Jumping Dumplings: Top 15 Dumplings To Add To Your Steamboats

best frozen dumplings singapore

Whether you know them as mandu, jiaozi, gyozas, pot stickers, or dumplings, these bite-sized treats are a must-try Asian delicacy. But instead of heading out to get dumplings, why not prepare them in the comforts of your own home? Case in point: frozen dumplings! These frozen dumplings are made with quality ingredients and sealed to preserve their freshness. And all you have to do is simply steam, boil, or fry them for a few minutes and you can dig in! Not sure which frozen dumplings to get? Check out some of the best frozen dumplings in Singapore to get for your upcoming CNY meals!

15 best frozen dumplings in Singapore

Type Brand Filling Price
Chinese Dumplings Tian Tian Chinese Dumplings (1kg) Cabbage and pork $10.50
HKZ Dim Sum Chives Dumplings (6 pcs.) Chives $6.50
Swee Choon Chinese Dumplings (10 pcs.) Pork with garlic, ginger and spring onions $11.60
Fish Dumplings BoBo Fish Dumplings (10 pcs.) Xi dao fish and yellowtail $2.45
O’Food Fish Dumplings (180g)
  • Fish and kimchi
  • Fish and hot pepper japchae
  • Fish and broccoli
DoDo Fish Dumplings (80g) Fish meat $2.43
Shrimp Dumplings TungLok Shrimp Dumplings (48 pcs.) Shrimp, pork and chives $24.26
Yongle Shrimp Dumplings (1kg) Prawn, egg and cucumber $24.00
FoodSMart Shrimp Dumplings (500g) Prawn, bamboo shoots and black fungus $29.40
Vegetarian Dumplings SanQuan Vegetarian Dumplings (450g)
  • Leek and egg
  • Mushroom and bok choy
  • Cabbage and bean curd
Yocorn Carrot Mushroom Dumplings (24 pcs.) Carrot, Yunnan melon, mushrooms $9.00
WoHeng Vegetarian Dumplings (500g) Chives and egg $7.90
Gyozas Im Mandu Gyoza (490g)
  • Galbi
  • Kimchi
Keisuke Tonkotsu King Gyoza (12 pcs.) Pork, cabbage and ginger $7.50
Sung Gyeongsun Vermicelli Gyoza (700g) Vegan fillings: vermicelli noodles, onion and Korean chives $9.39


Best frozen Chinese dumplings in Singapore

1. Tian Tian Chinese Dumplings

best chinese dumplings singapore tian tian cabbage and pork
(Credit: TIAN TIAN Official Store)

Starting off the list is Tian Tian, a homegrown brand known for its premium dumplings and wontons. In Singapore, the best frozen Chinese dumplings sold by Tian Tian are its classic Cabbage and Pork Chinese Dumplings (available on TIAN TIAN Official Store). Each 1kg pack contains around 50 dumplings and is made with the freshest pork and vegetables. Some of its other best-sellers include the Chives and Pork Chinese Dumplings and  Celery and Pork Chinese Dumplings (both available on TIAN TIAN Official Store)All of them are made without preservatives to retain the original taste of the dumplings. Curious about how they taste? Have a go at tasting these delectable Tian Tian dumplings and get maximum satisfaction with every bite!

2. HKZ Dim Sum Chives Dumplings

HKZ Dim Sum Chives Dumplings
(Credit: Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum)

For dumplings with a Cantonese twist, fry up some handmade Chives Dumplings (available on Hong Kong Zhai Dim Sum). Bite through the crisp and chewy skin for a savoury, juicy and flavourful bite! These dumplings are best eaten with some fragrant chilli oil for a spicy kick with each mouthful. HKZ Dim Sum dumplings make perfect snacks as they are easy to prepare, affordable and delicious. Stock up on your favourite dim sum staples too, like sharks fin dumplings, siew mai, salted egg yolk buns, and more!

3. Swee Choon Chinese Dumplings

best chinese dumplings singapore peking swee choon
(Credit: Swee Choon Kitchen Pte Ltd Official Store)

Not many know that the best xiao long bao place in Singapore has its own line of frozen Chinese dumplings. Enter Swee Choon Chinese Dumplings (available on Swee Choon Kitchen Pte Ltd Official Store)! Dubbed as Peking Dumplings, these Swee Choon dumplings use ground pork instead of minced pork to give them a lean and consistent texture. Pair these dumplings with garlic and spring onion, and enjoy these Swee Choon treats in your comfy abode. How swee does that sound!

Best frozen fish dumplings in Singapore

4. BoBo Fish Dumplings

best fish dumplings singapore bobo
(Credit: BoBo Fishball Official Store)

BoBo Fish Dumplings (available on BoBo Fishball Official Store) is what you get when you combine frozen fish dumplings with one of the best fish product suppliers in Singapore. Unlike the usual ingot-shaped dumplings, these are wrapped by sticking both ends together to form a rosebud shape. Immerse the dumplings into the boiling water and watch as the surimi paste cooks slowly. The eventual product? A chewy fish dumpling with a consistency similar to those of the famous BoBo fishballs. A simple yet delicious way to prepare one of the best frozen dumplings in Singapore!

5. O’Food Fish Dumplings

best fish dumplings singapore ofood
(Credit: SL Foods Official Store)

A fan of South Korea’s diverse street food? If so, then the O’Food Fish Dumplings (available on SL Foods Official Store) are one of the best frozen dumplings in Singapore with a Korean twist! These dumplings come in three variations: kimchi, hot pepper japchae, and broccoli — all of them oozing with limitless flavours. Pop them into the microwave oven for just three minutes and enjoy half a dozen of these wondrous treats. A perfect afternoon snack or a healthy meal just for you!

6. DoDo Fish Dumplings

best fish dumplings singapore dodo
(Credit: Enjoy DoDo Official Store)

DoDo is one of the best halal frozen fish dumpling brands that many would have heard of in Singapore. Each of DoDo Fish Dumplings (available on Enjoy DoDo Official Store) is lovingly hand-wrapped to ensure consistency when it comes to shaping. The dumplings are then blanched and frozen to preserve their freshness before being sealed into moderate serving sizes. This allows households to finish all the fresh DoDo fish dumplings without having to worry about the rest going bad. How cool is that!

Best frozen shrimp dumplings in Singapore

7. TungLok Shrimp Dumplings

best shrimp dumplings singapore tunglok
(Credit: Tunglok Group Official Store)

Another luxury Chinese restaurant that has made it onto the list is Tung Lok! Each pack of their Shrimp Dumplings (available on Tunglok Group Official Store) contains 48 pieces that can either be boiled or steamed. Then, pair the dumplings with some ginger and vinegar to enjoy a truly savoury experience. What’s more, these bouncy TungLok dumplings can be found within its steamboat delivery services as well. A phone call is all you need to get all the necessary ingredients to start your CNY feast, how neat!

8. Yongle Shrimp Dumplings

best shrimp dumplings singapore yongle
(Credit: Yongle Dumpling Official Store)

The Yongle Shrimp Dumplings (available on Yongle Dumpling Official Store) are the best frozen shrimp dumplings in Singapore that replicate those you can find in Shandong, China. The highlight of these Yongle dumplings lies in their delectable dumpling skin made with natural wheat flour. This helps reduce the likelihood of dumplings breaking when they’re being boiled in steamboat broths. Succulent shrimp and fresh cucumbers are then wrapped, creating Yongle’s extra crunchy dumplings with an addictive taste.

9. FoodSMart Shrimp Dumplings

best shrimp dumplings singapore foodsmart
(Credit: FoodSMart Official Store)

If you’re one that likes wonton, then the FoodSMart Shrimp Dumplings (available on FoodSMart Official Store) are the best ones to get in Singapore! These frozen dumplings are made with an assortment of healthy ingredients: bamboo shoots, black fungus, and white prawns.They are best enjoyed when dunked in noodle soup or steamboat, giving the broth an unparalleled rich umami taste. One taste is enough to develop a lifetime of cravings for these delectable dumplings!

Best frozen vegetarian dumplings in Singapore

10. SanQuan Vegetarian Dumplings

best vegetarian dumplings singapore sanquan
(Credit: Seawaves Frozen Food Official Store)

SanQuan is China’s leading frozen food manufacturer and has one of the best frozen vegetarian dumplings in the Singapore market. Their Vegetarian Dumplings (available on Seawaves Frozen Food Official Store) use a mix of fresh vegetables and mushrooms, making it a good option for those looking for a healthy and nutritious snack. But if you’re looking to fill your stomach, add the dumplings to a bowl of noodles for a hearty meal!

11. Yocorn Carrot Mushroom Dumplings

best vegetarian dumplings singapore yocorn carrot and hericum mushroom
(Credit: yocornfoodsingapore)

This option takes the cake as the best frozen vegetarian dumpling in Singapore for its unique colouration! Yocorn Carrot Mushroom Dumplings (available on yocornfoodsingapore) come with two eye-catching traits: their striking dumpling skin and their chewy fillings. Its orange dumpling skin is achieved by squeezing carrots and mixing the juice with wheat flour. The dumpling also uses Monkey Head mushroom, a type of mushroom that has a taste and texture similar to that of seafood. So don’t be fooled as these dumplings will certainly tickle your tastebuds!

12. WoHeng Vegetarian Dumplings

best frozen dumplings in singapore woheng chives and egg
(Credit: Wo Heng Food)

You don’t need meat dumplings when you can get the same savoury and umami fillings from these WoHeng Chives and Eggs Vegetarian Dumplings (available on Wo Heng Food)! They are one of the best frozen vegetarian dumplings to get your hands on, filled with fragrant chives and rich, almost buttery eggs. Wo Heng dumplings is a masterpiece that brings out the natural taste of its premium, high-quality ingredients, so you can savour each bite with gusto! Have these Wo Heng dumplings with some condiments or have them on their own to enjoy these healthy fillings. 

Best frozen gyoza in Singapore

13. Im Mandu Gyoza

best frozen gyoza singapore im mandu
(Credit: SL Foods Official Store)

Ready your steamboat for a gargantuan flavour experience with these king-sized gyozas! Im Mandu Gyoza (available on SL Foods Official Store) is the best frozen gyoza in Singapore for those with a colossal appetite. Each king-size gyoza is about 1.5 times the size of a regular gyoza and they’re all packed with tons of flavourful ingredients. These delectable dumplings also come in two Korean flavours: galbi (Korean short ribs) and the all-time favourite kimchi. Pan-fry or chuck it in the air fryer and your gyoza will be ready in a blink of an eye!

14. Keisuke Tonkotsu LKing Gyoza

best frozen dumplings in singapore keisuke tonkotsu king gyoza
(Credit: DON DON DONKI Official Store)

Imagine the deep umami flavours of pork tonkotsu broth in a thin and slightly chewy skin! Keisuke Tonkotsu King Pork Gyoza (available on DON DON DONKI Official Store) is the best gyoza in Singapore to enjoy in the comforts of your home. Each gyoza is filled with fine minced pork and a rich, thick tonkotsu broth that’s guaranteed to have soup running down your chin! Fry them up for a crispy bite, or drop them in your steamboat to add flavour to your soup. Chew them and enjoy the gyoza’s burst of flavours, shiok!

15. Sung Gyeongsun Vermicelli Gyoza

best frozen gyoza singapore sung gyeongsun vermicelli
(Credit: SL Foods Official Store)

Made with a 40-year-old traditional recipe, the Sung Gyeongsun Vermicelli Dumplings (available on SL Foods Official Store) one of the best vegan dumplings in Singapore with an interesting mix of ingredients. Instead of meat, these gyozas contain vermicelli as a substitute filling. After deep-frying, these dumplings are best paired with Korean spicy rice cakes, becoming the perfect midnight snack for all to enjoy. They’re some of the best gyozas for when you want a simple and easy-to-prepare midnight snack that’s not too greasy or filling!

Why do people eat dumplings during Chinese New Year?

best frozen dumplings singapore
(Credit: Jonathan Valencia / Pixabay)

Eating dumplings during Chinese New Year has been a longstanding tradition that dates back nearly two millennials ago! The unique shape of the dumplings resembled gold and silver ingots and became a symbol of wealth among the Chinese. And this is why eating dumplings is associated with the money one makes in the coming year. In the past, some Chinese households even hid gold coins within the dumplings to inject some fun. Those lucky enough to get these dumplings will then be blessed with good fortune and wealth for the new year.

What are the most popular dumplings in Singapore?

best frozen dumplings singapore
(Credit: Angela Roma / Pexels)

To this day, dumplings are still made using the same method back when it was first invented during the Han Dynasty. The most popular dumplings are, without a doubt, the classic Chinese dumplings — made with minced pork and chives. However, with changing tastes and preferences, other kinds of dumplings have also popped up in the market. From savoury fish dumplings to healthy vegetarian dumplings, everyone now has a type that is perfect for them!

Get rich with the best frozen dumplings in Singapore this CNY 2024

With dumplings now in the bag, it’s time for you to gather the rest of its companions! Check out some of the best canned abalones to add to your steamboats. Still looking for steamboat inspo? Then check out this handy steamboat prep guide and the best steamboat pots to set up your CNY steamboat. And if you’re still short of some CNY snacks, then make sure to get some of the best love letters, pineapple tarts and bak kwas to impress your family and friends. Of course, don’t forget to do your Chinese New Year shopping during our Shopee CNY Sale for attractive promotions!

This article was updated on 09 Feb 2024. Additional research done by Janica Ng.

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