12 Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas In Singapore You’ve Got To Try

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We’re not ones to judge if you and your partner decide to do the usual dinner date on Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re looking for an alternative Valentine’s Day idea in Singapore, read on for fun alternatives we’ve come up with! We guarantee these activities will bring you much closer and keep that magic and spark alive! Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re happily single or smitten and in love, we’ve got ideas for everyone here!

1. Recreate your first date

recreate first date valentine's day ideas singapore
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Go back to the place where you had your first date and re-live those memories that set off the violin playing in your head! For more fun,  try and replicate the events of the night exactly as they happened! Take the same route to your first date destination and talk about the same topics you discussed before — but this time without the awkwardness!

And if you had wanted to do something that first date, like hold your date’s hand or lean in for a kiss, you can do that today — he or she is all yours now!

2. Meal prep + garden picnic

botanic gardens valentines day ideas singapore
(Credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens / Wikimedia Commons)

This is an oldie but goodie. Spare yourselves the anxiety of making last-minute reservations at restaurants and do your own meal prep. Start the day by cooking together and bond over these easy recipes for the busy Singaporean. After you’re done, pack it all into a picnic basket (available on Notonly) and set off to one of Singapore’s many parks and open green spaces!

We like the Singapore Botanic Gardens — you might even get to catch an orchestra playing at the Shaw Symphony Stage! Bring along a frisbee (available on fengyun.sg) and your picnic mat (available on Singapore Dream) for a cool, alternative Valentine’s Day idea in Singapore.

3. Galentine’s Day

galentine's day valentine's day
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If you’re single and don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day, don’t fret! You have the same reason to celebrate but this time with your other (happily) single female companions. We don’t see why single men can’t do this too!

Simply head out for a night in town — anywhere with free-flowing booze and good music such as these jazz bars in town! If a night in sounds more enticing, then call your girlfriends over and throw an alternative V-day soiree. Play female-centric movies or songs in the background and serve food and cakes to play up the derisive day — perhaps dagger through the heart cupcakes? You get the idea.

4. Silent Disco

silent disco asia valentines day ideas
(Credit: Silent Disco Asia / Facebook)

Groove to music on the same channel at Silent Discos! For those unaware, silent discos are parties where people dance to music playing on wireless headphones. So instead of grooving to that single track throbbing through club walls, you and your partner will get to tune into the same music channel and dance the night away in a transcendental space. This is definitely one of the more interesting and alternative Valentine’s Day ideas to explore!

5. Dining on cloud nine

dining on cloud 9 alternative valentine's day ideas singapore
(Credit: One Faber Group)

Celebrate the special day with a sky dining date in Singapore! Enjoy a four-course meal in your private cable car and clink your glass against the backdrop of Sentosa island! We’re talking appetizer, soup, main course and dessert with a glass of cocktail!

This is one of the best alternative Valentine’s Day ideas and puts you and your other half on the top of the world — literally. Not a fan of dining in a moving vehicle? Then these rooftop restaurants in Singapore are a close enough alternative!

6. Make your own furniture

valentine's day ideas singapore tombalek furniture wood making workshop
(Credit: Tombalek / Facebook)

Ran out of ideas on what to do on Valentine’s day? Fret not, we’ve found you the perfect solution — furniture making! Whether you’re getting ready for your future home or would like to add a DIY craft project to your humble abode, you won’t go wrong with a furniture workshop led by the skillful folks at Tombalek! 

Tombalek is a woodworking workshop in Singapore that provides classes for a wide range of furniture and instruments . Psst, they even conduct electric guitar making classes that would be perfect for music lovers! However, if you’re looking to start small, we highly suggest the clothes rack or cheese and chopping board making classes. Be sure to show-off the final pieces to guests at your housewarming party!

7. Couple Massage

capella spa valentine's day ideas singapore
(Credit: Capella Singapore)

Wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day that’s both romantic and rejuvenating? Why not unwind together with a couple massage? It’s also the perfect alternative Valentine’s Day idea for those bored of the  usual hotel staycations in Singapore.  If you find yourself working till late on V-day, then check out these 24-hour spas in Singapore — some of which cater to couples too!

However, if you and your partner have the time, then treat yourselves to a luxury couple spa! The Auriga Spa at Capella Singapore is one of our favourites. It provides a host of heavenly treatments, using natural products from The Organic Pharmacy. If you choose the PS I Love You (not the book/movie) treatment, expect to be treated to a foot massage, followed by a full body massage, candlelit sensual bath as well as cocktails and refreshments at their in-house bar — talk about the ultimate pampering experience!

8. Stargazing

stargazing valentines day ideas singapore
(Credit: Raymond Chua / Flickr)

Spend a romantic night under the stars — literally! Stargazing is not just for the astronomy lovers but can be enjoyed by the everyday couple too! Head to the Science Centre Observatory — Singapore’s most well-known stargazing site and use their sophisticated telescopes to spot constellations! The stars are aligned on this one, as stargazing sessions here are only organised on Friday nights — perfect for this year’s Valentine’s Day! 

Alternatively,  head to one of these other stargazing spots in Singapore! Download a free stargazing app like SkyView Lite and identify constellations together. This alternative V-day idea will leave you with more knowledge about the glimmering stars than before!

9. Marriage preparation course

valentine's day ideas singapore eagles mediation counselling centre marriage preparation course
(Credit: Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre (EMCC) / Facebook)

Has marriage been in the cards lately? If you and your other half have plans to tie the knot, why not seize the chance to attend a marriage preparation course together on V-day? Marriage preparation courses can help prepare you and your partner for a smooth family life. By touching on important topics relating to child-rearing, family finances, life goals and more, you and your other half will be able to communicate better and support one another. We think this is one of the most meaningful Valentine’s Day ideas that’s worth your time! 

If you’re looking for a reputable marriage preparation course to attend, we suggest signing up for EMCC Marriage Preparation Programme. Here, you’ll meet professionally trained facilitators, experienced in providing marital insights and advice You can either sign up for a private session with your partner or a group session to meet other like-minded couples! 

10. Glamping with your other half

glamping valentines day ideas singapore
(Credit: The Glamping Society)

Glamping combines the rusticness of camping and the privacy that comes with a hotel staycation. Essentially, it’s a pop-up hotel. East Coast Park is one of the best places to set up tent at for an overnight stay with the promise of a spectacular sunrise view (as long as it doesn’t rain).

Glamping Society provides glamping packages for couples. Rent beautiful ball tents, housed with a double bed, plush pillows and adorned with fairy lights. Optional extras include free-standing hammocks and breakfast baskets! If you’re a couple that doesn’t mind living in the wild and giving up your bathtubs for the day then this is one alternative Valentine’s Day idea you have to try! Afterall, how many other places allow you to sleep and wake up to the sound of crashing waves in Singapore? Don’t forget to come prepared with essential camping equipment to ensure your V-day plan has no hiccups!

11. Netflix, then chill

valentines day ideas singapore netflix and chill
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Appreciate the simpler things in life? Then Netflix and chill with a pizza takeout and beer. Prefer to go a little more gourmet? Then whip up air-fryer snacks and uncork the wine bottle you’ve been meaning to open! Get comfy on your sofa, put your phone on silent mode and get lost again in an old series, the latest movie or your favourite stand-up comedy!

You can pause, fast forward and skip the parts that you guys don’t like or repeat your favourite dialogues over and over again. No one’s there to judge!

12. Visit your dream home

valentine's day ideas singapore my nice home gallery hdb
(Credit: Housing & Development Board / Facebook)

Are you and your partner house-hunting or eagerly awaiting for your BTO keys to be handed to you? Then, you’d be stoked to know that you can experience what it’s like ‘living’ together for a day at the My Nice Home Gallery! Not only is this one of the most budget-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas on the list (admission is free), it’s also a great way for you and your partner to imagine the kind of house you’d want for yourselves.

Visit model houses of various sizes ranging from cosy 2-room Flexi to spacious 5-room units and get inspired by the fully furnished showrooms with Scandinavian, modern and rustic interior designs. Sink into the couch with your partner and discuss how you guys would like your dream home to look like! Simple things like this can truly warm the heart and make both of you more excited to build a future together. 

Other ways to pamper your special one

We hope you guys got some inspiration for alternative Valentine’s Day ideas with this article! Check out our guide on couple activities to do in Singapore for other ideas you might like. If you’re looking for V-Day gifts for him, this gift guide for all types of Singaporean men should sort you right out. Shout out to all men! Make sure you send those V-Day flowers on V-Day and not a day later or earlier — lookout for retailers which do free flower delivery in Singapore!

This article was updated on 07-01-2020. Additional research done by Iris Tan.