27 Best Bags Under $10

We’re already bagging these into our shopping carts! *proceeds to add to cart*

  1. We’re definitely not sitting on the fence for this one! Get this quirky Fence Bag ($8.80) in all these pastel purple or plain black!

    Fence Bag
  2. Is your outfit feeling too dull? Add just the right amount of prints with this Tribal Shoulder Strap Bag ($9) that comes in an array of colours for you to choose from!

    Tribal Strap Bag
  3. We’re bringing tassels back with this cute Tassel Round Bag ($5.20).

    Tassel Round Bag
  4. Get this vintage looking Straw Bag ($9.60) that will the perfect addition to your girl-next-door look!

    Straw Bag
  5. You might be asking, “what’s better than a classic bucket bag?” A 2-in-1 Bucket Bag that includes a purse ($3.90)!

    Bucket Bag
  6. Spice up your outfit with this over-the-top Bow Bag ($6.76) that just screams kawaii!

    Bow Bag
  7. You will never go wrong with this classic Small Bucket Bag with Tassels ($6) that comes a nice shade of pink, plain black and even grey that will surely match any of your outfits!

    Tassel Bag
  8. Hook this Small Messenger Tassel Shoulder Bags ($9.40) on your arm for the best night-out accessory.

    Tassel Bag
  9. As girls, we all know that just one bag is never enough! Get this 4-in-1 Bag ($8) that can work as your “go-to-work bag”, and also your “going-out-bag” and your “clubbing-bag”.

    4-in-1 Bag
  10. A simple and classic Leather Backpack ($7.40) might be just what you need to make your #OOTD perfect!

    Leather Bagpack
  11. Or get a Tassel Backpack ($5.50) that will add just the right touch to your girl-next-door look!

    Tassel Bagpack
  12. This Messenger Bag ($4.80) is really the perfect size for your phone, wallet and keys. We’re also loving the separate front compartment that is the perfect fit for your phone!

    Messenger Bag
  13. Get your K-fashion on with this cute Cross Body Leather Bag ($4.70)!

  14. Bambi would be proud of this cute Deer Trinket Bag ($3.19).

    Deer Trinket Bag
  15. This simple Leather Bucket Bag ($6.78) is really perfect for the lazy-to-change-bag-everyday-person.

    Bucket Bag
  16. Go classy with this Leather Messenger Bag ($4.60) that looks way more atas than it costs!

    Leather Bag
  17. The flower power is strong with this Floral Bag ($3.50).

    Floral Bag
  18. And even more so with this Flower Handbag ($9.99) that has fake flowers sewed onto the bag.

    Flower Embroidery
  19. Or if that is too OTT, get this dainty Flower Embroidery Cross Body Bag ($6.70) instead!

    Flower Embroidery
  20. Look smart with this Suede Leather Clutch ($4.40).

    Suede Clutch
  21. Rock the look with this Studded Bag ($9.90) that even includes a cute furry ball accessory!

    Studded Bag
  22. Show off your love for food with these adorable Food Bags ($1.60).

    Food Bag
  23. Or these Food Sling Bags ($5.50) with shrimp prints, ice cream prints and even, pizza prints.

    Food Sling
  24. Prepare for Chinese New Year with this super huat Pineapple Bag ($6.99).

    Pineapple Bag
  25. We’ve got to say that simplicity is really at its best with this Small Canvas Bag ($6.64), which comes in so many colours that we’re really spoilt for choice.

    Canvas Bag
  26. If the small canvas bag is too small, well, we’ve got you covered with this Casual Canvas Bag ($5.58) that can even fit your 13-inch laptop and A4 documents!

    Canvas Bag
  27. Get this Geometric Prints Tote Bag ($1.50) that is really the right size for your notes and books.

    Geometric Tote Bag

Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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