Top 5 New Year Resolutions And How To Actually Keep Them

Top 5 New Year Resolutions And How To Actually Keep Them

Happy New Year Shopeeholics! Yes, it’s the time of the year where we traditionally set ourselves goals and milestones to achieve by the end of the first quarter, the second quarter or maybe, more realistically speaking, the end of 2018. But unfortunately, we never really achieve these resolutions. Well, 2018 is going to be the year of change and that is why we’ve gathered some of your top New Year’s Resolution and also made a sure-proof guide for you to (finally) achieve these goals!

  1. Get Healthy
    This is the #1 resolution on everybody’s list. And one guaranteed (plus chop) way to achieve this goal is to… Sign up for a gym membership! There are various gyms littered all over the island and each of these gyms are specially catered for your needs. Here are a few notable ones that we think are worth mentioning:
    (a) Amore Fitness
    The only all-female gym in Singapore, this is the go-to gym for all ladies starting out on their gym journey. Gym machines and classes are all developed and planned specifically for women. We’re talking about Yoga classes and Cardio classes mixed with a little pinch of dance. *yay*

    (b) Fitness First
    This needs no introduction. Fitness First is well-known for its first-rate equipment and a wide range of classes. Sign up with them and you’ll be able to get access to more than 91 of their clubs GLOBALLY. You have no reason or excuse to not hit the gym while being on a holiday.

    (c) Anytime Fitness
    Too busy to hit the gym during working hours? Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is a 24/7 gym in Singapore AND there are 40 outlets littered all over our city. Pro-tip! You can make a visit anytime after 1am and you can have the gym and all its equipment all to yourself!

    Anytime Fitness

    (d) Pure Fitness
    For all the CBD-folks out there, this is your go-to gym during your lunch break. With the iconic Singapore skyline to boot, this is everyone’s dream gym. They even have sleeping pods, complimentary WiFi and a lounge in their gym premises. Perfect for a quick nap after your workout and before going back to work!
    Pure Fitness
    (e) ActiveSG Gyms
    If you’re on a budget, you can always head over to any ActiveSG Gyms and workout at a nominal fee of just S$2.50 for adults and S$1.50 for students. Now you can keep to your new year’s resolution and not burn a (huge) hole in your pocket!

    ActiveSG Gym

    If these ordinary gyms are not your thing, these are also some other new and upcoming alternatives for you to explore:
    (a) Barre
    What do you get when you combine Ballet, Pilates and High Intensity Strength Training? Barre! This is a fun alternative for you if you’re looking to get that toned and lean body.

    (b) Bounce Classes
    Have you ever tried exercising on a trampoline before? If you haven’t, you might want to consider trying out one of the many Bounce classes in Singapore. It is essentially cardio, aerobics, anaerobic and strength training exercises – all completed while jumping on a trampoline.

  2. Get Organised
    And of course, we all aspire to get organised every year. How to do it? Well, you can kickstart your route to an organised life with these some of these key items:
    (a) Organisers
    From organisers for your documents, trinkets and even makeup (*screams lipstick organiser*), this is where you should go to start organising your room (and your life).


    (b) Files
    Gone are the days of boring plastic files. These days, it’s all about organising your documents in style. Start arranging your documents and achieving your new year’s resolution with these pretty ones.


    (c) Planners
    You can consider getting a 2018 planner too. There are various designs for everyone – from floral prints to plain Moleskine style planners. Get one today and start organising your life!

    2018 Planner

    (d) Apps
    If you’re more of a digital person, we’ve got good news! There are numerous (FREE) Apps available on the AppStore or GooglePlay that will significantly help organise all your appointments and thoughts. Some notable mentions are Google Now (it essentially helps you keep track of everything – birthdays, appointments, when your next soccer match is, etc.) and Evernote (a virtual notepad that you can sync on all your devices).

  3. Enjoy life to its fullest
    Don’t we all aim to live our life to its fullest? And the best way to do this is to relax, take some time off your busy schedule and do something to really enjoy. It can be travelling (related to point number 5 below), spending time with your loved ones or even allocating aside some me-time. How to do this? Well, you can always start by booking your annual leaves and optimising your long weekends next year! A full guide can be found here.

  4. Learn new hobbies
    With the new year, we’re all set and inspired to (finally) improve ourselves and learn a new hobby. It might be something simple like brush lettering or something more complicated, like coding. Here are some websites that might help you in your search for your new niche area.
    (a) Shopee Studios
    Head over to Shopee Studios and browse the available classes in the new year. Or sign up to our mailing list to be updated on the latest workshops and be the first to be notified whenever new workshops are released.
    (b) Singapore Skillsfuture
    *This is not a government-sponsored ad* If you’re a Singaporean, this is for you. In case you don’t already know, every Singapore citizen is given the opportunity to grow your current set of skills or learn a new skill in this government-aided scheme. Well, it does seem like the Singapore government is also setting aside resources to help all of us achieve our new year’s resolution!

  5. Travel and discover more places
    Every year, we all tell ourselves that we want to travel to more places and discover things outside the comfort of our home. But, that never happened. Well, now that you’ve booked your annual leaves according to our guide, you’re almost all set to jet set and go. But before that, here are a few websites we find helpful to help you achieve your goal to travel more in 2018.
    (a) Skyscanner
    Once you’ve booked your leaves, it is time to book your flights. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to go onto Skyscanner and simply search for flights. Have no idea where to go yet? It’s okay because Skyscanner has the option to let you choose “Anywhere” as your destination.

    (b) Hotels
    After securing your flight, you’ll need to book your accommodation. And the best way to do this is to head over to any hotel booking websites.These are some of our favourites – Agoda, and Expedia. Pro-tip! Book with these websites to earn points! You can use these points to offset the cost of your next booking 😉

    Vietnam's famed Crazy House, also known as the Hang Nga Guesthouse, is a must-visit destination in Dalat. Designed by an impressionist architect called Đặng Việt Nga, this property is like something out of a fantasy novel, with oddly-shaped walls, doorways, and furniture and quirky nature and wildlife decor. In recent years, the guest house has become something of a museum, allowing non-guests to visit for a small admission price. For a truly out-of-the-ordinary holiday, book a stay here. . For those times when a hotel room doesn't quite work, agoda has apartments, villas, treehouses and even yachts. . Picture credit: @fayelizabethoward . #travel #igtravel #Travelgram #instatravel #agoda #traveladdict #travelstoke #worldtraveler #traveldeeper #agoda #checkinstepout #crazyhouse #hangngaguesthouse #vietnam #visitvietnam

    A post shared by (@agoda) on

    (c) Airbnb
    If hotels and hostels are just too mainstream, so why not book yourself an Airbnb? If you’re feeling adventurous, you can filter and book a private room in your host’s house. If you’re not and prefer to have some alone time, you can always toggle the filters and book the entire home for yourself.

    (d) Couchsurfer
    Feeling even more adventurous? Step out of your comfort zone and try out couch-surfing! Just remember to bring a little something from Singapore to gift your host at the end of your stay.
    (e) Klook 
    You’ll definitely need some activities to occupy yourselves with while traveling too and Klook is one of our favourite websites to search for our activities. Simply use their search bar to search for your desired activities and you’ll be guaranteed the best experience, at the lowest price!


Leave a comment below and tell us if you’re feeling all set for 2018!

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