7 Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks To Trick Your Friends

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Whether you’re looking to lighten the mood or get back at your friends for all the times they’ve teased you, April Fools pranks can be the perfect way for you to enjoy some harmless fun! Without causing them too much harm or distress, here are some of our favourite pranks to play on friends that cost you little to nothing.

Funniest pranks to play on friends this April Fool’s

1. The non-lathery soap prank

nail polish soap bar collage pranks to play on friends
(Credit: Pupsik SG Official Store, S-Mart by Shopee Official Store)

What you’ll need: Nail polish, soap bar

Tired of your roommate hogging the bathroom? Here’s one of the easiest pranks to play on friends with the power of nail polish. We recommend using an affordable one like Seche Vite nail polish (available on Pupsik SG Official Store) to create an effective waterproof layer over an innocent-looking soap bar like Dettol’s Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap (available on S-Mart by Shopee Official Store). Once the trap is set, all you have to do is wait for their frustration to set in during shower time.

How to prank:

  1. Using a brush, carefully coat entire surface of soap bar in thin layer of nail polish
  2. Leave modified soap bar to dry
  3. Laugh away as they attempt to lather up a waterproof soap bar

2. Fake poop prank

What you’ll need: Toilet rolls, water

If you’re set on getting a strong reaction when it comes to pranks to play on friends, you can’t really go wrong with toilet humour. Rather than use actual poop (eww), you can easily create fake ones with toilet rolls like KCA Bathroom Tissue (available on S-Mart by Shopee Official Store). For the biggest reaction, we suggest placing the poop at unexpected locations like on their office chair or beside their bag.

How to prank:

  1. Grab the toilet roll’s cardboard core and submerge it in water until soggy
  2. Rip soggy cardboard into bits and compress them in your palm until they’re a ball
  3. Mold said ball into realistic-looking poop and place wherever to surprise your friends

3. The dead mouse prank

wireless mouse pranks to play on friends
(Credit: Logitech Official Store)

What you’ll need: Tape, mouse

There’s nothing more infuriating than using a malfunctioning computer accessory! Unless your friend is using a laptop touchpad, you can easily pull a fast one by sabotaging their mouse. Bonus points if they’re using a wireless mouse like Logitech’s M330 (available on Logitech Official Store) as you can pin it on bluetooth connectivity issues.

How to prank:

  1. Measure the optical sensor dimensions of your friend’s mouse
  2. Cut a small slip of opaque tape that’s large enough to obstruct the sensor
  3. Carefully place it so it inconspicuously blocks said sensor

4. The insect scare prank

fake insect pranks to play on friends
(Credit: gearlook)

What you’ll need: Rubber insect

Your buddies will be in for a nasty surprise when you introduce them to these rubber cockroaches (available on gearlook). While you could just place them at random places where you’ll get a cheap laugh, we recommend going one step further by placing these creepy crawlies next to light sources. This hides their rubber nature and exposes their shadow to your friends, making these the perfect pranks to play on friends that are squeamish when it comes to insects.

How to prank:

  1. Before your friend enters the dark room, prepare by placing rubber cockroaches on the inside of your lampshade or next to your table lamp
  2. Angle it so it creates a realistic insect shadow
  3. Lure your friend in and turn on the lights to scare them. Bonus points if you have insecticide on hand

5. The salt-sugar prank

salt shaker pranks to play on friends
(Credit: Chong Kitchenwares)

What you’ll need: Sugar, seasoning shaker

Classic pranks to play on friends like this one need no introduction. The premise is simple — they’re expecting salty but you give them sweet! For further believability, we recommend having identical shakers (available on Chong Kitchenwares) filled with sugar (all available on S-Mart by Shopee Official Store) so they’re doomed regardless.

How to prank:

  1. Set up a meal where you’d commonly add sugar to the dish
  2. Leave them to their own devices and laugh away as they confusedly expect salt

6. The fake drink prank

What you’ll need: Condiment packets, straw, favourite drink

Is your friend constantly sipping away at your drinks or bubble tea even after saying they don’t want to order any? Pranks to play on friends like these will teach them a lesson! All you need are condiments like jam packets (available on sweetmarywarehouse.sg) and an opaque beverage with a straw.

How to prank:

  1. Slit open condiment packet and place inside beverage container
  2. Align straw into opening while ensuring packet remains hidden
  3. Generously offer your friend a sip and watch the confusion unfold

7. The inkless pen prank

nail polish pen collage pranks to play on friends
(Credit: Pupsik SG Official Store, deli01.sg)

What you’ll need: Nail polish, pen

We’re returning to our trusty nail polish for this round of pranks to play on your friends! If you’re annoyed by friends that constantly borrow your stationery without returning them, this April Fools prank is for you. Just make sure to wipe the polish off so the pens you use like Deli’s Colour Gel Pens (available on deli01.sg) don’t stay useless.

How to prank:

  1. After successfully borrowing their favourite pen, sneakily dip the tip of their pen in clear nail polish and let it dry
  2. When returning it to them, they’ll be dismayed at how no amount of use gets the ink flowing

April Fools pranks that are good all-year round

From classic switcheroos to ingenious tricks, we hope this array of pranks to play on friends will brighten up your April Fool’s Day! After all, it’s the only day where anything goes when it comes to pranks and gags. Interested in making it up to your friends after pulling off a successful prank? Organise a fun outing with these fun things to do with friends in Singapore! Alternatively, you can also pull off a fun game night with these Nintendo Switch party games and fun drinking games.

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