Joy, Bliss, and Success: A Peek Into Shopee’s 3rd Birthday Celebration in Indonesia

It was a perfect day in every sense and in all the ways only the universe can give. The sun shone brightly, the traffic was moderate (despite Jakarta being a city that’s famous for its traffic), and Shopee turned 3! Can the day get any more perfect? Apparently it can!

The Shopee Team started our day with:

  • Adorable cupcakes too cute to be eaten
  • Tasty Korean food for lunch
  • After-work treats! Brownies that were crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Here’re some highlights from all the festivities that happened during the Shopee’s birthday, which came together with our 12.12 Birthday Sale!

Shopee Team was pleasantly surprised seeing a cupcake on their desk. Thanks to our cupcake fairies!
There ain’t no sorrow when you hold a cupcake in your hands
Our morning just got so much sweeter with a dainty, crowd-pleasing cupcake on the desk
Shopee was born to make you happee 😉 Gear up, everyone!
Our pantry has been bewitched by magic – that it’s now all fancy and fantastic! Isn’t this a true definition of #PantryGoals?
Look at that huge magical 8-tier birthday cake! The cake truly represents how Shopee has had a wonderful journey over the past three years and achieved huge success. Here’s to a prosperous and more successful eCommerce platform in the years to come!
Can you feel the love in the air? The happiness and gratitude were reflected on Shebi and Hebi’s face for the whole day. They truly appreciated all Shopee Team for giving them kind wishes on their special day
It’s not a coincidence: It turned out that Shopee was not the only one who was having a birthday. Confetti was strewn and cake was cut. Cheers to all Shopee Team who celebrated their birthday with Shopee!
Kamsahamida Shopee! We don’t need to fly far to Korea to taste mouthwatering Korean cuisine – Shopee brought them to the office! Shopee Jjang!
Worth the queue: Anything for a taste of the tender and appetising Korean beef!
Look at those charming smiles! Good food indeed paints a ray of sunshine all over their faces!
Time for a wefie! Shopee Team capturing joy and bliss in pictures. Cheers!
Our dear colleague taking the perfect snap of her food to share her followers how exactly #lifeatshopee is
The surprises keep coming: the Shopee team was pampered by this heavenly, sweet chocolate brownie booster. It’s the last for this year, so naturally we’re going out with a big bang!

Major thank you to everyone in the Shopee team – for buckling down and going the extra mile to make this magical day happen! Cheers to more successful years ahead! If you want to be a part of our team and fun work environment, find out more and apply here!

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