5 K-Pop Idol Diets To Adopt For A Celebrity Figure

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Struggling to shed some pounds or adopt a healthier lifestyle? Let your favourite K-pop idols inspire you in your journey! Tap onto some aspects of K-pop idol diets and transform them into a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Many K-pop idols are known for their glamorous figures and slender silhouettes. However, these are often results of intense dieting which we wouldn’t recommend for health reasons. Find out how you can custom-build your own K-pop idol diet and remember to check with your general practitioners before embarking on any diet!  

1. Suzy’s K-pop idol diet

The former Miss A member was bestowed the title “The nation’s first love” for her innocent and candid charm but Suzy was not always well-loved by K-pop fans. During her acting debut in Dream High, viewers criticised her weight. Subsequently, Suzy went on a diet and achieved noticeable results. Out of all the K-pop idol diets, we’ve got to admit that Suzy’s weight loss plan is one of the most reasonable in the industry. 
For breakfast, the multi-hyphenated artist eats chicken breast (available on omnifrozenfood), one sweet potato and drinks one cup of low-fat milk. By eating a hearty breakfast, Suzy ensures she has sufficient energy and nutrients to get her through the day! For lunch, Suzy has a bowl of brown rice (available on Zestiva) and salad. To prevent bloatedness the following day, she restricts her dinner to two sweet potatoes and calls it a day. 

  • How you can adopt Suzy’s diet

While Suzy’s diet is one of the least extreme, it may not be suitable for everyone. Eating the same food every day can be boring and unappetising. Instead of having chicken breast every morning, switch things up with a salmon fillet (available on offthehook)! Salmon contains plenty of lean protein and heart-healthy omega 3, keeping you full for longer. 
Pro-tip: The actress advises against eating after 6pm as the body is more likely to store those calories as fats rather than convert them into energy. Don’t forget to stay active while dieting too. Try these easy 15-minute home workouts today!

2. T.O.P’s K-pop idol diet

Coming in 8th in the list of The 100 Most Handsome Faces Of K-pop 2017, T.O.P is undeniably one of the finest rappers in the K-pop scene. Although the 180cm rapper weighs about 65kg now, he was once an overweight teenager. 
T.O.P revealed that he went on a red bean diet to lose weight. He also relied on unsweetened jelly and mineral water to lose 19kg in a month. While T.O.P’s extreme dieting plan may have been dangerous and unhealthy, his determination is an inspiration for those trying to diet. 

  • How you can adopt T.O.P’s diet

Try the beans-only diet, which boasts low-fat and low-cholesterol protein coupled with other essential nutrients! For each meal, consume about 100g of cooked or boiled beans with vegetables and meat or fish. You can choose from a wide range of low glycemic index beans, including organic garbanzo beans (available on Lifewinners Organic) and red kidney beans (available on ustarssupermarket). For snack time, treat yourself to a cup of low-fat unsweetened yoghurt. Remember to stay away from sugar and salt as much as possible to achieve the best results!

3. IU’s K-pop idol diet

As Suzy’s co-star in Dream High, IU’s weight transformation throughout the years was drastic but impressive. Despite her angelic vocals and musical talents, IU faced harsh words during her early debut days where she was fat-shamed on stage. These incidents motivated IU to lose weight fast, especially before a performance or photoshoot. 
Since time was of the essence for IU, her K-pop idol diet is meant for rapid weight loss and not recommended as a long term fix. For breakfast, the popular singer consumes only one apple to fill her stomach while keeping the calories low. Likewise, IU eats only a sweet potato for lunch and drinks a glass of protein shake for dinner to refuel energy lost throughout the day. 

  • How you can adopt IU’s diet

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” — this should be an important mantra during your weight loss journey. A good breakfast stimulates metabolism, preventing you from overindulging later in the day. Instead of consuming only an apple for breakfast, we suggest making yourself a yummy green smoothie bowl! 
Use a smoothie blender, such as the Tefal High Speed Blender (available on Home Life) to mix organic almond milk (available on GTK Foods), spinach, avocado and organic flax seeds (available on SnackFirst) for a quick nutritional breakfast. 
For lunch, eat one sweet potato like IU did but also try to snack on baked almonds (available on Emperor Brand) or walnuts (available on The Nuts Warehouse) moderately throughout the day to improve metabolic health. We also suggest taking protein shakes only after you’ve exercised. Learn more about the best protein powders you can take. Thereafter, end your day with a bowl of protein-rich salad!

4. Changmin’s K-pop idol diet

Despite 2AM’s official disbandment in 2017, we can’t forget the band’s powerful main vocalist Changmin! Weighing about 100kg during his pre-debut days, becoming an idol was not a simple feat for Changmin. He was put on a rigorous diet to fit the ideal image of a K-pop idol. 
For breakfast, Changmin would eat one sweet potato,one egg and two egg whites supplemented with multi-vitamins and washed down with a glass of low-fat milk (available on MY Selection). His lunch consisted of chicken breast, one sweet potato and a plain vegetable salad without any dressings. As for dinner, he ate either chicken breast or seven egg whites. 
His protein-rich diet plan complemented his workout routine so he could bulk up more effectively. After exercising, he would also usually eat half an apple and a scoop of protein powder. 

  • How you can adopt Changmin’s diet

We think Changmin’s K-pop idol diet is pretty wholesome and nutritious. However, if you can’t see yourself eating eggs and sweet potatoes all day, we suggest switching parts of his diet plan out! 
On some days, you can have Kellogg’s Berries with Yoghurty Energy Cereal Bar (available on Kellogg’s and Pringles Official Store) with skimmed milk and banana slices for breakfast. Spice up the lunch menu with either a grilled chicken breast sandwich or a tuna sandwich with wholemeal bread. As for dinner, make an avocado egg salad as a yummier substitute to plain eggs. If you’re huge on snacking and hate to cut it out completely, try munching on an apple with two scoops of Amazin’ Graze All Natural Nut Butter (available on Amazin’ Graze).

5. HyunA’s K-pop idol diet

Famous for her curves and sultry vibes, HyunA is undoubtedly one of Korea’s sexiest idols. While she was popular during her time in K-pop girl group 4Minute, HyunA truly rose to international fame after her collaboration with Beast’s Hyunseung on the seductive track Trouble Maker
However, at a point in her career, HyunA was mocked as a ‘dumpling’ because she appeared bloated and plump on a broadcast. Thereafter, HyunA watched her diet and cut out all flour-based food to achieve a slender figure! While HyunA did not reveal the exact foods she consumed for each meal, she gave many useful dieting tips you can adopt. One of them involves consuming many small meals instead of three big meals to keep your metabolism humming and prevent overeating. 

  • How you can adopt HyunA’s diet

HyunA’s tried and tested no-flour diet may be tough to commit to in Singapore. But with some tweaking, you won’t even realise the lack of flour in your meals! Flour-based food like bread, pasta and chips are high in calories and contain little nutrients. 
Replace bread and pasta with organic white quinoa (available on Nature’s Nutrition) or cauliflower rice, both of which are rich in fibre and antioxidants. Other alternatives include buckwheat noodles (available on Longkow1949) and Quaker Instant Oatmeal (available on JackMart). Meanwhile, reward yourself with occasional cheat days by incorporating small portions of brown rice into your meal. 
Like all weight loss plans, a good workout is necessary to burn calories and body fat. Sign up for some of the best kickboxing classes in Singapore to get your adrenaline pumping and punch your way to a healthier you!
K-pop idol diets can be a great source of inspiration but that’s only if you know how to properly adopt their weight loss routines to suit your lifestyle. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, having balanced and nutritious meals is more important than the number on the scale. 

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