The Kiasu Singaporean Guide To Planning The Best Christmas Party

The Kiasu Singaporean Guide To Planning The Best Christmas Party

It’s nearly Christmas! (4 more sleeps to be exact) And being a procrastinator, you might be doing some last-minute planning for the Christmas party you’re hosting over the weekend. But don’t worry – here’s a list of websites you can visit to make sure your Christmas party will be the best in Singapore, Malaysia and some say Batam. And best thing? It’s entirely online!

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to find the perfect venue for your party
    If you’re not hosting the party at your house, you’ll need to have a kick-ass venue to hold your party. And we reckon these are your best bets for getting that totally instagrammable-venue.
    (a) Venuerific
    Completely free to use, this is your next go-to website for the coolest function venues. You can even contact the venue owners directly, saving time for yourself and giving you the extra sense of security that you will get what you’re paying for!

    Kara Cafe & Dessert Bar

    (b) We Are Spaces
    Offering a range of venues for almost anything (workshops, weddings, etc.) we are certain you’ll be able to find the perfect venue for your Christmas party here. If you’re not too sure which venue will be the best, We Are Spaces has a editorial blog to make deciding even easier!


    (c) Airbnb
    Alternatively, you can head over to our trusty Airbnb to book your venue. Do take note of the restrictions of each house though (e.g. Noise level, food or pet restrictions). You do not want to be kicked out of the house even before the party starts!

  2. After securing your venue, of course you’ll need to send out invitations!
    Gone are the days of sending out a hard-copy invitation card. Because
    #1 People will just lose it anyway.
    #2 It is just too time-consuming and tiring to handwrite every.single.invite.
    So, spare yourself the hassle and get these programmes do the work for you. We guarantee it’ll also be way nicer and fancier than your nearly illegible penmanship on your 25th invite.

    (a) Paperless Post
    Catering to almost any event, we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect invitation for your Christmas party. It’s also simple to use – Simply pick from a mixture of free and paid invitations and cards, customise it and you’re good to go!

    Merry Christmas

    (b) Greenvelope
    You can also effortlessly send elegantly-designed invitations with in-built RSVP tracking with Greenvelope. They even offer matching e-envelopes!

    Oh What Fun

    (c) Greetings Island
    Completely free, Greeting Islands provides a range of designs for any occasion. Simply choose your favourite design, customise it the way you like and share it!

    Christmas Invitation

    (d) evite
    Slightly different from the rest, evite gives you the option to invite guests by text message. Of course, you can always still opt to send an e-invite from their wide range of designs.

    Christmas Evite
  3. After confirming the attendance, you’ll need food for your guests.
    We do not have enchanted plates or little house elves to fill up the plates automatically. But, we do have these caterers and restaurants that will surely satisfy your hunger.
    (a) Pizza Hut 
    You will never go wrong with pizza. Ever. Order a scrumptious feast for your guests with Pizza Hut’s seasonal Big Santa Box, Knotty Christmas Pizzas and more. Ppst, we heard that when you spend $55 on your Pizza Hut delivery order, and you’ll receive a FREE Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie with this special promo code!
    Pizza Hut Offer(b) Caterspot
    If buffet catering is your cup of tea then head on over to Caterspot to find the perfect option. You can even filter your choices by price, delivery date, delivery time, promotions and more!

    Stamford Catering

    (c) eatigo
    Alternatively, you can also reserve your favourite restaurant on eatigo for your Christmas party because nobody ever said you have to eat at your party venue. It has a range of cuisines and food choices available, but of course, for the festive season, we reckon you should check out their special Christmas options!

  4. And booze.
    Because a party is never complete without some alcohol!
    (a) Shopee
    You’ll be happy to know that Shopee has alcohol now! Filter your options by price, popularity and more, and have these delivered right to your doorstep!

    Santero Sparkling Moscato Rose
  5. Gifts for your guests or secret santees.
    Well, we all know that Christmas is the season of giving so here are some options for you!
    (a) Shopee
    Get the best gifts at the best prices. Use the filters to filter your product searches according to price, shipping options and even popularity. Alternatively, browse through the banners for the specially curated collections! Ppst, pro-tip – Promo codes are often featured on the banners too!

    Excited Baby

    You’ll be happy to know that the Singapore 2018 App is available for sale. The perfect gift for every foodie friend you have! The app is packed with over 1,700 1-for-1 offers on dining, attractions, leisure activities, retail and more! Your favourite restaurants like Fat Cow, Jamie’s Italian Singapore, Bedrock Bar & Grill, Hard Rock Café and Mad for Garlic can all be found here. Ppst, we heard that from now until 31 Dec, you can get the ENTERTAINER App bundle for only $95 (U.P. $265). So, what are you waiting for? Get one now over here!


    (c) Vaniday
    Everyone will appreciate a spa package or a good manicure/pedicure. So why not gift him or her a beauty service on Vaniday, or better yet, a gift card this Christmas?

    One Farrer

    (d) Fuzzie
    If you’re having trouble deciding what gift to get, we’ll recommend getting a gift card on Fuzzie. Well, a gift card is definitely practical and it is something majority will want!


    (e) Mobike
    Bicycle sharing is the next big thing. And if you’re still looking for a present, especially for your fitspo friend, why not gift him/her a 180 Day Mobike Pass as a present? We’ve done the calculation for you – At $0.02 cents per ride, that’s definitely cheaper than public transport!

    Mobike Pass
  6. After settling your presents, you might be looking for some entertainment!
    Because, what’s a party without entertainment? Whether you’re an extrovert or introverted, quiet or outgoing, here’s a list of options available online that will cater to almost every kind of guest!
    (a) Boardgames
    For the quiet introverted ones, this is for you. Rent a couple of board games, get a table or some beanbags and huddle around to play a game of Monopoly, Saboteur or Sushi Go Party!


    (b) Karaoke
    If you and your guests enjoy singing, you might want to consider this mobile karaoke system rental system too. Is Cash or Teo Heng fully booked? No worries, because you can now bring Karaoke to your own house or venue!

    Singing Karaoke

    (c) Santa Claus Appearance
    We’re no longer kids, but it’ll be fun to have Santa grace your party right?


Let us know what other ideas you have in the comments below!

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