Bachelorette Party: How To Save Money And Plan For A Party The Bride-To-Be Will Love

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Are you and the other bridesmaids racking your brains for some creative bachelorette party ideas? Wondering how to save money while still ensuring your bride has the best time of her life? Planning for a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be costly and stressful though. Keep scrolling for money saving tips that will keep the bachelorette party within budget and still guarantee loads of fun!

1. Skip the fancy staycation

spacious hotel suite staycation
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When we think of a bachelorette party, images of a girly pillow fight in a glamorous hotel room often comes to mind. If you girls are on a tight budget, skip the fancy hotel room! The money saved from the hotel booking can be channeled into other fun and enriching activities such as an art jamming session or a pole dancing class! Not only will  everyone get to learn something new and build stronger bonds with each other, the total price of these activities should cost cheaper than a night at the hotel.

2. How to save money if you do book a hotel

twin bed hotel room
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How do you save money if your bride’s dream bachelorette party is in fact at a fancy hotel? Instead of burning the entire budget on a 5 star hotel, look for other reputable hotels that offer similar amenities but at a lower cost. Read online reviews before booking a hotel to ensure you’re not checking into a dodgy place though.

Is a hotel suite too costly? Well, you don’t need such a big space for the bachelorette party! A night of fun can be contained in a cozy executive hotel room which will definitely cost a lot lesser. After all, most bachelorette parties only last one night, you don’t want to waste time sleeping! Make bed space the last priority on your checklist when booking a hotel room.

3. Host a sleepover bachelorette party

sleepover bachelorette party
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The location doesn’t matter as much so long as your bride is having a great night! If the budget doesn’t allow for a hotel room, why not host a fun sleepover at one of the girls’ house? Besides having all the amenities you guys will need to cook, bathe and sleep, a sleepover at someone’s house also means it’s completely free of charge! Use the remaining budget to buy decorations or food for the bachelorette party!

4. Consider Airbnb

clean spacious airbnb
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While Airbnb may not be as luxurious as a hotel room, they are more budget-friendly and are often spacious enough to accommodate more people for a bachelorette party!

Airbnb also widens the possibilities for a bachelorette party. Unlike most hotel rooms, Airbnb apartments usually come with a working kitchen. Go grocery shopping and whip up a feast together!

5. Forget about fine dining

potluck party
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Not everyone is willing to fork out huge amounts of money for a bachelorette party. So think out of the box and cut cost in other areas! If you’ve spent most of the budget on a hotel room, instead of ordering expensive room service or dining at a high-end restaurant, consider hosting a potluck party! A potluck is a great way to enjoy different varieties of food without spending too much! What’s more, you girls get to find out who’s the true Master Chef in the group!

6. Get free drinks

free drinks at a bar
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Another good way to cut cost is to host the bachelorette party on a Wednesday night! Save money on booze by hitting a bar or club that’s offering free entrance and drinks for ladies! This usually happens on Wednesday nights and can save a significant amount of money for the bachelorette party!

However, try not to get the bride too drunk! You want to make this a night for her to remember for life, not one where she wakes up the next morning with no memory.

7. Buy decorations for the bachelorette party online

bride to be party props

It’s challenging to figure out how to save money when it comes to planning one of the most important parties for your bride. Since you’re on a tight budget, always spend prudently and look for cheaper alternatives. For example, buying decorations for the bachelorette party from dedicated party stores may cost a bomb. Unless you’re shopping for last minute decorations, always look online for better deals and cheaper prices! There are many cheap bachelorette party decorations online ranging from confetti to balloons which will help construct a dream bachelorette party!

8. Go on a girly picnic

picnic food and snacks
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After all that wedding preparation, the bride may be overwhelmed and prefer a relaxed girls’ day out! There’s no better way to celebrate her happy occasion than a picnic! Throw on a flowy maxi dress, grab a large picnic mat and head on down to Marina Barrage or the Botanic Gardens for an afternoon of endless fun and laughter!

Skip the hassle of packing your own picnic basket by engaging a picnic basket rental service like Casa Verde. Containing delicious food that’s bound to satisfy everyone’s palate, the picnic baskets also make great props for your Instagram photos! Your bride is going to leave the bachelorette party with a satisfied belly and loads of pretty photos to look back on! This is a good trick if you’re wondering how to save money when organising a bachelorette party!

9. To gift or not to gift

gift for the bride-to-be
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On top of all the cost spent organising the bachelorette party, brides may sometimes expect to receive gifts. If your relationship with the bride allows for open communication, ask the bride what she expects and keep her expectations in line with the budget.

If you have splurged on the bachelorette party, know that it is okay to skip the gifts. Otherwise, you girls can come together to create a handmade gift for the bride! Create a scrapbook filled with pictures to commemorate your friendship, or arrange a small handmade bouquet for her to hold when she walks down the aisle on her special day! She’s bound to be delighted at the amount of thought and effort you girls put into the gifts.

10. Bring the bachelorette party to Malaysia

malaysia twin tower
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As our last tip on how to save money while planning for a bachelorette party, we suggest bringing the party overseas! Traveling to places like Bali or Maldives may not be within budget, but that doesn’t mean you girls can’t visit our neighbouring country for an awesome bachelorette party! The options are endless when you bring the bachelorette party to Malaysia because you’ll likely have just as much fun but at a fraction of the price!

Go on a short one-day trip to Johor Bahru and treat the bride to a luxurious spa or a fancy manicure session! Bring her on a food tour to eat to her heart’s content! Visit massive shopping malls like City Square and bag home new outfits for work or the weekends!

A bachelorette party is a fun occasion for both the bride and her bridesmaids. While there is nothing wrong with splurging on the party, there are better ways to celebrate her marriage. Whether it is an extravagant bachelorette party or a simple picnic in the park, you girls are going to create beautiful memories together!

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