [caption id="attachment_27956" align="alignnone" width="800"]basic shoes maternity wear singapore (Credit: FILA Official)[/caption] White sneakers consistently remain as one of the top fashion trends. It’s not just simple and versatile but pairs easily with most outfits. The casual look is only complete with the perfect pair of white sneakers. The Fila female heritage white sneaker (available on FILA Official) is the essential pair of kicks to have in your basic closet. Blending between classic and sleek, these pair of white sneakers will give a retro oomph to your casual maternity style.

6. Ditch the sedentary life with a sporty look for the active mama

[caption id="attachment_27979" align="alignnone" width="800"]sporty maternity wear singapore (Credit:,[/caption] Don’t we all love an oversized, loose gym top to sweat in? While so, it’s important to keep the chest well-supported lest we encounter a horrid chafing situation. The padded adjustable sports bra (available on provides a good deal of support for sporty mamas-to-be! This wireless sports bra is made with a front zip for convenient and hassle-free wear and shoulder strap to ensure a comfortable fit at all times. Pair this with high-waisted maternity tights (available on that provide ample support for the pelvis, all while completing the maternity wear sporty look in Singapore. [caption id="attachment_27980" align="alignnone" width="800"]skechers shoe maternity wear singapore (Credit: Skechers Singapore Official)[/caption] Support in all areas of the body is vital during this important period of your life — including your feet. Invest in a good pair of trainers to get your heart rate pumping! The Empire slip-on trainers (available on Skechers Singapore Official) are made with air-cooled memory foam insoles and flexible outsoles, allowing the shoe to mould itself into your soles. It’s also lightweight and made from stretchable knit fabric for better ventilation, so say goodbye to smelly feet! Slip-on shoes are a total blessing for the expectant mama, especially when your baby bump may not allow excessive bending. Get this pair of trainers to add to your collection of maternity wear in Singapore today!

7. Throw it all the way back with a retro look for the hipster mama

[caption id="attachment_27981" align="alignnone" width="800"]retro maternity wear singapore (Credit: ZANZEA Official Store,[/caption] Lastly, one for the retro mama!  Retro styles refer to ‘outdated’ styles that are making a comeback today. Give your look a major throwback by pulling on maternity-friendly denim overall (available on over a brown oversized checked shirt (available on ZANZEA Official Store). The denim overall gives enough room for your baby bump to grow comfortably: simply adjust the straps and voila! On the other hand, the oversized checked shirt creates a pop of colour and brings out the rustic vibe of the retro look. [caption id="attachment_27982" align="alignnone" width="600"]dr martens maternity wear singapore (Credit: Dr. Martens Singapore Official)[/caption] Finish off the recreated retro look with a pair of leather eyelet shoes (available on Dr. Martens Singapore Official). This classic retro collection of leather footwear debuted in the 1960s in the UK and became a huge part of the grunge fashion in the early 90s. The convenient side zipper allows you to simply slip them on without having to deal with petty shoelaces! Finally, the red hue of these retro shoes will shed years off you and keep you looking fresh during your baby bump days. And there you go! These are some popular looks you can recreate with maternity wear in Singapore so you always stay stylish. For more style ideas to recreate for maternity wear in Singapore, check out our maternity wear collection. Don’t forget your innerwear too! Check out some of the best nursing bras for maternity and post-delivery options. Lastly, pregnant or not: “Style is not fashion. Fashion is not trendy after a season. Style is dressing the way that you feel confident and what is appropriate for you, your age, body type.”

— Tan France, Fashion Expert (Queer Eye)

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