Om Sapi, Face Painting & Baby Massage: Scenes from Shopee Indonesia Family Day 2018

This past weekend, Shopee Indonesia opened our home to over 160 guests. About 53 families showed up, each bringing wide smiles and happy hearts.

Children and parents alike were treated to a wild day of food, fun and games. The face-painting, tote bag-painting and sand-painting stations were great hits amongst the artistic. Sporty fellas were greatly entertained by mini soccer and basketball. Babies didn’t miss out too – they had their own baby ball pool and even cooed through a comfy baby massage session!

Here’re some highlights from our very merry Shopee Indonesia Family Day 2018:

Safari wonderland: Within a night, Shopee’s cafeteria was transformed into an animal dreamland. Jungle inhabitants adorn every corner of the room, ready to receive their little guests.
Credit: @elisa.meiyer
Benefits of arriving early: The volunteers got their face-paints before everyone else did.
The People team working hard to get the event running.
The young ones arrive in high spirits, decked out in mini Shopee T-shirts and getting acquainted with their new playground.
Safe in daddy’s arms: This little one (with an Instagram-worthy pom-pom beanie, no less) hangs out with dad as he gets introduced to his colleague’s family.
Cranky princess: A happy couple stops by for a family portrait with their wailing niece.
Sweet treat: Visitors were presented with safari cupcakes from RR Cakes.
Dad plays puppeteer as he gets his son to cooperate for a photo by the dessert table, right as the event begins.
Emcee Johan Liu, or Om Sapi (Uncle Cow) for the day, welcomes everyone to Shopee Indonesia Family Day 2018 with light-hearted jokes and high-energy interactions with his audience.
From left to right: Elisa Meiyer, Felicia Cindy, Johan Liu, Roselynn Prabowo and Devy Ramadiani from the People team lead the children in performing Shopee’s signature dance.
Amused parents whip out their mobile phones to record their children’s dance performance.
Having a ball of a time: An infant smiles at his parents from the baby ball pit.
Tiny Passya bewitched by the mysterious appeal of ball pits and mini tunnels.
Now you see me, now you don’t: Our littlest guest entertains herself and her parents with a game of hide-and-seek behind balloons.
Life’s simplest joys. It doesn’t take much for toddlers to be happy; our friend here was certainly euphoric over floating balloons and having a companion to play with!
Holding his newfound love at the mini soccer and basketball area.
Never letting go: A hawk-eyed toddler noticed the mini soccer balls before anyone else did, and guarded them throughout the day.
A message in the mess: Getting children’s imagination running by bringing art and play together.
You’re gonna hear me roar: Fashionista baby takes over the sand art station.
Fitriyani Adams from the Co-Ops team entertains her youngest audience yet with a captivating animal story.
Like father, like son: Our colleague and his boy intrigued by the tiger-panda drama happening on stage.
Cutest baby of the day goes to… Immanuel, Primandaru Widjaya’s smiley 8-month-old!
An adorable visitor living out her Wonder Woman dreams at the face-painting station.
The magic of face-painting: This young man is so excited about his temporary face tattoo that he can barely hold on to his seat.
A fun-loving dad amuses his daughter by playing a game of ping-pong with her balloon of choice.
A Rosie the Riveter lookalike hangs on to her new elephant friend at the playmat area.
A mother-and-daughter pair working on a creative project together at the tote bag-painting counter.
Sri Suharti from the Price-Matching team paints a panda caricature on her tote bag.
Five dads stand ready with their makeshift party hat face masks, anxiously waiting for the game to begin. The goal? Be the first to identify his child by touching his/her facial features whilst being blindfolded.
Om Sapi explains the rules of the game to the younger participants. Their part in this play is to keep still, silent and giggle-free.
The children break out of character when they see their dads walking towards them. Some made a run for their fathers, whilst others yelled, “Papa! Saya di sini! (Dad! I’m here!). All dads eventually found their children by a walk-over.
The joy of holding her child: This mom had a go at the same game, and was overjoyed to find her precious bambino at the other end of the line.
For their enthusiasm, all participants were awarded with Carrefour vouchers worth 300.000 IDR each. Hurray!
Children enjoying free play with inflatable animals under their parents’ careful watch.
Head of HR Ibu Jenie Lim poses for a pretty picture with her team member Isna Raharja.
Something for everyone: A mother and her son tuck into the aromatic hot chocolate fountain.
A case for massaging your baby: A Mom N Jo coach explaining the benefits of baby massage and taking parents through a step-by-step tutorial.
Taking a break from the activities, our little visitor tucks into her specially-crafted tumpeng lunch by Tumpeng Kids.
An attendee picks out his lunchbox from a scrumptious tumpeng variety.
Little Rafi enjoying his tasty lunch, which comes with crispy chicken, mixed vegetables, beef sausages, potato patties and beef floss.
The event comes to an end with a lucky draw, where winners will be randomly drawn from a bowl of names. Event organiser Wiji Mulyati receives a happy applause from the audience as she walks on stage.

We can’t give enough thanks to our volunteers and organisers for making this lively event happen. And for everyone who participated and brought your families along, thank you for coming. We’ll see you at the next family event! 🙂