You’ll Need These 8 Outfits If You Always Overeat At CNY

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It’s nearly Chinese New Year, and you know what that means! Food, food, glorious food! *cues Hallelujah* And you won’t want to cut down on your feasting just because you’re wearing a top or dress that’s too body-fitting. Here are 8 recommended super Ji-Li CNY Outfits you can wear and still feast in peace!

1. Loose Chiffon Outfits

Let it flow, let it flow, don’t hold back anymore! Get these loose chiffon dresses and be free in your CNY Outfit to eat your fill at your gatherings.

(a) Chiffon Chic Dress ($35.43)

Floral Chiffon Dress

(b) Palm Leaves Chiffon Dress ($9.90)


(c) V-Neck Simple Sling Dress ($9.88)

V-neck Sleeveless Maxi Dresses

(d) Floral Printed V Neck Dress ($12.79)

Loose Dress

(e) Floral Dress ($18.55)

Loose chiffon floral strap dress

(f) Logan Chiffon Dress ($18.90)

Chiffon Dress
Credit: thejlabel

2. Shift Dress Outfits

It’s time to shift yourself to the food table and start feasting in peace. These CNY Outfits friendly piece features a non-body hugging silhouette to make it easier for you to just eat (and eat) and not worry about your little food belly.

(a) Amrose Dress ($19.90)

Amrose Dress
Credit: thejlabel

(b) Abstract Shift Dress ($28.00)

Abstract Shift Dress
Credit: shannlin

(c) Lois Sleeveless Shift Dress ($20.00)

Shift Dress
Credit: ootd_sg

(d) Midi Shift Dress ($15.00)

Long Midi Shift Dress

(e) Solid Colour Dress ($6.98)

mid-length solid color dress

(f)A-Line Cheongsam Dresses ($17.40)

A-Line Cheongsam Dresses

(g) Simple Pocket Shift Dress ($15.90)

Simple Pocket Shift Dress
Credit: justshopnow

3. Baggy Oversized Tops and Dresses

Bag these tops and pair it with an elastic bottom (or jeans – non-skinny ones please!) and you’re good to go! These extra baggy oversized tops are your best bet if you’re feeling lazy to think much for your CNY Outfits too!

(a) Floral Blouse ($13.33)

Floral Blouse

(b) Boyfriend Top ($9.26)

Boyfriend Shirt

(c) Bell Sleeve Dress ($18.00)

Loose Sleeve Dress
Credit: stylehouse

(d) Waist Slimming Dress ($31.00)

Waist Slimming Dress

(e) Chiffon V Neck Long Sleeve Blouse ($8.50)

 Chiffon V Neck Long Sleeve Blouse

(f) Loose Shirt ($10.94)

Loose Shirt

(g) Casual Blouse ($12.39)

Casual Blouse

(h) Oversized Plaid Blouse ($9.00)

Oversized Plaid Blouse

(i) V-neck Mini Dress ($17.24)

V-Neck Mini Dress

(j) Pineapple Shirt ($7.90)

Pineapple Shirt

4. Elastic Bottoms

Pair your oversized tops with comfy elastic bottoms so that you can still breathe normally after your oh-so-fulfilling meal!

(a) Elastic Trousers Pants ($9.28)

Elastic Trousers Pants

(b) Silk Wide-Leg Long Pants ($6.39)

Silk Wide-Leg Long Pants

(c) Wide Leg Women Pants ($9.00)

Wide Leg Women Pants

(d) Loose Short Pants ($6.64)

Loose Short Pants

(e) Elastic Skirt ($9.45)

Elastic Skirt

5. Suspenders Outfits

These are perfect for your CNY Feasts. Of course, you’ll need to get one size larger – So that you can layer it over another oversized t-shirt and still eat your fill. We assure you – your food baby will be well-protected.

(a) Casual Dungarees ($18.90)

Casual Dungaree

(b) Denim Overalls ($15.20)

Denim Overalls

(c) Denim Short Overalls ($26.38)

Denim Short Overalls

(d) Denim Long Maxi Dress ($14.00)

Denim Long Maxi Dress

(e) Wide-leg Dungarees ($13.99)

Vintage Loose Solid Strapless Playsuits
Credit: Solid Strapless Paysuits

(f) Short Sleeve Rompers ($15.41)

Short Sleeve Rompers

(g) Denim Dungaree ($21.67)

Denim Overalls

6. Pinafore Dresses

The K-drama Look essential – Pinafore Dresses not only helps to hide your tummy, but it also helps add on to you girl-next-door look (if you’re aiming for that!)

(a) Summer Spaghetti Strap Dress ($26.00)

Summer Spaghetti Strap Dress
Credit: 7ycg0qk76r5jct4o2mtm9xbbh6r1

(b) Mini Sundress ($7.29)

Mini Sundress

(c) Avie Denim Set ($15.33)

Avie Denim Set
Credit: ootd_sg

(d) College Wind Dress ($26.00)

College Wind Dress

(e) Floral Maxi Dress ($11.80)

Floral Maxi Dress

7. Flutter Sleeve Dress

These are perfect for hiding not only your food baby but also your flabby underarms.

(a) Mesh Flutter Sleeves ($50.00)

Mesh Flutter Sleeves
Credit: nudesnneutrals

(b) Bat Wing Flutter Sleeve ($13.00)

Bat Wing Flutter Sleeve
Credit: justshopnow

(c) Clarette Flutter Sleeves Cheongsam ($26.90)

Clarette Flutter Sleeves Cheongsam
Credit: elodie.ame

8. CNY Wrapped Dresses

Use details to hide that food baby in these CNY Outfits after eating your fill!

(a) Nina Twist Mid Round Neck Dress ($23.90)

Wrap Dress
Credit: stylehouse

(b) Polka Dots Wrap Dress Outfit ($14.90)

Polka Dots Wrap Dress
Credit: avabelleshop

Let us know what other clothes you’ll recommend in the comments below!

This article was updated on 19 January 2021. Additional research done by Quah Si Yu

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